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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Busy as a bee!

Here is a pic of everything I've done yesterday and today! A LOT! I ran out of Floriana Dreamweave and ordered more yesterday (, so most of this is waiting for it to come in so I can iron it on the underside. It's on the UPS truck due tomorrow afternoon. I've put Dreamweave on some of Mallory's things and have noticed it stays well on some things, but on others it seems to be peeling off in the wash!? I'll read the directions again tomorrow and make sure I'm applying it correctly! For what I'm paying for it I need for it to WORK! HA. It may be my iron is not as hot as an industrial type iron (which Carter's probably uses on their clothes). I have tried everything under the moon and Dreamweave seems to be the best!
Still count 15 items that have to be done, half of which I will do tomorrow. Going to bed at a decent hour tonight (like, now) instead of 11:30/12:00. OH... I put in an order today for some Stephen Joseph backpacks. I'm getting them at a good price and ordered 4 for customers, 1 for Mallory and 4 extras I will have available for sale when they come in (probably the end of July). The extras I bought are: girl~tutu & frog, boy~construction & train. I was told these were the top selling designs. I got the turtle for Mallory and it is very cute!! If you're interested in one of these, e-mail me. I can send a picture or I'm sure you can find these online if you want to see them. Including a monogram I'll be selling at a great price compared to retail stores where a monogram is not included!

A few beach pictures...

This was taken right before we left. We were too lazy to do beach pics this year! G refused to get in the picture.
Me and the kiddies!
Mallory loved the water, sand, whatever - she was perfectly content!
The 3 kids looking at something? Probably fish or something the older cousins caught!
Today I ran errands from 9-12 while B was at art camp. First Starbucks with my 2, my friend Karen and her 2 yr old. Karen managed to get MOST of the fingerprints off the window that the boys smeered all over it! Hopefully I won't be banned from there in the future!! We did sit outside so maybe not so bad! (HA) From there I went to Kudzu Quilt. I could spend days in there and lots of money!! They have FABULOUS modern looking fabric! You know when you're in a place like that and all you need is for your 3 yr old to STAND THERE and wait patiently while you look and think, he is going to decide to mess up all of their neatly placed fat quarters, announce that he needs to go poo poo, lay himself out on the floor (just chillin), etc. That's when my blood pressure goes up!! From there we went to Hobby Wobby (as G called it), Hancocks, Walmart, ate at McDonalds in Walmart, then went to pick up Browder, dropped him off at a friend's house and hit another Walmart looking for plain tees (with not much luck). All this in 96 degree heat not counting the heat index!! I'm so over all this heat...
I got the Ragsland catalog yesterday and saw some things I like (ideas). They have a football with a piece of green ric rac sewn on bottom (looks like grass) - pretty cute! I never think about embellishments like that (ric rac, a little bow, etc). I also like their embroidery - single letter with a little something on each side (lots of these designs at Nobbie Neez and Applique for Kids). They also still have the letter w/ 4 polka dots scattered around it. They always show an A, which works well. Not all letters work - I've tried! Anyway I can't wait to see Kelly's Kids - they always have cute things!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Reality Bites!!

I just had to take a picture of my sad lunch today. I've gone from a week of eating good ole beach food to THIS. Not to mention I ate this in the car on the way to pick up Browder from art camp. Yep... back to reality! Eating on the run and eating whatever I can find!! I was supposed to go to Publix today but that errand and all others were thwarted by Garrison throwing up all over himself in the car!! Nothing like having to take the carseat apart and wash everything! I have no idea why he threw up? He ate a strawberry breakfast bar this morning and that's all I know of. We came home and I bathed him and got the carseat taken apart. He played and ate lunch and appears fine!?
And toys scattered all over the floor...
And my favorite thing... puzzles!!!!! Welcome home!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Home sweet home!!

