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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Yeah Home!!

Jeff is watching the Iron Bowl here. poor auburn.

The boys on the beach.

Mallory LOVED the sand.

We're back! Thanksgiving at the beach is so wonderful!! I highly recommend it to anyone. This was our 3rd year and the weather was beautiful (except rain Sat afternoon during iron bowl, but who cares). Browder & G got to swim (indoor pool) and I got to shop (7am-noon Fri). Jeff got to play golf Fri and we ate some great food (Thanksgiving and non). It's good to be home. Traffic was horrible so we took a detour through Ft. Deposit and I don't know where. I just had Ramen for dinner!? I'm not doing any sewing tonight. Just doing a little blogging and blog maintenance and will be cranking out Christmas t-shirts starting tomorrow. I've got plenty to do and pray my machine can keep up! Still contemplating the other machine. It's very expensive so I'm just terrified of such a big purchase (right before Christmas).

Regarding my Brother, I had an e-mail the other day from someone saying they would not buy this machine b/c of all the trouble I have had! Regardless of MY trouble, I HIGHLY recommend this machine (PE-700). It has been a great machine and has a great pricetag! I've monogrammed a lot of things on this machine I probably shouldn't have (bulky bags, etc) and it has held up like a champ! The problems I've had recently have been with tension mostly and user error regarding pre-wound bobbins. I would also recommend taking it to an authorized (or experienced) Brother service center! If I decided not to get the BMP6, I'd get another PE-700 in a heartbeat!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gold Card and Walmart

Here's the cute cupcake with pink minky dot, and also another applique patch/letter combo that is just precious!! I'm really having fun with this design! I ordered some new burp cloths last week from Embroider This. I'm expecting them today via UPS so I hope they are as great as I think and I plan to order more. I also got a couple of micro waffle weave kitchen towels to try out. Again, might order more! If you google "embroidery blanks", you're sure to find all kinds of neat websites that sell blank "stuff"!

surprise... I became a SB gold card member! It's kinda like Books-a-million - you buy a card for $25 and get 10% off every purchase. For buying the card you get a free drink, so it's really $20 and then 10% off each visit. I figure it's worth it for me since I'm through there three times a week (on a good week). They also gave me 4 10% off coupons to hand out to friends.

I met with the guy yesterday afternoon at Sarah Howard Stone about the BMP6. We chatted for a good hour!! We haven't bought or ordered it yet but still very exciting! Afterwards I ran a couple of errands, which included Walmart to pick up a few shirts. I chose the self checkout since I had 3 things. It's Christmas-time so lines are crazy!! There is a lady beside me with a buggy FULL of stuff and she's in the SELF-CHECKOUT!?!?!?!?!?!? Is Walmart not stressful enough?? Do you really need to put yourself through self-checking a whole buggy of groceries???? We've all done the SC-out thing - if you don't throw the item in the bag just right you get a message about skipping bagging, etc. She even had produce in there, so you have to look all that up. I wanted to tap on her shoulder and ask her what she was thinking!

I'm monogramming some big pillow shams right now. The t-shirts keep piling up! I'm trying to do as much as I can before we head to the beach tomorrow. Several days of beach, indoor pool, deals at the outlets (they open at midnight Thurs night) and NO EMBROIDERY will be wonderful!! I'll be dying to get back on Sunday to get back to work, but a few days off will be great! We'll have a laptop so I'm sure I'll blog a little from down there too.
I did buy 2 new designs last night from (a very confusing website I might add). I got the simple reindeer w/ the big antlers and the puppy dog (on the singles, 5x7 section). Both cute!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Photos from previous blog posts

I finally got my camera to connect w/ my computer. I guess they were having a tiff and finally made up!
Here is the pretty new gingham I found - it's sort of an ice blue color that I've never seen before. I'm a sucker for gingham!

Also, the cute stripe I described and a lighter lime fine cord. Now I have a bright lime cord, a lighter lime and a mossy green cord (also chocolate brown, red, lt pink & a darker pink and the same icy blue cord as the gingham). I'm diggin the corduroy for the winter! This stripe is textured a little but not corduroy - not sure what you call that.

