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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hair Bows and the Birthday Hat!!

I meet so many neat people through this blog, including my new friend Debbie who sent me these beautiful hair bows! They are INCREDIBLE! I'm new at the girl thing and LOVE some hair bows, so I was so excited to get these in the mail! I have never seen hair bows like these - strawberry, a little bee, a ladybug and a bouquet! PRECIOUS!! Thanks again Debbie and I can't wait to see the paci clips! She also sent some bottle leashes which are genius!!

This is another thing that I look at when I go to Hobby Lobby and think "I can do that" (just plain ole ribbon baby hair bows). NO I CAN'T!!! I think I'm way craftier than I really am!!

And TA-DA.... here is Mallory's birthday hat (a week late). I have some fine tuning to do, but I think it turned out cute seeing as though I had no idea what I was doing. You can't see the satin ribbon I also attached to tie under her chin. We'll see tomorrow how long she'll keep it on - hopefully long enough for a few pictures! I put her initials on it so hopefully she can use it again or she might just want to play with it. I'll be sure to post pics tomorrow. We're doing the family party here tomorrow afternoon.

If anyone has any tips on making the hat, let me know! I made my own poster board hat and I think next time I at least need to buy a paper birthday hat and undo it and use IT as a template. Mine is leaning to the right a smidge. Someone e-mailed me a link to a magic website which had a template, but I printed it and I think I should have copied and enlarged it. I used their measurements but mine turned out a bit off. Oh well! Like I said, this was a practice run.

Friday, February 27, 2009

My Friday...

I started my day by dropping all of the kiddies off at school, then heading to Wetumpka. I'm about out of big cello bags (Caffco) and wanted to ride up to Beth's Heirloom to get some of their little white baby bibs. I got the last one they had, and walked out with 6 new fabrics and a pattern for Mallory! It's a precious little sleeveless, scallop bottom top and bloomers set. Let me just add it to my growing pile of "things I think I have time to sew".

The great thing with applique is that 1/4 yard goes a long way, so I got the cute lime seersucker above along with a polka dot print that screamed EASTER.

I also got a few more ginghams, because the 60 ginghams that I have are just not enough. The big lime & aqua were really cheap and the other one I got to match some of the Apples & Oranges stuff I got for my twin gift.

Lastly, I struggle with cute boy fabric so I couldn't resist this fabric! You just can't go wrong with gingham (or checked?)!!

After leaving Beth's I swung by Caffco Outlet and got some clear cello bags. They have all sizes and I use them for my little biz of course, but they are also great for gifts! At 20-35 c/each, they just add to the presentation of a person's finished product! I keep old raffia and such and use the scraps to tie my bags!

After Caffco I met my old Frazer Lanier buds at LaJolla for our quarterly 2 hour lunch.

THEN.... I decide to go to Target. I knew when I was in the dressing room and overheard the words "get everyone in to the aisles", I should have bolted. I headed to the front with my purchases (including some $11.47 skinny jeans for my boots for my ski trip) to find that they had closed all the registers and were herding everyone back to the electronics section because the sirens were going off (which means there is a storm probably in Selma). 25 minutes later they finally let us check out in electronics and escape the store. Registers up front were all closed when I left, and yet people were still filing in. I warned a girl getting out of the car next to me, but she decided to go for it and headed in to the store. Poor thing may still be there!!

Jeff's mom picked up the kids for the afternoon so it has been wonderful to have more than 3 hours to do whatever I want!

We also got B's acceptance letter today from Eastwood School and I AM SO EXCITED!!! I struggled so much with the decision of where we wanted him to go, and know we totally made the right decision and all of the 'what if's' are long gone!! Now I just pray for everyone else who has to wait for their letters for all the other schools!!

One more thing... last Sunday Jeff got to go see Siran Stacey at Frazer UMC and I was able to catch it on the Frazer channel last night. Whoa!! He's a former football star here in AL who was in a car wreck a couple of years ago and his wife Ellen and 4 out of his 5 children were killed. He and ONE of his children survived! He has an amazing message! Highly recommend seeing it if you are local and can get the Frazer channel!! OR, you can watch it online at - upper right corner you will see the link! It's long, but worth watching (or at least listening to)!! He does give a neat visual illustration on his Calling, so that part is better if you watch him!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Been busy!

