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Monday, March 30, 2009

Put it on a patch!

I did a few Easter/cross shirts for a friend tonight and this was my favorite! You can put so many things on a patch (if it's small enough of course). I think most of my patches come in a few sizes including 3" and 4" so as long as the other design is smaller than 4" you can put them together. I also have patches with vintage and zig zag stitching as well as wavy (snowman patch - I can edit and remove the snowman and just use the patch). Anyway, lots of possibilities to change things up a bit...This particular one is for a 4 1/2 yr old boy! I really want to do some more shirts for myself (a cross perhaps) but I'm having the hardest time finding non-hoochy mama shirts. Tight and long seems to be the trend.
I've gotten a couple of e-mails about my time organization and work schedule problem. Thanks! A solution is out there!! I posted a couple of new pics up top. I love a sweet lamb/sheep (I cannot tell the difference). I also did the train in baby boy colors and thought it turned out cute! I bought several *new* designs last week but just haven't had time to test them out and post a pic! I'd better get to bed in case we have a repeat of last night...

A better week?

The photo below sums up my week last week. Yes, this is a picture of my computer screen after my heathen children got done banging on the keys. It took me a good 20 minutes to get it back horizontal. Last week coming off of vacation was not fun! All of the unpacking and washing clothes and re-programming my children to non-vacation mode (still working on that one) was too much! Not to mention I was slammed with embroidery work. Friday morning I went to a much needed bible study at my church and basically didn't turn my machine on the whole day! Saturday I did ONE shirt. After church and lunch yesterday I got back to work and am trying to work today. It was a rough week! I'm still trying to find a solution to my crazy work schedule. Do I commit myself to doing one PERSON's embroidery each day, whether it be 10 shirts or 3? I put a lot of pressure on myself to be fast, which in turn means I'm sitting behind this machine all day long and late in to the night. There has to be a better way!!
Last night didn't start my week off exactly right but I think it's going to be a better week regardless. Browder came in our room around 2 fussing that Garrison kept rolling over on him and banging his head. Easy - we told him to go get in his bed. THEN... Garrison appears at my side just as we fell back asleep wanting to get in our bed. Uh... NO! We don't do the kid-in-the-bed thing unless the sun is up on a Saturday morning! 2 hours later he finally went back to sleep. It was all out war! Other than that it's been an OK day and will hopefully be a better week!
I did get a couple of new monogramming supplies Friday - if your babies wore/wear Carters anything, it is the thin mesh-like backing they put on the back side of all of their embroidery work. It's called Dream Weave and I got the Floriani brand. Pretty expensive (30 bucks for a 30" x 3 yard piece) but I'm hoping it'll work and go a long way. I've tried EVERYTHING! I also got a press cloth, which is basically a piece of white fabric you use on top of anything you iron to protect your clothes and designs from the iron gunk. I also got iron cleaner! And today I stocked up on my Sulky stuff at Hancocks during their 40% off sale. Unfortunately all that money you pay me for monograms and appliques doesn't always go to new purses and shoes, a lot of it goes in to supplies! :(
I also got machine #1 back last week and it has made it's way to the table. I'm thinking of letting #2 rest and changing them out to see how #1 is working....

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Boy Birthday Hat

Happy Birthday Whit! Here is the boy birthday hat I made this week.
I also took inventory today and have the following items:

2 white layette gowns (1 Rabbit Skins and 1 Dharma Trading)
Size 7 white short sleeve Rabbit Skins tee
2 Circo girls white short sleeve tees sz S (6/6X)- new with tags
Size XS 4/5 brown short sleeve Hanes tee
3 sz 9 mo white oneies with pink stitching on the neck & arms (great gift item)
Carter's sz 3 mo white ss onesie
3 Marthas bibs - (see previous post) - green gingham with pink gingham elephants, white with big pink/green elephant and green damask with blue trim (boy)
Also, other various bibs and I ordered 10 more 4x6 ply (good ones) burp cloths today

Tina, I get my burp cloths from - you have to search 4x6 and it should pull up the 4x6 ply. If you just search burp cloth or cloth diaper it'll bring up the 2x3 ply. They run about $3 I think plus shipping, but are the thickest (and non-gauziest) I've found.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another party hat!