Here are the precious little cotton pants I got at WALMART!! For everyday they are really cute on Mallory! I did her a little white T w/ the elephant in pink gingham trimmed in green, so this made a cute little outfit!

And... I've just done another applique letter on a patch. The possibilities for the patch are ENDLESS! This is my new favorite thing right now.

Jeff took the boys to church (and hopefully lunch) so I've got several hours of quiet. Mallory is battling a cold (plus ear infection) so I decided that we'd stay home so she can rest and I can do some work! Now that my machine is working again I can HOPEFULLY get MOST everything done by Tuesday. I'm not promising anything, but will try!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A new day!

I took sister to the dr. this morning and I think I was there for all of 15 minutes. Usually Saturday mornings take hours, but we got in and out. She has a little ear infection and a scary looking diaper rash, so we got some antibiotics and some Rx cream for her fanny. Poor thing! Then the family went to lunch (mexican, surprise surprise) and Jeff (aka Mr. Mom) took the kids home so I could take my machine back in. We got the tension fixed and so far (I'm in 2 shirts deep) the thread clipper seems to be working too I called Andalusia Sewing Ctr this morning and was prepared to take it down there, but had some shirts I MUST do, so I talked to W again and took it back in and SAT THERE until he had it right! I feel like I should add him to my Christmas card list I've spent so much time talking to him the past month. I know you are all sick of hearing about this machine and I pray it is fixed until we can get another one.

There are A LOT of stores going out of business around here and there are A LOT of random people standing on street corners holding % off signs. I want to pull over and interview one of these people. How did they get this job? Are they NOT allowed to bring a tailgate chair? Why don't they sell newspapers too while they are just standing there? How long is a shift? Do they get lunch & restroom breaks? I even saw 2 for 2 different stores standing about 20 feet apart - why don't they stand together and at least chit chat to pass the time? Points to ponder...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Good news, exciting news and bad news

Here are the cute Holiday striped Target pants and the polka dot tree to match! The photo w/ the pants is a little hard to see but I assure you it is C-U-T-E! I also did this tree with the pieced tree star and I eighty-sixed the dots - in the mossy green cord w/ a brown gingham trunk (listed on the right side). Love it!

Another tip for mothers of baby girls (to 12M). I went to Walmart today and got a 2-pack of the cutest little cotton bloomer type pantaloon pants for Mallory for $5.99!! Light pink and a darker pink. They have elastic around the ankle and a little ruffle and everything. (Child of Mine Brand). I took a picture of them, but my camera is being stubborn (see below).

OK...the good news is that Jeff & I are pretty serious about a 2nd machine! We had a lunch meeting today at Wynlakes and I rode over to Sarah Stone this afternoon to see what they had. While I was there I picked up 4 new fabrics. If my camera were cooperating tonight I'd be able to show you. Basically red fine wale cord, a lighter lime green fine wale cord, a light aqua gingham I had never seen and a pink & lime/green/white striped fabric that is super cute. When I get my camera to function I'll post pics. I digress...

The better news is that we're considering a Babylock Embroidery Professional 6 needle high tech machine! This is the machine I went to SS to see in person. I've studied it a little online but needed to lay my eyes on it. The guy who needed to demo it for me wasn't there, so I basically got to stand there and just look at it (and it was BEAUTIFUL!!). But, he called me this evening and if I can, I'll go back Monday to see how it works. I'm so very excited!! I had talked to Ruthie, of Ruthie's Notions, the other day and she tried to sell me on it. Sounded good to me and makes sense, so I talked to Jeff about it today and I think he's on board.