Here are a couple of onesies I did for someone - very cute for a baby girl! The strawberry is very cute for summer I think. I've been very busy this week. I got 5 burp cloth orders yesterday alone - I guess spring is baby time? I'm also working on 19 more dance shirts and my twin baby gift. Oh yes, and 3 kids!! Does anyone else unload the dishwasher daily? Loads of laundry - at least 2 a day? It's neverending! I figure 3 cups per meal just for the kids, so that could be up to 15 dirty cups a day with snacks. Not to mention all the sheets REALLY need washing and I can't seem to find the time (as I sit here on the computer).
Mallory had her 1 yr check up Monday! She is getting brave - standing up and letting go (and looking so proud!). Girlfriend can balance on her knees (sometimes one knee down and one knee up like a baseball player) so I know she's on the brink of walking.
I started her birthday hat, but have not put it together yet. I used poster board and have the fabric cut and monogrammed - just need to glue it to the poster, wrap it around and glue it and add the trim and ribbon. My only dilemna right now is that I can't get the fabric smooth! Maybe when I glue it it will help. Fabric can be so thin that when you monogram it (even with 2 layers of stabilizer), once you unhoop it tends to gather. I'll try to finish it this afternoon and post a picture.
Off to eat mexican w/ Jeff! Today we're trying the new Cuco's on Chantilly. Shhhh - just don't tell Tips!

Monday, February 23, 2009

My paci clip...

I just attempted the paci clip! It's not exactly like the ones everyone e-mailed me about, or that I have seen on e-bay and etsy, but it might do for Mallory for the time being, huh? I previously made her just a ribbon paci clip (brown ribbon w/ white dots). The white dots were wearing off and it was nasty with spit-up, so I threw it away. I salvaged the clip part and was going to just make another ribbon one for the time being (this time using solid pink ribbon). I got out my button kit (that was ever so intimidating to me for some reason???) ... it was SO EASY!!!! Then I tried sewing the button on the ribbon, which didn't work b/c the ribbon isn't substantial enough. So then I took the button apart and put the ribbon inside the button, which seems to work with the type clip I'm using. I need a different clip and THANKS to everyone who e-mailed me about what to get and where to get it! I don't know that I will start making these all the time, but at least now I know how the covered button works! I don't know why I was so afraid to use it!? It's a cool little gadget, just like the snap kit - really handy to have around!
Thanks again to everyone who e-mailed!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday recap...

These pics are a little out of order, but here is Mallory enjoying her little cupcake after dinner Wed. night! We ate at Mimi's Cafe in Montgomery and it was FINE!! We went on the heels of a tornado warning (sirens and all), so we got right in. I was told there was a 40 minute wait last night, so evidently this place is doing well. I highly recommend it! One thing I've never seen before - when we sat down they brought Mallory a little plate - on it was a plastic bib, a little bowl of cheerios, a pack of saltines and an orange slice. I thought that was pretty clever! Oh, and a wet wipe!!

Here is B & G singing Happy Birthday. I meant MINI when I said little cupcake!! We are having a family party next Sun, so we'll do the whole cake then. She ate this cupcake up!!

This is her at Mimi's just being cute, playing with a spoon.

And here is my market tote that I FINALLY monogrammed! These things are tricky to monogram on my machine, so I did mine close to the top and it's cute! Again (from a previous post), you can find these at The Brass Fountain for $22! That is cheap!

As you can see I changed my blog background! That's what I love about a blog - it's very easy to change things up when you want to! The Cutest Blog On The Block has this polka dot background in several colors (salmon, pink, green, yellow, purple).
I've gotten several e-mails regarding my paci clip project - thanks everyone!! I'll post a pic when I ever get the clips and make one. I also got the "stuff" the other day to make Mallory a birthday hat, but I haven't attempted it yet. Maybe I can get it done by the time we do her little party. Again, I'll post a picture (if it turns out OK!)

Jeff & I have started this Fri night movie thing the past few weeks. We've watched Fireproof, Juno and tonight we're watching Baby Mama (Tina Fey). I heard it was cute!

New design posted - raggy flower. This applique is done with a later of flannel underneath and is SO CUTE in person! I also have a raggy cross, butterfly, star, angel, cross, pumpkin and maybe one or two more. You've probably seen them at EB - if you don't have them, get them! They are super cute and easy to do!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Zoo pics and Happy Birthday Mallory!

Here are a few pics from the Zoo Monday. It was actually pretty chilly when we got there, hence all of the bundling! B & G had a GREAT time! I don't remember Browder being as interested in the animals at G's age - but Garrison LOVED it! He's really in to Diego, so a lot of the animals he's seen on Diego were at the Zoo! The Brown's went with us so Amie & I had reinforcements in keeping up with 5 kids. After walking the entire Zoo, we let them play on the playground, then left and did McDonald's on the way home. Needless to say they were pooped.