Home from the beach! Sad, but ready to get back to normal I guess. The rest of the week was a little less eventful ~ Mallory is better and G continued to entertain us. I'm going to have to retrain him at pottying in the toilet rather than on the beach, off the back porch, in to the flower pot, etc. He even pooped ON the back porch one afternoon. Not sure why? It's going to be a long week... they are used to drinking capri suns and eating chips, cookies, popsicles, etc. whenever they want. Oh, and staying up til 10:00 at night and not napping. Jeff & I got tickled that they would almost second-guess our answers when we'd say "SURE!" or "YES!". We'll pay for it this week!
A friend of mine has triplets - 2 girls and a boy. She is selling quite a bit of their sz 4-6 clothes on E-bay starting Wednesday. Her user ID is mcmlovesclothes so check them out! She is famous for hosting clothes shows so most of it is that type thing - Chez Ami, Kelly's Kids, etc. Boy stuff - Polos, cute t-shirts, etc. She posted pics on Facebook but I can't figure out how to link that to my blog!? OK... she sent me a link to her FB album, so try this:

Browder has art camp M-Th this week and I have my physical Wed morning. The little ones don't have school this week due to VBS at their school. Lots of laundry and a pre-beach dirty house. I posted on the blog I was on vacation til July 1 and will stick with that date so I can finish up what embroidery I didn't do before the beach tomorrow and Tuesday.
Will post a few beach pics when I upload them and sort through them all! We had a great time and it's always interesting spending a week with your family! This was our 4th year at Marmalade House in Seagrove Beach. We kinda feel like it's OUR house after 4 years, but of ours it is SO NOT!! Jeff & I ate out Wed night with some friends that were there in town at Stinky's Fish Camp in Santa Rosa (very good but don't eat the oysters Jeff said). Other than that I didn't apply makeup until we left today! LOVE LOVE LOVE the beach....

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Beach Post

Enjoying our vacation at the beach! The first day on the beach I saw a little boy with a t-shirt on with the EB whale on it. It was kinda neat to see an applique from Rachel on the beach!! It has been interesting thus far. Mallory has had a snotty nose, cough and fever of 103 since Monday. I took her to a clinic yesterday and the Dr. prescribed antibiotics and some decongestant. Fever twice last night and a couple of times today, so I took her back and they gave her a shot (antibiotic boost). So far so good!! Garrison ate something that was mingled in with peanuts yesterday. I immediately gave him a shot of Benadryl and he ended up throwing up all over the bed, then again in the toilet. He is fine thank goodness!! Sunday when we arrived G evidently didn't know where to go to the bathroom, so he pooped on a pair of Browder's shorts on the floor in our bedroom!! Yesterday morning he painted his toenails with a tube of my sister's lipstick! Today I found him upstairs rubbing Vicks Vapor Rub all over his hands and feet. NEVER A DULL MOMENT, HUH? As I type this he is passed out on the couch from all the swimming and fun!! Browder pretty much hasn't acknowledged us since we got here - he is too busy shadowing his cousins! HA. He basically won't eat sleep or drink unless they do! We're all having a great time - our 4th year in the same house! Hopefully the rest of the week will be LESS eventful!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Be creative!

I'm adding these pics to the post below these pics, if that makes sense!? This is the white romper that said myra jane and had a ladybug (thank you Amie!!). I covered it with this scalloped patch!
One of the benefits of being on vacation is being able to do stuff for MY KIDS!! I love the raggy flower so much that I did it on both of these bubble outfits! If you don't have the raggy appliques, get them at They are so easy and come out SO CUTE!!

Here is the post from earlier today:
Browder just took this photo of me and Mallory. This was a Ragsland bubble that Garrison wore when he was about her age. It had a little golf scene and "garrison" embroidered on it. I hated to throw it out and was not about to try to pick it out, so I managed to cover it with this cute patch so now Sissy can enjoy it for the summer. I have another white Dharma bubble from my friend Amie that had a ladybug and "myra jane" underneath and I covered it with the scalloped patch too. I'll post a pic when she wears it! I have done the scalloped patch this week a few times with just one fabric and a coordinating thread on the stitching with initials inside (ex: green fat gingham with pink stitching on outside, inner circle and initials inside). Very cute! I will get a picture and add it later! We're headed out to run a few errands and eat lunch!

Friday, June 19, 2009

TGIF fo sho!!

I went to Target last night and 100 bucks later, came home with a couple of these rope buckets for $6.99 each! They come in a few colors - green, red, hot pink and one other? Great for toys (and kids). I almost want to go buy more.