OK...the bad news is that my Brother machine is on the fritz again and I'm about to go chunk it in the ditch behind our house. If I'm lucky the ditch will freeze over tonight. On my way to SS this afternoon I called my sew & vac friend and talked to him about it. When I got home I thought I had figured it out (I was using too-small bobbins), but now the tension is all out of whack so I'm going to call him in the morning and just see if he can get me running to do a few things before Thanksgiving! I've thrown my "do it all" goal out the window and now just hope to finish up a few things that HAD to be done by Tuesday. I looked on the Brother website and am also going to call the Andalusia Sewing Center (AUTHORIZED to service Brother I think) and check in to taking her down there. But if W can just get me by for a couple of days, I'll do the best I can til we go out of town. If we decide to go forth w/ the big daddy, hopefully we can get it ASAP for December!

And now some funny news... Santa went to Target today and bought a big present for Browder and put it in the back of my Suburban. Well, Daddy & Browder were outside this afternoon and Daddy opened the back of the Suburban and then headed in to the storage room without looking. Browder then gasped, ran and asked Daddy what was in the box! Then Browder came in to ask Mommy what was in the box in the back of the car and WHO WAS IT FOR? Mommy stuttered and came up with nothing, so Daddy then told B he'd check it out, and for him to stay inside. Daddy quickly came back in and explained that someone brought a bunch of CLOTHES over here for Mommy to sew and that's what was in the box (not the red motorized scooter!!!!). I think Daddy has now put it up in the attic and I think B was OK w/ that explanation!? We'll see if he brings it up again!
Wish me luck w/ the machine tomorrow! Sister is also sick so I might be spending the morning at the PED office! She's had a little cold this week and had fever and was a little pitiful tonight! She also has her first TERRIBLE diaper rash! :(

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Down to 50something

I've sewn so much I broke a hoop! I've done a lot this week - I'm down to (old) orders from 9 customers to total about 50 items. 12 are bags for one person which I may or may not finish by Tues since they are Christmas gifts and not Christmas t-shirts (which will need to be worn starting Nov. ?? day after Thanksgiving). I have a few orders lining up for after turkey day, and have a shelf of stuff that I'm holding and haven't gotten instructions for yet, so those don't count!

I went to the SHG Ladies Night this afternoon and it was PACKED!! If you received the flyer via e-mail, that 30% coupon doesn't expire yet so you can still go SHOP and SAVE!! A lot of things are on sale regardless!

On our way home from din din at Wynlakes last night Jeff dropped me off for a quick run thru Target. You know, the juice pickup which turns in to me sprinting across the store looking at this and that (the ottoman). I went in for juice and Vicks vapor rub and walked out w/ 2 bags full and a tabletop ironing board (which I LOVE by the way). Jeff was like "what's THAT?". I quickly told him that had I had a buggy, I would have walked out w/ 2 bags, an ironing board AND an ottoman! It does match Mal's room but I'm still deciding if it might be overkill. I may just get it, bring it home and see, and return it if need be.

It's 10:21 and I am headed to bed. This will be the earliest I've gone to bed in weeks. I need some rest so my brain will start working again. Happy Friday tomorrow - also my last day before the Thanksgiving break so I'm going to enjoy my morning!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How much is too much?

I'm walking (running around) in Target today and see a little storage ottoman that catches my eye! I'm thinking it matches Mallory's bedding but I don't have my fabric swatches with me (yes I keep a ziploc usually in my car - you never know...). I have like negative 5 minutes to spare so I check out and run to my car, then checked my fabric when I got in my car and YES, it is the stripe that goes w/ her bedding (Javis Davis Watermelon Paisley, polka dot, stripe). The ottoman is only $40! And it has storage! I also look online to find that Tar-jette has teen furniture in her fabric (the paisley)!!!!!!!!!!! Not that we need teen furniture, but I go crazy when I see anything in her fabric. I bought all kinds of baskets w/ liners and such at Michael's when I was pregnant. HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH MATCHY MATCHY FABRIC?? I've ordered her a grass green PBK anywhere chair (which Browder will probably take over until she's bigger). My plan is to applique an M on it w/ her paisley fabric. Do I need an ottoman too? It looks like a little stool. I probably don't...

