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Friday, January 14, 2011

All Family, All In...

We made the trip this past week to the BCS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME in Glendale, AZ! First stop... Vegas (Sat - Mon morning). Not too much to report from there other than great food and an awesome hotel (Palazzo). Lots of people watching... We drove to Glendale Monday morning and spent the day walking around and "tailgating". What an awesome trip! 

Here is a pic of me & Jeff just before the game:
 This is during God Bless America and they had an EAGLE fly the stadium. The place went C-R-A-Z-Y!!! This was one of a few emotional moments of the game ~ this and when they reunited families with their loved ones from Iraq on the field! 
 This was the end of the game ~ Auburn won 22-19! Very close and very nerve wracking - I needed a Valium those last few minutes! As I type this Jeff is watching the game on Tivo...
Here we are again after the game! WAR EAGLE!!
We got home Wednesday evening as planned. Lots of people got stuck out in AZ due to the weather, or stuck in random airports all over the US trying to get back home! 
Still recovering ~ planning a LAZY weekend!

In Embroidery news, I made an impromptu unplanned trip to Beth's Heirloom this morning and I actually had my camera on me, so I took some pics and will do another post this weekend. I got lots of beautiful fabric! I also went by Caffco Floral Outlet and got some clear bags I was out of. 

In House news, last week's couple went back to VA and evidently have to lease their house there before buying one here, and evidently they like ours, and evidently they have to do something by February. We'll see! Our house showed today and shows again tomorrow. Lots of traffic now that Christmas is over! What does this mean? Basically all of my sewing stuff has been put away for over a week now. My machine stays in my dining room and my computer stays when I don't take it down too. I have a hand full of shirts to do that were given to me before we left and I will work on those this weekend or next week. I DON'T think I'm taking too many orders at this time. A) because with our house showing so much it's just a hassle to bring it all out and then have to put it all back up at a moments notice, B) our house could sell at any moment and I don't want 50 shirts piled up to do (nervous breakdown waiting to happen), or have to return to their owners with nothing on them and C) we also got a new computer yesterday and it's going to take a bit to get it set up with all of my software and programs and files! I'm VERY excited about it but am nervous too about the transition! It's a big screen Sony All-In-1 computer. The keyboard and mouse are both wireless and all of the CPU stuff is IN the screen. Less cords and no big computer box! AND.... D) I am still wanting to switch my BLOGGER blog over to a WORDPRESS blog. 

In Applique Cafe news, we did do 1 design on our laptop while on the plane. We will hopefully get back to work this weekend on new Spring designs!

Stay tuned for my Beth's post!

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