And here is G... lint brushing his belly... ??
VBS is OVER!! It was a lot of fun! We all came home after eating at Chick Fil A and took like a 3 hour nap. Since we didn't wake up til 5:00 and didn't get out of bed til 5:30, me and the boys are still up! We got a phone call earlier that there was another snake on our street! Some guy picked it up (yes, he picked it up) and threw it in the bushes a couple of doors down. Why he did this we are not sure? Jeff & I walked down there along with another neighbor and didn't see it anywhere. A couple of boys walked by who had heard about it and they got all up in the bushes and couldn't find it. So.... just when I thought I was over our big snake, there is another one on the loose. This one evidently is not so big and definitely a rat snake, and hopefully long gone!
I was perusing tonight and saw some cute designs. You have to sort through all of the character designs, or search: shark, paper dolls and sealife sand castle. I don't think I need any more summer designs but thought those 3 were cute and though the paper dolls would be cute with the right fabric! See, I just can't stop thinking about embroidery!!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Does this look like a mug shot or what? This was after dinner and an Oreo BEFORE her bath!! Regardless she is so stinkin cute!!
I have officially shut down for vacation as of today! I finished up 3 things this afternoon I had to do and even did a couple yesterday that I DIDN'T have to do. The tablecloth has been put in the wash and I'm going to try not to think about embroidery for at least a week and a half! I do have some items for 4 or 5 people and will get those done asap upon return from VACATION!!
Tomorrow is the last day of VBS! YEAH!! It has been fun, but it is tiring! I'm headed to Target! Jeff wanted to go, but I talked him out of it. I don't know that I've had a moment all week without kids? Anyway ... NO MORE EMBROIDERY!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

VBS Week!

Here's a pic of Sista at the pool last night in her monogrammed swimsuit! Take a look at that belly!! I'm thinking we might need to go up a size in the ole swimsuit department!?

It's VBS week and as always, kinda crazy and tiring but lots of fun! I'm helping with crafts and the past 2 days we've had around 80 kids come through each day. Ages 3, 4, 5 & 6 or entering 1st grade. They are having so much fun - Browder said he "LOVES IT".


I am so very close to my vacation!! I technically lack doing 6 items before I can officially call it vacation. I have stuff on shelf #2 for post-vacation. It's questionable whether or not I will touch it before July 1 (or the week after next). I kind of think I need to take a good long break and detox from thread and fabric. It is so easy to get burned out when you work from home. I hear that over and over again from other moms who do embroidery (most of them on the dining room table like me!). Monogramming and applique is time consuming, tedious work!


I got an e-mail yesterday about the CPSIA laws regarding lead testing in children's items (ages 12 and under - toys, clothes, etc). I honestly didn't think it applied to me since I monogram on t-shirts from Target, but evidently it might. Of course I need a law degree to make sense of any of it. If there is anyone out there who understands it, please e-mail me! I've asked several people and either they haven't given it much thought or they were told not to worry about it just yet.


I'm full of pizza (Pizza Perfect buffet tonight) and going to bed early tonight. Oh, and the kids & I also have whiplash from Jeff trying to get a front parking space. Poor G & B had gotten out of their carseats in the parking lot thinking we'd easy breezy park the car. Next thing we know the both of them are laid out on the floorboard moaning! But... we got a great parking spot! :) I stayed up late last night watching The Bachelorette (arghhhh) on my TIVO and am pooped from VBS! Goodnight! OH... Rachel at EB is coming up on her 1 yr anniversary on June 20 I believe. Check out her site ( for freebies!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

When it rains it pours!!