I'm chipping away at my "quota". I did quite a bit yesterday so now I'm down to 62, and some of that doesn't HAVE to be done by Tuesday. I didn't blog about the 80 to scare anyone or for anyone to worry about me. PLEASE still call and e-mail and talk to me in the store - I'm not THAT busy!! The deadline is one I placed on myself!

I got the Michael Miller Play Dot Christmas fabric today - my camera is currently dead but it's the same fabric used in the newest Christmas tree. Very cute stuff! I got it from E-bayer buythebolt.

Jeff & I are contemplating a 2nd machine! Stay tuned for that...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

10 a day

Well, I counted every piece of clothing, etc. I have "to do", and I think I counted about 80. Yes, eighty, 8-0, 80!! Jeff figures I need to do 10 pieces a day to "catch up" by Tuesday before we head to the beach. We shall see! I only got 6 done today, but also did a few samples for EB so that must count for something!? I know there are a few things that can wait til after turkey day, so if I don't do all 80 pieces I don't think it's the end of my career!

I had to take G-monetty to the Dr. this morning. It seems he has that infamous fever virus. We also had a meeting about how to handle this season of terrible two's. His PED reaffirmed what I already knew - ignore the fits and lock him in his room to have them if need be (ha!). That took up my whole morning and we didn't get home til 2:00 (lunch at Pizza Perfect, then a mad dash to Hobby Lobby before picking B up at the sis in laws). When I get home I usually have voice mails and about 30 e-mails, so it was a slow start today. I really don't get much done til the kids go to bed anyway, hence me posting at 12:52 in the morning!

I'm so mad at myself - someone brought me a dress that had an applique circle patch on it which was monogrammed. I just happened to have the SAME fabric and was able to cover the patch w/ a slightly larger patch and monogram it! I DID NOT take a before & after pic, which would have been great for the blog!! Wasn't thinking...

I'll try to post again tomorrow. I am P-O-O-P-E-D. Did I already mention I went to the dentist last week and got in trouble for not flossing? I almost told her that I'm lucky if I eat more than 1 meal a day, wash my face before bed, take a bathroom break or get 6 hours of sleep, much less floss my teeth! Some days I'm lucky if I shower!! Kidding - it's not that bad. However lately I find myself putting off just going to the bathroom until I'm about to explode. I guess I could floss while I'm monogramming. Hmmm... embroidery thread might even work....

Friday, November 14, 2008

Ho Ho Ho

We took a family trip up to Prattville tonight to Bass Pro Shops! Santa was there along with some cool things for the kids to do. "Where is Garrison?" you ask. He wanted no part of Santa. Mallory loved it! This is her second sit-down with Santa. Sweet Browder told Santa he wanted a (Pottery Barn Kids) chair for his sister with her name on it (so he can use it with his and G's to make "forts" in his room), a bed for his room (Santa was probably thinking "what?") and a fast scooter. That's his list!
B also got to sit down and write Santa a letter. We put my e-mail address on there so Santa can write us back! Guess Santa is computer savvy.

Here is G yesterday ALL IN my stuff! He & I went round & round all day. I need to make him a shirt that says I'M TWO!!!!!!!!!

Tonight we also ate at Mexico Tipico (Prattville), not to be confused with Tipico de Mexico (Montgomery). I came as close as I have ever come to getting me and my family up and just walking out!! We had THE rudest waiter. He got nicer towards the end (ticket and tip time). Let me just say that at one point I offered to go get my own tea b/c he was giving me such attitude!! Can mexican restaurant waiters afford to be rude? Do they not realize that 20% of a taco won't buy them a gallon of gas? They did accept our coupon though and explained the whole coupon saga to Jeff. I'm not sure what he said but someone goofed!
I cannot remember who asked me for it, but I did get some brown minky dot today. I also got a (very cute) zebra fabric to do a shirt for someone for a hair salon - can't wait to see how it turns out. I noted above that I'd like to not take any new orders til after Thanksgiving. Even with working til midnight every night and every moment I get during the day, I have SO MUCH to do that I felt I needed to institute a cutoff and just try to get done what I have. E-mail me with any questions!
After school today I think I inhaled something somewhere and decided to take all 3 kids by Linens & Things. I'm looking for some blackout curtains I can put in G's room to help prevent the roosters from waking up at 6am. Needless to say I left with everyone crying (including me) and everyone in the store staring at me, and with no curtains. When do they get over the "he's sitting on my hand, ouch, hair pulling, crying, 'I don't want to sit by him' " - you know, all that? Believe you me, the Santa threats began today! I put him on speed dial before we got out of the parking lot. The Elf is about to appear on the Shelf!! Goodnight! I'm sure I had some other blog topics but it's 12:20 and I'm off to bed.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Something for the moms!!