Here is party hat #2 and I'm working on #3 for a boy. I'll be sure to post a picture - on the boy one we did an applique letter instead of initials, and used pom poms instead of the feather boa stuff. Very cute!
I'm doing some work for someone and she graciously brought me her scrap fabrics to use! The pink floral on the left is the same fabric I bought to do something for Mallory (which I have not had time to do yet). Very dainty and cute!! A little fabric goes a long way with applique, so I'm more than happy to take scraps!
And here is a new fabric I picked up today at PBJ in Montgomery (on Carter Hill 2 doors down from The Paper Store). Someone sent me some pants in this fabric so I'm going to do something on a t-shirt to match. Mallory has a cute taggie blankie in this fabric too! If you live in Montgomery check out PBJ (nice fabrics!! I've got my eye on a few more). I believe she also has the dainty florals above, your high quality ginghams, etc.
I finally got my old machine out of the shop today. It's still in the back of my car but I was told it was running like a champ. Hopefully I can get 2 machines going and knock some of my growing pile out! Had to take Mallory to the Dr this morning - your typical bad cold plus a little ear infection. Hopefully she'll get to feeling better very soon - started antibiotics after lunch.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A few pics...

Just a few pics from our trip. I think this was Saturday morning (before my hair got all smooshed from the helmet).
This was Sunday night on our way out to eat:
Browder skiied a green slope twice with us on Sunday. This is a great picture of he & Jeff! It was snowing and COLD!!

And here are the new fabrics. Carnival Bloom was big this past Fall but I could never find it. Maybe it'll still be cool!?
And 2 new polka dots:

Monday, March 23, 2009

Vacation is O-V-A!!

HOME SWEET HOME!! I've never been so glad to see Montgomery! Our vacation was WONDERFUL and I'll post a few pics this week. Slideshow feature? Anyway, we left Deer Valley this morning at 6:30 (still dark and lots of snow) and pulled in to our house around 7:00 (very hot and lots of pollen). We got on a plane in Salt Lake City, then flew to Denver, then had to switch planes at the last minute, then we flew to Kansas City, then we flew to St. Louis, then we flew to Birmingham. All we had to eat all day were those tiny bags of pretzels and peanuts and the shot glass of a soft drink they gave us every flight. We took off and landed FOUR TIMES today. That is A LOT of turbulence. The best way to describe it is a 7 1/2 hour carpool, stopping at every hub from Salt Lake to Birmingham to let folks off the plane. When we left Salt Lake snow was blowing sideways, and for the first time I experienced what they call "de-icing" the plane. By the time we landed in B'ham I had the worst headache probably since my one migraine I had a while back. We quickly found me a coke and some Alleve and miraculously I didn't puke in the bathroom or by the car on the way out, because I sure felt like it.
We got the little ones back and I was SO glad to see them! It only took an hour or so for the first crying fit (Garrison). Grandma's house boot camp starts tomorrow. They also have runny noses and coughs from all the pollen.
All this being said.... I hope to get back to work tomorrow post-unpacking and laundry and spending a little QT w/ the little ones. I came home to Target bags on the door and 75 e-mails about new orders. So please BEAR WITH ME, or is it BARE with me?! :) I'm so tired (and still sore from skiing) that I can't think....
Your patience with order turnaround is appreciated until I can get back in to the swing of things!

P.S. for those of you who have followed my ski trip wardrobe preparations the past month or two. I ended up NOT taking the black fur boots I ordered. Sending those back this week (terrible design). I also didn't take any skinny jeans - the 2 pair I bought on 2 different occasions I took back before our trip. I did come back with some Uggs, which were WONDERFUL on my sore feet from all the skiing. The kids got stuffed cows and t-shirts, and I got some Uggs! Thank you Jeff! I know I'm about 5 years late on that trend, but they are wonderful and I look forward to enjoying them next winter.
Another p.s. - I got a few new fabrics in Enterprise while dropping off the kids and will post pics this week. 2 polka dots and Carnival Bloom. I know I'm a season late on that one, but they had it so I got a little. It's a great Michael Miller fabric!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Deer Valley post

Just a quick blog from Utah! It is so beautiful here and I'll have pics to post when I get back. Today is our last day and we're skiing 1/2 day (after skiing 2 full days already). I may be in a neck brace and a wheelchair at the airport tomorrow. I have a bruise the size of a ski
on my right thigh, and have sore muscles I didn't even know I had. But, it has been so much fun and a great little vacation with Browder. Day 1 of ski school didn't go so well (we got the call for pickup at noon), but he did a full day yesterday and we watched him go up the lift all by himself and ski down the practice slope about 10 times. Today the 3 of us will ski some greens. It has been HOT and my face looks like I've been on the beach. Today is colder and snow is expected this afternoon on the mountain. We've eaten some excellent food and everything here is so pretty! I have not skiied in about 9 years, but caught back on pretty quick and other than being very sore (because I am so out of shape) I've loved it. We'll be back tomorrow afternoon and I'll be back to work probably Tuesday (if my muscles recover by then).

Monday, March 16, 2009

The swimsuit...