Here is a cute baby gift I just did for someone - she requested these colors to match the nursery. Love the scalloped patch! You can put just about anything on any kind of patch (see new dump truck on the patch up top).
Last night we went out to eat at No Way Jose (or Nose Way Hose Way as Garrison calls it) and then went by the new Academy Sports in Montgomery. Browder took his $$ and bought some new goggles, these 99c goggles for G and a pair of shorts for me. How sweet of him! This pic was taken at 7AM this morning... up in our bed!
First we had the flood of 2009, then the snake of 2009, and today... the storm of 2009. It was one of those good ole afternoon T-storms that pops up seemingly out of nowhere! Jeff DID see it coming on the radar, so he ran (literally) outside and speed-mowed the front yard. Then the bottom fell out. The first pic is actually the "after" shot of him trying to jam the storage room door shut. As you can see it is FLOODING outside, lightening, thunder, the whole 9 yards! And of course I was standing at the side door with my camera in hand!
This is the "before" (I couldn't get the pics to switch places). As he was trying to put his lawn mower up, a good wind caught the door and it came slap off the hinges and was leaning on the tree! He's at Home Depot now trying to find screws to repair it.
What else could possibly happen at this house?
Sew-a-thon was a success on Friday! I did 15 items! Yesterday I helped set up for VBS, then came home and took a good nap and went out last night w/ the fam, so I did nothing yesterday. Today we went to church, took another good nap and I've done 3 things this afternoon. I still have quite a bit to finish this week before official vacation. VBS starts tomorrow and I'll be in the craft room all week from 9-12! Hopefully in the afternoons I can finish any and all work due back this week while the kids nap.
The new dumptruck is from and I just added it to a patch per the customer's request.

Friday, June 12, 2009

New EB applique alphabet!

Here is a special request 1st birthday shirt I did for a customer in Texas. I thought it was a really cute idea! Layering designs is always an option!

And here is a new applique font coming to EB any minute now! Here is your sneak peak (and I got to use all of my new favorite orange fabric when I sampled it!! HA) This font, called CADE, comes with several stitch options including a new one which looks like a squared zig zag (see the "a"). With stitching such as the zig zag, I definitely use Wonder Under to adhere the fabric to the garment when you're done (via the iron!).

I have had a successful day-o-embroidery. I've done 11 items for people and 2 samples for EB. I may do a few more and then shower and hit the sack! I literally got up this morning, threw some clothes on and have only left the house to go to the bank, PO & Starbucks. I had a gold card coupon for a free caramel frap! At first I liked it, then thought I didn't like it, but I surely drank it all so evidently it wasn't half bad!! I'm not a huge caramel person but it was different, I guess...
I'm headed to the church in the morning to help set up for VBS next week, then possibly an errand or two and back home for more sewing! I still have A LOT to do by the end of next week! I definitely put a dent in it today so I'm pleased!! Check out EB for the new font!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Snake aftermath...

I think we've recovered from the "snake incident" on Tuesday! I'm still paranoid every time I go outside. I make sure I check out the surrounding area before going out the door to get in my car, going to get the mail, taking the trash out, etc... When I think about it I still get chills! That is like my worst fear in the world coming true! I H-A-T-E snakes with a passion! Especially long ones intruding in my space where my 3 kids like to play! I think Jeff feels the same way! If it were to happen again I think we'd do the exact same thing! We've gotten lots of funny comments and e-mails and he's gotten a bad wrap from some of the guys, but I would be willing to bet if most of them had that big long snake crawling in to their garage they would do the same thing!!!!!!!! And in Jeff's defense, where he had the snake pinned with his tire was less than a foot from the garage frame, so there was very little room and not a good angle to shovel it to death! Anyway, hopefully no more snake stories on my monogramming blog!!
Tomorrow it's just me & Mallory, so I'm planning a sewathon all day long in hopes that I can get caught up! I may not shower or dress all day! Will post more tomorrow! :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"Rosemary, come here NOW!!!!!"

I'm sitting at my computer around 5ish this afternoon and Mallory & Garrison are outside in the back yard (throwing rocks at each other I'm sure). Browder had been in the driveway riding his bike and back & forth to the back yard, but was now inside. Jeff had just got home from jogging and I hear "Rosemary, oh my &*#, I don't know what to do, come here NOW!!!!!" and maybe another phrase or two. He's standing at the garage door frozen with Browder behind him and this is what he is looking at!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about FREAKING OUT!! I ran out in the back yard and grabbed the little ones and threw them inside. I'm yelling "call Mike, call Russell, call Rob, who can we call???" Finally we come to our senses and come up with the plan that Jeff is going to run over the snake since it's right behind his tire, so he sneaks out to the back yard and in to the garage through the outside door while I stand at the door and motion to him whether or not the snake is moving. Next picture...

This is Jeff scaling the side of his car and my Suburban, as quiet as a mouse, trying to get inside his car so he can run over the snake. His feet are not touching the ground! The goal is for the snake not to hear them (do they have ears?) and crawl away (or crawl IN to our garage).