Below is a picture of my cross shirt I did last night (sorry for the photo of my chest). I wore it today and got several compliments, so I went to Hobby Lobby in search of a few "adult" fabrics I could use for designs such as this! The fabric I used is a pink & brown damask and I trimmed the cross (zig zag) in light pink on the brown shirt. I've mentioned before, I think the key is a fitted shirt. So... I got a black & cream damask, and a black & white floral paisley looking fabric, a black fabric w/ cream & gray & a pretty blue flower on it and another floral that might not be so kid-like. I figure brown, black or white shirts are the most easiest to find! I have several cross designs with various stitching around them, plus the fleur de lis and maybe a few others that might work for a MOM!

So far my machine is working smoothly! With taking it in 3 times I feel a little behind on my work, so I hope to knock a lot out today & tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The machine saga...

Jeff picked up my machine for me - waiting for him to get home with it (and my mocha frappacino). The guy said everything is fixed so we shall see. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and PRAYING!! Browder, who refuses to take a nap these days, is layed out on the arm of the couch watching The Brady Bunch!! I had no idea it still came on? He thought it was funny when I started singing the theme song. I might have to TIVO this.

Since B didn't have school today, which meant we didn't have to leave the house, I've spent the whole day CLEANING! Oh MY how nasty it was... especially the toilets! I guess that's what I get for living w/ 2 toilet-using BOYS. Can't wait to add G to the mix. I've dusted & mopped & cleaned til my fingers hurt. I e-mailed Jeff asking him to bring Ping Pong a SB. Some of us joke about having a lady named ping pong live in our guest house (which we don't have) and do our cooking & cleaning for us. Maybe one day...

We're going out to eat tonight at La Jolla with one of Jeff's suppliers. 2 nights in a row w/ no kids! And I have bunko Thurs. night too. What a great week!

Monday, November 10, 2008

New Fabrics

Hancocks is having a HUGE Veteran's Day sale, so of course I had to go stock up on stabilizer and got a few new fabrics!! A light blue fine wale cord (by request) and this cute snowman print (which would be cute trimmed in red or green). Also, they had these cute new lime & pink fabrics, both with teeny white dots! I cannot resist cute fabric (or any fabric for that matter...)

The Sew & Vac guy called me this morning and is basically mortified at what has happened with my machine! He feels really bad and I took it back in around noon. I haven't heard from him this afternoon, but hope to get it back tomorrow sometime. Trying not to be so furious about this (stay positive)! It's not like it's not working at all, just little things not working like they should! Will post more later - I'm headed to Jalapeno's for a very late b-day celebration for me and a couple of girls from church!
Oh, I did hear on the news where Starbuck's 3rd quarter profits were way down?!? I'm doing my best to support them and boost their sales. Amie & I tried the peppermint mocha espresso something today. It was OK! I think I'll stick w/ what I know. Sadly and cute enough, Garrison now asks me if we're getting a "rap-chino" when I ride by.
Jalapeno's was good tonight and so much fun! Since Tipico opened Jeff & I "quit" Jalapeno's. The same guy who used to wait on us is still working there (the one who calls everyone "Miss"). I think some of those waiters eat and sleep at these places? I did see 2 Tips waiters at Wachovia today, depositing those tips I guess. Sadly enough, one of them recognized me and said hey. We eat there about every Sun. after church so recognize me he should! We forgave them for the whole coupon fiasco. They now have specials posted (take your church bulletin in for 15% off!). Anyway dinner was fun! We got to reminiscing about old fads & styles which was hilarious. Jeff got out all of his college pics last night which was fun to look at. He also had a ton of pictures of our first little house and of our house now when we first moved in. At the time I thought both were decorated so cute, but like fashion, I was like "what was I thinking?"