White tiger in the background!

Mallory's cute crochet M hat lasted about 2 minutes!

Here are a couple of burp cloths I did today. The girl who ordered them e-mailed me a picture of her friend's crib bedding, which is very similar to Mallory's. Crazy enough, I had samples of her crib bedding so I was able to use her fabrics! On the H one, I did a big H on one end, and her name on the other. So.... if the burp cloth is on her shoulder, there is an H on one end and her name on the back side, or vice versa! Of course the H works both ways, but I thought this was a cute new way to do a burp cloth with a name.

Again, these are sample fabrics I had (literally squares). I wanted to use several fabrics on this one so I did this Designs by Juju flower in a pot (which I had not done yet) and it turned out cute! I actually put the baby's initials down on the pot part, but just took the pic for the blog before that last step!

Here's a pic of the boys singing "Happy Birthday" to Mallory this morning (eating her birthday toast)! She went to school this morning and I sent cookies for her class. We're doing a family party on 3/1, but tonight will have a little b-day dinner and I got some little cupcakes for her to dig in to from Publix. I can't believe she is ONE today!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

This time last year...

This time last year I was sooooo.... pregnant! I was due on 2/15 and had thought I would have had Mallory at any point the 2 or 3 weeks leading up to the 15th. Nope! I ended up being induced on the 18th, so on Wed. my baby will be ONE!! She wore this cute dress to church today (thank you Amie and Myra Jane) so I had to take a couple of pictures. No school tomorrow, so we plan to go to the Zoo in the morning. I'm not 100% sure if this is a wise decision (me and 3 kids) but we'll see.

I did zero monogramming over the weekend! Other than a drop off on Saturday I didn't really even think about it. I guess Valentine's can count as a vacation weekend? Today we did our usual Sunday school, church, lunch at Tips, naps... then I ran a couple of quick errands, cleaned out my car (yuck) and that lead to another mini-cleaning of the house (I just cleaned a week ago Fri). 3 loads of laundry, mopped the kitchen & bathrooms (again, yuck). While I sometimes think a little bit bigger house would be nice, I then have to remind myself that that means MORE TO CLEAN!!

Busy week this week - 2 soccer games, a b-day party and Mallory's birthday. We're not actually having the family party til 3/1 but will have to do something for her Wed night! Which reminds me... when I went to market I saw the cutest birthday hats! It was basically monogrammed fabric covering a cone hat with boa/feathery material around the rim and coming out the top. If I can get the hat part I might attempt one for Mallory! If I do, I'll be sure to post a picture!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Target find...

I got these cute shorts today at Target - $9.99! I have old Ragsland shorts similar to these and both boys wore them to death, so I was quick to snatch these up when I saw them this morning. I even had G stripped down to his diaper in the buggy trying them on! They go up to 5T and I'm hoping Browder can wear them since he's skinny minny. They do come with the adjustable waist which is a must unless elastic is involved!

Target has youth plain short sleeve tees in some great colors. Toddler - I only saw the pocket tees for boys and nothing plain yet for the girls.

The reason I went to Target was to get poor Browder some new undies! Yesterday he showed me the elastic marks on his SKIN and asked if I would please buy him some new underwear. I looked at the tags and he has been wearing the same 4T Lightening McQueen undies for about 2 years. Poor thing! I just haven't thought about buying underwear!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Apples & Oranges and the Orange Tee

Here is the orange tee I had so much trouble with. I have quite a few cute girl fabrics that work with orange but very little in the boy department (which is surprising even with primary colors). Yesterday I went to Hobby Lobby, Hancocks and Kudzu Quilt and found nothing! Then we came up with this and it turned out SO CUTE!! I love the lime & bright blue on the orange. Still on the hunt for something else to go with orange, but this is a great option too if you don't want to go the War Eagle route!

And here are the Apples & Oranges rompers I mentioned yesterday. These have short sleeves and long pants, but they also have other styles (onesies and shorts rompers, meaning they have a little leg, and some t-shirts for infants (to 24 mo). I ordered a few things yesterday so I'll post some pictures when I get them! I ordered some bibs, hooded towels, blankets for my twin baby gift I'm working on. Hopefully they are as cute as these rompers!! If they are I will order more for my stash!