Jeff runs over the snake multiple times while on his cell phone talking to me (inside) and I'm motioning to him what is going on. He's finally gets the head & part of the tail pinned. Meanwhile, the rest of the snake (below) is squirming like crazy!! The first few times he runs over it it rolls/coils up in to a wad (in defense I guess?). You would think an SUV would flatten it automatically, but this is not the case.

We "watch" the snake for a good 10 minutes. It is still moving and we're trying to determine if it could be alive! JUST IN CASE... Jeff gets a shovel out of the storage room (after consulting with the Owens who are now in the driveway watching from their truck). Rob did get out and coach Jeff I think while me & Susan took pictures!! Jeff then stabs the snake about 28 times with the shovel until it is fo sho dead. There are dents in our concrete where he was beating it!! Yes, this is Jeff on top of his car. We were not taking any chances of that thing escaping!!
And finally... Chris, our outdoorsy camping-type friend who lives a street over, stops by and picks the snake up without batting an eye. He examines it's head, teeth, etc. while Jeff & I keep a safe 3 ft distance. He identifies it as a "chicken snake" which, I guess, equates to a rat snake or similar non-poisonous reptile?? Nonetheless, the thing is as tall as I am and was slithering in to my garage!!!!!!!!!!! Jeff & I ARE NOT snake people. HATE THEM!! I don't know which one of us was more freaked out?? And to think that my kids were all outside - Browder was JUST in the driveway maybe 5 minutes earlier. Jeff was out there too, and spent most of yesterday afternoon mowing the yard, spraying for bugs, etc - he was all over the yard!Anyway, it is now in the ditch behind our house, which is probably where it came from in the first place. Don't think we won't be on the horn tomorrow with Sturbridge and/or the City about coming to bush hog that ditch like every other day for the rest of the summer!! It has been an interesting day! While all this drama was going on, Garrison was pouring purple gatorade on the den wall and floor. Hopefully the kids will "forget" any bad words they heard today! I'm hoping to "forget" about the snake by the end of the week! This was our first in 7 yrs living here, so hopefully it's our last for another 7.

Monday, June 8, 2009

A few new fabrics

Here is a precious bow holder I got for Sissy off Etsy! It is pretty big and it is SO CUTE in person, and also matches her room!
Yesterday I drove to Enterprise to pick up the kids, so this morning Browder & I ran up to the Singer Sewing Center and I got a few new fabrics. They were a bit low on ginghams, but had a few cute prints I didn't have, and I also got some more of a couple of polka dots I bought last time and have used quite a bit. I thought this floral was so girly and cute! Love the colors!
I LOVE orange this summer! I thought these were cute!

And here is Garrison today at Sikes & Kohns. Very cute in one pink and one black boot! This was right before I drug him and Mallory out of the store screaming and hollering! Mallory thought it was fun to run down the aisle, so I've got her just running like crazy, Garrison with the boots on REFUSING to take them off, and Browder pouting because I was so stressed out with the others that I couldn't decide on any Crocs for him!! So we left with nothing...
We had a great weekend! The house was so quiet (and a little lonely)! Glad to have the kids back home today! We have a busy week this week and next (VBS) and then comes my vacation, so as you can see up top I'm trying to cut off all new orders until after my vacation. Jeff & I just counted about 55 items that I need to get done before vacation, or in the next 8 or so days. I'm helping with VBS next week so this is going to be a challenge! Please e-mail me with any questions!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Peace and quiet!!