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ever feel like you just can't get ahead?

As you may have read, I took my machine back in Fri. because the thread tension was off. I was having to manually adjust it for each job. They fixed it and I picked it up yesterday (Sat). I sit down to work today, and the first pull of my automatic needle threader... POP... a little piece of plastic falls out and it no longer works! You can imagine my dismay as paying 60 bucks to get my machine "cleaned", and it seems to be falling apart! I can still work - just have to thread the needle each time where I used to pull a lever and it did it for me. Frustrating!! I called and left a message for my "sewing machine guy" even though they are closed today - a forewarning that he'll be seeing me again tomorrow morning!

My camera software is acting up right now too. What else can go wrong? Do I laugh, cry or throw in the towel for the day?

I also noted above about t-shirts. I get maybe 5 e-mails a day (at least, no kidding!) from either fellow embroidery moms wanting to know where I found a particular design, or moms who have come across my blog and want t-shirts! I always try to share info about where I've gotten certain designs (if I can remember). I believe in networking!! As far as t-shirts, I really prefer to provide my embroidery services on YOUR shirts. You know what size your child wears, whether or not you like a girl style or boy style shirt, and not to mention what color will match those pair of pants you just bought. The last thing I want to do is send you a shirt and it be too big or small or not what you had in mind! Target has wonderful girl shirts this season (toddler and youth). Their toddler boy shirts have pockets and I have yet to see youth boy shirts with long sleeves. Walmart has EXCELLENT shirts, boy or girl, toddler or youth! I have heard Old Navy does too, however I haven't been there. These stores also have turtlenecks which are also great for applique. I have also listed several websites where you can order t-shirts and Jiffy Shirts in particular ships very fast! Until I figure out a system where I can provide shirts without having to travel all over town or have a drawer full of unused t-shirts I have paid for, I'm trying to stick with doing YOUR shirts! Stay tuned... I will figure it out eventually...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Here is a sneak peak of the EB indian. I did this one for a blond little boy! There is also a pilgrim boy & girl w/ this set so watch for all of them! I'm also about to sample a super cute turkey face too.

Here is EB's turkey - I did this to match the greenish colored cords and thought he turned out so cute. The indian actually matches the same pants, which I've been doing a lot of lately - matching pants!
Jeff has gone to Walmart and the boys went to their cousin's soccer game. M is drinking her bottle and will be headed to bed, so I'm off to get some work done!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our first hair bow!!!

Mal wore her first hair bow to Wynlakes tonight! Her bangs have gotten long and I've tried the bow before, but it just didn't seem right! I tried it again tonight and thought she looked precious, so we have now entered the realm of hair bows!! I also got some tiny little hair clips at Target too (A, I found the teeny ones). She also had a roll & mashed potatoes for dinner. She's gotten to where she spits baby food which is lovely.

This morning Amie & I sat at SB for 2 HOURS! It was absolutely wonderful, and much needed! Garrison, whom I like to call my poster child for terrible 2's, was up at about 6:30 and pitched a complete fit until 7:00 this morning. THEN I go thru carpool at B's school and an unidentified mom in front of me parks her car, gets out, gets her child out, walks her child to the door, stands there waving for 5 minutes, starts toward her car, then goes back to wave some more... while we're all sitting there waiting for her. After my morning I was NOT in the mood. Note to self: Browder listens to everything!! "momma, "what the" what?" THANK YOU AMIE for wanting to go. I got a VENTI! Of course then I ran to Walmart and was wondering how long it would take an ambulance to find me in there. My heart was racing and I was sweating b/c I drank a venti mocha frappacino for B'fast.