I'm on 'vacation', which means I get a little time to do stuff for MY KIDS!! Here is the $9.99 Target swimsuit I just monogrammed for Mallory! Spandex isn't ideal embroidery material, but it turned out cute and monogrammed just fine. I cannot imagine how cute she is going to be at the pool this summer!!
We had a scare today - had to take B to the Dr but he is fine! He woke up last night w/ fever and claimed a sore throat and hurting tummy (his typical strep symptoms). But, no strep and he's been fine all day. Good to go for the ski trip!
I bought some precious fabric the other day at Sarah Howard Stone to make the bloomers/top outfit for Mal (pattern I got at Beth's in Wetumpka). I may get it out and attempt it before we leave for our trip. You would think my kids were the best dressed and most monogrammed kids in town, but in all honestly they get the back burner when it comes to appliqued clothes!!
I shipped off 7 more shirts to Texas today, which wrapped up my work for the week! Everything else is waiting til I return. I hope everyone has a great week and if you're in or around Montgomery, maybe you'll dry off by the weekend. I feel like we're in Seattle or something!
p.s. I went by the new PBJ store on Carter Hill (next to Paper Store). PBJ is a custom children's clothing line which is typically sold via clothes shows held twice a year. Jola makes the clothes and has opened up the store, which sells OTHER brand name clothes she got at market, plus her own line of clothes (all custom-you pick fabric), plus some cute gift items and quite a bit of fabric! She had a lot of the fabric I've seen at Beth's in Wetumpka. I'll be visiting her again!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Here is Sissy standing up. She can take a step or two, but that's about it. She can balance, stand, bend down and pick something up and stand back up, etc. but won't really WALK yet! She's a mess and so so cute!
Browder is super excited about his ski trip! I'm excited for him ~ I hate to fly but that'll be exciting too!
Garrison and Mallory (who favor the most out of the 3). He just had to hold her today!

It's 10:00 and I'm technically not on vacation yet, so yes I am up sewing!! Still trying to finish everything so when I get back, I won't be faced with a pile of work to do. As you can see I added a few new designs up top! I got lots of e-mails about the purse, which came from (lower left corner she has some applique designs). The pirate ship is from The easter egg is a freebie - I think from Nobbie Neez as well. As the ole saying goes in the Gulledge recession household - "If it's free, it's me". And... the raggy butterfly. Have I mentioned that I LOVE THESE DESIGNS?????????? It's not even the raggy part so much as it is the quilting stitches?? They are just so cute to me! I still have an angel and a few others I haven't done yet!

I also made another birthday hat today and I have to say I'm improving!! I used an actual Elmo birthday hat this time so it isn't lopsided like Mallory's!!
Tomorrow no school, Pizza Perfect for lunch and I'll be finishing up any and all sewing that I didn't get done tonight because I am too tired to work any longer...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ta Da...

Here is my twin gift all wrapped up! This bucket is FULL and HEAVY! I hope the Mommy likes everything!
We finished up the Missions Conference at church last night. What a wonderful 4 days and it was all so interesting and convicting! Tonight I'm hosting bunko so I've been cleaning and cooking all day long. Tomorrow, sewing and I may just crash.

Thanks to all of the comments and e-mails about Garrison and his speech. Everyone said the same exact thing! HA. Yesterday I didn't notice it at all, today only a little. He is our hilarious middle child. I went to Publix at 9:00 last night and when I pulled out of the driveway I called Jeff and said "should G's light be on?". He is so sneaky! When I got home close to 10 (after a quick trip to Target too), it was STILL ON!! I walked in there and didn't see him. I checked Browder's room and the bathroom and no Garrison! THEN... I opened his closet and this almost-3 yr old was INSIDE his hamper! Just sitting there. I honestly think he got stuck, but daddy had already been in there twice so he didn't make a peep. I wish I had my camera at that moment!!

Off to the showers!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Paci clips and Raggy Appliques