LOVE this lamb, or is it a sheep? Looks great with the chenille and I got pink chenille yesterday.

Today I picked up my CCE check! YEAH! Always great to get that check! Then went to my Titus 2 bible study group til noon. At 12:32 I made it to Belk and ran (literally) with the kids in to return the boots. After further investigation on e-bay, I decided they weren't what I wanted!! Then we picked up B, swang thru Mickey D's and SB's and came home to do a little work. B has a soccer game at 5:15 and then I'm off to Bunko (and will hopefully WIN - yeah right). The little ones don't have school tomorrow and they are all of Monday, so hopefully the weather will remain so we can make a trip to the zoo Monday. Tomorrow I hope to get caught up on embroidery - still have 2 piles I'm working on for 2 people.

I got the best cutest green market tote today (the ones w/ the metal handle) and once I get it monogrammed I'll post a picture. I'm so excited about this thing! It seems like I'm lugging 15 things everywhere I go and make 8 trips to the car before we get in, so hopefully it'll make my life a little easier. Mine came from the Brass Fountain ($22) in Cloverdale, which is a great price!! Even with a monogram they are cheaper than anywhere else I've seen - which has been $36 and up personalization included. Look for a pic in the next day or two!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Le pink chenille

I got the sweetest light pink chenille today at Hobby Lobby. It's the only color they had! I have these big plans (and a pattern) to make Mallory some bibs and this would be perfect for the underside! Granted I've had the pattern for 2 months and haven't attempted it yet. I also have fabric to make her an a-line dress (or something). I guess I'll schedule those projects for 11:00 one night after everything else is done.

I'm working on some rompers I ordered for a friend. They are way cute!! The brand is apples & oranges and you can find them at They are neat colors and have cute white zig zag stitching on the sleeves & around the neck. I really want to get some for Mallory and have a big twin baby gift project I'm working on too and might get a couple! Jiffy has great prices and cheap fast shipping as well!

This morning I had my usual Starbucks meeting of the minds (w/ Amie) and then went fabric hunting! Someone brought me a cute orange Garanimals t-shirt for a boy. Well.... fabric with orange for a boy is next to impossible to find! I think we've decided on a lime gingham alligator with blue "things" on it's back? What are those called? Anyway, after that I hit the mall and Belk. I don't know that I've been in Belk since it became Belk? I've been missing out! A) great sales right now. I got some great lightweight cute sweaters for $7!!!!!!! I also got a pair of boots (that I'm not 100% sure won't make me look like an idiot) for like $20. We're taking Browder to Deer Valley, UT next month so I've been on the hunt for some Utah looking boots, which is next to impossible in mid-February. I'm envisioning boots with some fur (like the Lo Lo Lo song) and I'm wondering if skinny jeans are going to be a necessity? OH NO!! Anyway I have found a few sweaters to take so hopefully I'll be dressed OK out there. I can't remember what my point B) was for Belk...

Tomorrow I pick up my CCE check! I sold all but 1 pair of shoes!! YEAH!! I guess the recession makes for good consigning? Yesterday we went to Target and got Valentine's. I had Browder fill his out, and then I threw them in the trash! I bought the Nerds candy Valentine's not realizing the card said "Here's looking at you, NERD!!" or something to that affect. I just couldn't send them to school! Granted he nor his friends probably know what a nerd is, but I just thought it was a little much. So now I have like 30 boxes of nerds and today bought Spiderman Valentine's with no candy. And yes, he had to fill them all out all over again!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Three Rivers Recon

Here are a few pics - every morning sneaky G gets up around 6:30 or 7:00 and scales the pantry for whatever he can find. Usually potato chips. Yesterday morning I finally caught him in the act!! You'll notice he's chunked the bag of sour cream & onion chips down to the floor. No doubt he's looking for the Oreos which Jeff hid on top of the fridge! Nevermind the box of BREAKFAST bars that are right there in reaching distance!! The other pic is of Mallory after a bath! For an almost-1 year old (on the 18th) she has a ton of hair!! It's a constant battle with the hair bow!!

I got an e-mail this morning that an "interview" (not really an interview, but rather me answering a few questions) was up on the web! Check it out! This is a great blog for anyone interested in Montgomery or anyone who might be relocating to Montgomery or the surrounding area ~ lots of inside scoop you might not find on a typical website or blog. I answered a few questions regarding our neighborhood and why we chose to move here! It's hard to believe that when we built this house it was just me and Jeff and Bear (who is now in doggy heaven). 3 kids later and here we still are!!