I'll be posting some new Thanksgiving designs very soon. EB has a super cute pilgrim boy, pilgrim girl & indian set coming out. I also did a gingerbread man which is very cute. Once Rachel gets them on the web I'll post my pics. I know she has lots of ideas and new Christmas designs in the works too, so check her website often (

Off to work. I can't come home nowadays without a bag of stuff hanging on my door!! It's gotten to be a game, coming home and seeing what's waiting for me!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Back in business

I finally picked up my machine!! I called 3 times today so I guess he got the hint? I also got a SB on the way home to give me some oomph so I can do some work (late) tonight after the kids go to bed. Who knows what tomorrow will bring with voting and all. Mallory screamed all the way to the sew & vac place also. She never cries so my luck she is sick!! Since she only has 2 teeth it could be that too (cutting some more). I can't believe tomorrow is voting day! I feel like this is the most important vote I'll ever cast! Hopefully it won't take longer than an hour. I'm sure we'll all be glued to the tele tomorrow evening.

I'll be rushing to do all Thanksgiving shirts ASAP! There is a cute indian applique I want to get too so I'll try to post a picture of it somehow (maybe before I sew it). Here is the link (maybe this will work):

This morning Mallory & I ran errands. We had to ride to Wetumpka so on the way back I stopped by Richtex Fabrics. They had some BEA-U-T-I-FUL fabrics!! Not that I have a lot of money at the moment to decorate anything, but had been wanting to go by there and just look! They have some minky dot too so I may go back and get a little (brown, lt yellow, etc). I was holding M and she actually spit up in between bolts of fabric so I grabbed a swatch of 1 fabric I liked for B's room and left.

We also went by Jan Beale's You Name It. Very cute store! Some of it was expensive I felt like, but it may have been a price including a monogram? It is a hodge podge of decor items, baby clothes & things that can be monogrammed (they do embroidery too), frames.... I guess "You Name It" and she's got it!

THEN I "convinced" (yeah right) Jeff to meet us for lunch at Pizza Perfect and we had a few minutes to kill so we went by My Kids Attic. I love to go thru there and browse and get ideas! Oh, I did see the large market totes at both places for $36 - which included a monogram. Not sure if they are cheaper elsewhere?? I tried to call the lady today who I did those for to ask where she got them, but the store she is associated with was closed today. Will try again!

Better get supper ready so I can work!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Candy, candy and more candy

Halloween is ov-a!! Here are a few pics of the kidlings.
Doggie G riding his scooter before school Friday.

G "hoding" Mallory

The boys trick or treating last night! They got lots of loot!

Doggie G in the car! (love the eyeliner black nose)

B was Spiderman on Wednesday night for Wynlakes, but changed to a blue power ranger for last night's trick or treating. This year we didn't buy any costumes. Spiderman was last year and the PR was a hand me down. The Pottery Barn puppy was borrowed also! Mallory had a borrowed butterfly costume, but I didn't dress her up. I don't think she could have moved w/ the big wings!!

What do we do w/ all the candy?

I got a call yest. about my machine. I had to take a hoop up there this morning in order for them to test stitch and make sure everything was put back together correctly, I assume!? Let's hope! I will HOPEFULLY (say a prayer) pick it up Monday morning after I take Browder to school. So much for 3-5 days, or Tues or Wed of last week (which is what I was told). Sorry to everyone who's stuff I'm still holding!! I'll now crank out the Thanksgiving shirts asap! I've really enjoyed this week off, but at the same time the work is still piled up so I'll be busy trying to catch up with old stuff as well as do new stuff!

I've been browsing designs this week in all my spare time. I found a cute indian I might get as another alternative for T'giving! Haven't seen any "easy" pilgrims. Can't beat the turkey either!

I dropped by Holiday Open House today at Southern Homes & Gardens. They always decorate the store so beautifully!! They took Mallory's pic w/ santa too and are supposed to e-mail it to me. They have so much cute stuff so I'll have to go back when it's time for Christmas shopping!

I'm counting down the hours to go vote (and for all of the bad TV ads to go away). I'm so sick of the signs, phone calls, flyers in the mail, etc. We shall see how it all turns out!