My second (and third) attempt at the paci clip! This time I DID use the metal alligator clips I bought, scuffed them up a little on the sidewalk outside, and glued them on the back of the button with Jewel It glue. They are now "setting" for who knows how many hours! These paci clips are SO easy to make!! My friend Debbie also sent me some plastic clips, but since I had these 2 metal ones I went ahead and used them first. This is part of my infamous twin gift I have finally finished! All I lack is the basket they will go in. I will be sure to take pictures of everything and post them (maybe a slideshow) in a week or two after the Momma to be gets the gift!
And here is another Raggy Applique. Rachel has a whole set of these at EB and I LOVE THEM!! These particular fish I didn't "raggy" as much as I did the flower. I also have an angel, a cross, a butterfly, a pumpkin and a star (and of course the flower). If you don't have these you are missing out, so go to EB and get them!! They are SO CUTE and easy!!
This is a crazy week! Our church is having a Missions Conference which started Sunday, so we did church twice Sunday, took last night off, have a dinner tonight and church again tomorrow night. I'm also hosting bunko at my house (which is a wreck) Thursday night. I'm taking it one day at a time! Today I'm focusing on the salad for 26 I have to take to dinner tonight. I'll figure out my bunko meal tomorrow or Thursday, plus clean my house, re-do my front door market basket and plant something in my front planters, etc.
Something strange has happened with Garrison... he woke up this weekend and began stuttering, or struggling with some of his words? Mostly W's and L's. We tried to get him to say "Look at this" and he couldn't get LOOK out. Of course this has worried us. I cornered a speech pathologist at church Sun night and asked her about it. She said some disfluency is normal for his age (3 in May) and to keep an eye on it for 6 months. I'm thinking next PED visit with any of the kids I will ask about it. He doesn't do it always, but mostly when he's excited or tired (that we've noticed). It is just a really weird thing and if anyone has any input on this, please let me know!! I did a little reading on the internet which said the same thing as the speech path, that some of it may be normal. I sure hope so!!
p.s. of the bibs below, the alligator one is gone and all of the smaller plain ones are gone. All that is left is the blue & green one and the 2 girl ones!
Back to work....

Saturday, March 7, 2009


I've had a few e-mails this week about the 3 Marthas bibs I bought at Market. Here are the (big) ones I still have left. I also have a couple of the smaller boy ones left with fabric trim only. Mallory may inherit the girl ones if they don't go soon!! She is cutting her top teeth (3 of them right now) so she is soaking some bibs.

As you know I've been working on a gift for a friend who's sister is having twin boys! It has been a lot of fun buying stuff and getting this gift together. Here are a couple of flannel burp cloths I monogrammed for the gift. These are Gerber brand and you can usually find them at Target or Walmart. I bought these for Mallory and they were great, very SOFT, and a cute alternative to the cloth white diapers (which I'm doing some of as well). These just happen to color-coordinate well with the Apples & Apples blue & green stuff! These have little paw prints on them but I've seen different styles.

And..... I just clicked on and Rachel's new website is UP! It's super cute!! I got a few sneak peaks of it along the way, and was excited to see it was finally on the web and I know Rachel is excited too! Her polka dot background actually inspired my polka dot background - so simple and cute! Anyway, check it out!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Shirts are shipped!

I took the picture of B & M this morning before school. Browder loves some Mallory!! It's so cute to hear him talk to her and he likes to hold her and tote her around (or should I say MOVE her when she's in to something)!! He just told me "when Mallory, when her shirt is all clean, and um, and she's clean and she smells good I like to love on her". Versus when she is covered in drool and spit up I guess??

I FINALLY finished the 19 shirts for Dance Connection Studio!! What a relief to have them shipped off. I had a fellow embroidery mom e-mail me about these shirts. If you're just getting started, or looking for business, it might be a good opportunity. Check with your local dance studios! For DCS I applique DCS on the front (see photo above) and put names on the back (and other names like so-and-so's mom, etc). Anyway, it has been fun to do but always a 'load off' to drop that big box off at UPS!
I added a new dino up top, and I also have another cute dino that I haven't sewn yet. The one up top has polka dots too, but with the polka dot fabric I left them off. I also revisited crochet appliques today ( I did the cute giraffe on a layette gown for someone for a baby gift. These are so cute, and different! See above the boy & girl crochet apps I have at the moment! They are great on ANYTHING - t-shirts, onesies, burp cloths, bibs...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Here is sweet Mallory Sunday at the fam b-day party. She ate up the icing! I finally had to pull it away from her so she wouldn't get sick.

And here is her birthday hat! She looked so cute in it!

Here is Garrison - we were short on mittens so we got out the puppets! It worked. Sunday morning he woke up at the crack of dawn as usual and I was in shock when I looked outside and saw snow. I woke Browder up so he could see. Seriously, it NEVER snows in Montgomery, not to mention on Friday it was 70 degrees! The kids got to play in it for a while, then it melted, then snowed some more while we were at church, then was all pretty much melted by lunchtime. Crazy!!

And finally here are the boys in their PJs and makeshift show outfits. I'm pretty sure Browder was in shorts and a t-shirt on Friday, not to mention the tornado sirens going off 6 times Friday and Saturday. This was Rich Thomas' dream weekend!!

I posted a note up top that I'll be on "vacation" in a couple of weeks. Best case scenario I will be completely caught up before that Monday! We're going skiing for a few days and I might visit the family a day or two before that, so we'll be in and out that week and I don't plan to do any sewing! I'm slowly doing spring t-shirts for people, which is good! I don't want it to all hit at once!! I'm finishing up these 19 dance shirts BY THURSDAY!!