I did a lot of work yesterday and have 2 more piles (for 2 people) to work on this week. Mal is taking a little nap and I think after she gets up we'll pile in the suburban for a trip to Target to buy Valentine's. Jeff & I have our parent interview tonight for Eastwood School so we're going out to eat beforehand (at like 5:30!!). We're debating on Street Cafe, El Rey or Tomatino's? Our plan is to drop the kids off and take my #1 machine by SHS to be fixed. Yes, it has been sitting in the corner since I got the new one. I've used it a little, but she still has some issues so we're taking her in so hopefully I will have 2 good machines in the event there is a spring rush.

Someone told me about a cute fabric website yesterday - Very cute and a lot of great funky looking fabrics! I even recognized one of my 3 Marthas bib fabrics!! I did a cute Big Brother shirt yesterday and will post a pic w/ my other Big Bro designs on the right. Very cute!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Movie weekend...

Here are a couple of sneaky peeks from EB. Love the flip flops!! Rachel is also working on some preppy icons (or miniatures) to go on those plain polo shirts or wherever else you'd like.

Jeff has always disliked my profile picture on Facebook (and on here), so I finally got a new one with me and Sissy this morning! Poor thing had just woken up and I'm snapping pictures. Like my $10 peace scarf I got at Steinmart yesterday? I've been told scarves are great for spring and I'm very excited! I like to cover my neck while I'm so pasty WHITE!

Last night, or rather yesterday afternoon, I went in to clean mode and cleaned up our nasty house. I get in to this "mode" on occasion and I just have to go with it. No stopping! I did everything but mop and saved that for Jeff (since he was off playing golf)! We put the kids to bed, then I made an ice cream run down to the CVS and we watched the movie Fireproof. It's a very low budget film, but has a WONDERFUL message and I cried through half the movie! I recommend it for everyone who is married, happily or not! This morning Browder had an 8:00 soccer game so Jeff took he & G and Mallory & I met them afterwards for B'fast at Wynlakes. I feel for the person who sits in Garrison's chair. They may be stuck there for a while b/c he had syrup everywhere. After that we took a stroll around Eastchase. I went in every store that sold clothes and found nothing. I'm searching the sale racks for anything I can wear to Utah next month skiing. Next was a family trip to Walmart and now we're home and everyone is napping. I'm going to see 'He's Just Not That in to You' at 3:30. I haven't watched this many movies in about 3 years. I had to join Blockbuster yesterday just to rent Fireproof. I hope today's movie is cute - you never know with that many "good" actors.
I'm doing my last applique sample for EB and will then do the 4 new miniatures. The newest designs listed above should be on the website soon!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

A few pictures...

Isn't this the cutest picture (that she'll hate me for one day)!! Notice the ONE SHOE, NO SHIRT, SAGGY DIAPER and BIG BELLY... with a BOW in her hair!! So cute! I think this was a drooly snotty day where I just gave up and took her shirt off. Mallory will be 1 on Feb. 18 (less than TWO weeks) - still 2 lone teeth and not walking yet! She just likes to stand a lot.
We don't have a Wii here at the Gulledge household. We like to think of ourselves as old school. We have the Pacman joystick which also comes with Gallaga and 3 other great arcade games (pole position is one). Browder really gets in to it and does a dance when he gets to the blue board, you know where Mr and Mrs Pacman meet. He's dressed for indoor soccer ~ I went to a WIC dinner w/ my mother in law so I missed the game and he SCORED a goal!!
And one sneak peak of a crab for EB! I've been trying to catch up with samples today and thought this one was cute! Crab screams SUMMER!! Crabs don't necessarily have to be red either. I did a crab last year in an orange fabric and it was cute!

A new day...

I took G to the Dr yesterday and he got a steroid shot and barely coughed at all last night, so YEAH!! Mallory is also better and hopefully these 2 will return to school tomorrow (so Mommy can regain her sanity). I shipped off 15 more dance studio shirts I had been working on last night, washed my tablecloth and cleaned up (dusted) my sewing area and feel MUCH BETTER! The rest of the house is filthy but we'll get to that this weekend.

This morning I had a hankering for a warm drink and remembered the McDonald's fancy coffee they are now serving (I had been wanting to try it out). Please note that they don't serve it at every MCD location!! Evidently the Taylor Rd McD visitors don't drink froofy coffee - which doesn't make sense since that is such a high traffic area for travelers? Anyway, I had to backtrack to the one behind Eastchase near Wynlakes. I managed about 4 sips and it went in the trash. They look sooooo good, but I just didn't like it! The Starbucks people think I'm crazy when I come in and order Frappaccino's when it's 30 degrees, but I just can't find a hot version I like!