No kids here! I met my mom in Troy yesterday and she took them to her house for the weekend (Camp Granmommy)! I will drive down Sunday, spend the night and bring them back Monday. I shopped my way back to Montgomery (didn't find much either) and when I got home, I immediately cleaned up all the toys and their rooms. I can't imagine 3 days without cleaning up puzzle pieces! No sippy cups, dirty diapers, taking G to the potty, G filling the sink with water while he's supposed to be washing his hands (water all over the walls & floor), Mallory pulling out fabric or somehow getting ahold of straight pens or my sewing scissors.... the list goes on and on! 3 days of peace and quiet!! I will miss it all terribly, probably by tomorrow! HA!
Last night Jeff & I had dinner at Bonefish, then went by Target. We came home and I got ready for bed and immediately found a boog G had left on the side of my bed! I know he was wiping his nose (perfect level for him) on my SHEETS yesterday morning. GROSS! Scrape that off and put on my sleep t-shirt from the night before and there is a chunk of breakfast bar on it from one of them from the morning! HA. I thought it was all kinda funny! I installed "eclipse" curtains in Garrison's room last week in hopes that he'd sleep later than 6:15. It has worked a little? 7ish maybe - I guess he's a light sleeper, plus his room is right on the corner of 2 streets so I'm sure he hears the morning cars driving by. Sound machine?? Anyway his room is now pretty dark and cozy looking so I decided I wanted to sleep in there so I could sleep late. Of course all the sweet tea at Bonefish kept me up (caffeine!!). I did sleep late, but only because the clock in his room was about 2 hours off. I got up thinking it was almost 7 and it was almost 9!! Jeff went to b'fast and is playing golf this afternoon. I'm due at the pool at 11!
I just monogrammed a couple of things! I still have a couple of t-shirts I need to do over the weekend and a stack I need to FINISH this weekend, so I plan to work a little when I'm not at the pool, relaxing or getting my toes done! We have a party tonight poolside and another one tomorrow night! Still gotta figure out what to wear?
I get the Bunnycup newsletter and received a new one yesterday via e-mail. Before I started sampling for EB I got a lot of my designs from Bunnycup and they all stitch out very well - easy and they look nice! The new set she has now are applique animal faces and the nose will be a button that you sew on. Very cute! I like the pig & puppy faces the best! Check it out! I'm off to get my swimsuit on... come out sun!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Is it Thursday yet?

Tomorrow I'm meeting my mom in Troy to hand off the kids for the weekend. All 3 of them (bless her). This is week #3 of being out of school and it has been quite a challenge! Browder has been doing VBS this week and Garrison got to go too for a couple of hours yesterday and today. So Mallory & I have had a little bit of QT and quiet time here at home. She & G start "summer school" the week after next. They'll go on Tues & Thurs 9-1, so that'll give me a little QT with Browder and also give me a break from 3 kids. Having 1 or 2 is remarkable easier than 3! Motherhood is HARD! Working from home is HARD! I've got a toddler who is in to everything that isn't locked down (LOVES to put her hands in the toilet, and keeping those bathroom doors closed is a full time job), another who is pottytraining (and doing quite well this week - a couple of days I found him peeing on the floor like a dog) and the oldest who is pretty self sufficient, but asks 257 questions a day! He is so curious about what we are doing and when. You almost can't tell him anything because he will worry you to death! And when he's not asking questions, he is most likely just talking! I really enjoy their naptime b/c I get at least an hour if not two of silence (except for the hum of an embroidery machine). The rest of the day is constant and it comes from all sides and every angle! So they are going to Granmommies to spend a few days which they will LOVE! My parents live out in the country so there are tractors to ride, horses to feed, fish to catch, a dog and a couple of cats and COUSINS to play with! They will have so much fun and by Sunday I will be racing down there to see them b/c the quiet house will have driven me crazy! HA.
Jeff is finally on the mends. He went to the Dr. yesterday (our doc) and got another shot. He's got a big golf tourney this weekend so I'm hoping he'll have his A-game!! I will hopefully be lounging by the pool Fri & Sat watching all the other moms chase their kids!
I get e-mails a lot from other moms who do this and like most of them, I do it from my dining room table. If you walk in my front door, take 2 steps and you're here! The dining room attaches to our den (it's all pretty much open). On the one hand this is good because if I AM working while the kids are playing I'm right here and can see them. On the other hand, I can't walk through my house without seeing WORK. 3 machines, computer, cords, iron and ironing board, thread, fabric and I have a lovely black wire shelf where I put everyone's stuff. When I finish it then goes to a piece of furniture in my foyer that belonged to my grandmother!! There are curtains hung in my dining room, pictures on the walls, china cabinet and all! On the one hand, if we were to really have company I could take all of the sewing out and it would be a dining room. On the other hand, everything is covered in spray adhesive and I'm crammed in here like a sardine trying to work amongst the china! Not sure what my solution is!!?? I'm not sure which would be more unsightly - a dining room with all my sewing stuff, or this open room with all my sewing stuff and no dining stuff. Arghhhhh!!!!????