I'm working on samples for EB today since I got behind this week with sick kids! Also trying to finish up some stuff for customers too! Sorry for any and all delay!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Croup, take 2...

I heard the dreaded cough this morning. I think it was 4:23 and it was not Browder! Another one bites the dust ~ Garrison! So I crawled in the bed in between him and Browder (in B's FULL SIZE bed). The humidifier was already on so I gave him a little cough med and listened to him cough. He never really got up or seemed aggitated, so I just petted him and we eventually went back to sleep. Jeff suggested I take him outside, but I figured since he was calm and just coughing, I wouldn't disturb him too much. He is my child who flips out very easily, so as long as he was just coughing I wasn't about to drag him outside in to the freezing cold!!

This morning I woke up with little sleep, an accident on one side of me (yes, pee) and croup on the other. Lovely!!

So back to the Dr and another $30 copay!! Browder went to school and it's FREEZING outside, so I'm getting very little done today! I had several errands to run but will have to wait til Jeff gets home from work. I didn't send Mal to school either b/c she has a cold as well. I'm hoping Dr. G will check her over without pulling her file b/c I'm almost sure she'll be next! I JUST uttered these words on Friday to some friends..."my kids never get sick". They really have not been sick in FOREVER, so I guess we're due!?

Monday, February 2, 2009

A few bibs that are available...

Here are all of the bibs I got at Market last month. The first 8 are 3 Marthas ( which retail for $18-$24+ with no monogramming. If you're interested in any of these please e-mail me for pricing. The first 4 are BIG bibs - about 11x12. This one would be great with a blue monogram:
Pink name:
Green or pink:
Blue or yellow:
And these are just plain and perfect for a monogram! The first 2 have a waffle weave fabric on them and are about 9x7 (navy gingham and brown & white polka dot - which could go for girl too).
These are all terry and also 9x7:
Below are white bibs which are about 7x10 (I only have 3 of these left) - perfect for boy or girl - with a monogram or applique. They are a light quilted type cotton and you've probably seen these in the stores (Storkland in M'gomery).

Croup, snot and cute t-shirts...

Browder woke us up at 1:44 last night. Evidently he was having a croup attack and neither of us heard him! He said he'd been coughing real bad so Jeff sends him away for a sip of water. As soon as I heard him cough I knew what it was. Poor thing had been choking and coughing to death and we were in dreamland. Anyway, I whipped out my Pediatric Healthcare book (a wonderful resource from our PED, see, gave him some cough medicine and set up the humidifier in his room. Got my pillow and blanket and we hunkered down til morning! He has been fine today and we went to the Dr and got some oral medicine. He had croup once as a baby and is rarely sick, so nothing to worry about! And then there is snot factory Mallory! She's had about an hour nap all day. I've dosed her up with Tylenol and Orajel and she's now playing with a big box. Her little nose is running like a faucet and she woke up from her short nap crying so I'm thinking maybe some more teeth are coming since she only has 2 and is almost 1?? Not sure! By the way, how does an 11 month old know exactly where the power button is on my computer? She goes for it every time!

I got an e-mail about one of the 1,000 clothes shows out there, and saw these super cute t-shirts which are evidently screenprinted. Check out: A friend of mine has a couple of these and I think they are so cute!! Not to promote non-applique, but this is cute personalized alternative! Great inspiration for me too ~ I like their use of colors!

Child #3 is now whining from his bed (nap) and yelling my name. I JUST told some friends on Friday 'my kids never get sick'!!!! CURSED!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

"In the Hoop"

If you have surfed any of the embroidery websites listed above, you may have seen "In the Hoop" designs for sale. Until this week I never really knew what that meant! They are basically little projects you can do on an embroidery machine (in the hoop) that you might normally do on a sewing machine. Each design comes with step by step instructions (and usually photos or illustrations) to help you with your project. Here is a new In the Hoop design offered by and it's just in time for Valentine's Day! It's a cute little heart pouch which can be filled with candy or anything else you'd like! Very cute! She has an introductory price of $7 also, so this is an inexpensive little project (think loved ones, your children, teachers or kid's classmates).

Rachel also has another In the Hoop design that I'm hoping to try out soon - a cute tooth fairy pillow! Check it out!!