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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Zoo Field Trip

Gross huh? This is my cardboard box that I spray spray adhesive on my fabric in! I guess it's better in a box than on my floor? A little scary to think I breathe this stuff in every day! I got some good tips on alternatives to spray adhesive, one being a washable glue stick, and the other an iron on cutaway stabilizer (which I haven't seen?). I might try the glue stick trick b/c 2 different people told me about that one.
New design added last night to Applique Cafe. I have 2 more to sample and add whenever I get a chance - maybe tomorrow? Couldn't resist the lime zebra print & hot pink! The "tinsel" part could also be left off for a simple whimsical tree. As you may have read we did extend the sale til Sunday since we're adding a few new designs. We didn't think it was fair to yank the sale and then offer new designs!
And while I feel like I'm sewing these days 24/7, today I went with Browder's Kindergarten class on a zoo field trip. The weather was PERFECT!! The orangutan exhibit was quite interesting! We were caught a little off guard when one of them chunked a rock at us! I swear it went right over my head!! That would have been fun to explain! THEN, the same one picked up a chunk of dirt/grass and threw it. This time I ducked and screamed like a girl!! And then we moved on to the next exhibit!!
I finally broke down and put a note on the top of the blog about new orders. They just keep piling up and piling up and at this rate I will never catch up. I may go through everything tomorrow and at least pick out any Halloween shirts that I need to do. If you are waiting for a Halloween shirt, drop me an e-mail and I'll let you know where I am! Football too! Christmas is on hold and Thanksgiving may be on hold for a couple of weeks too! Just e-mail me with any questions - Thanks!
p.s. we PURCHASED the instant download software today for the Applique Cafe website, so we're also working to get that set up over the next week or two as well! YEAH!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Dreamweave Anyone??

I went to Hobby Lobby today for some emergency spray adhesive. It is hard to find and is so expensive!! I had a 40% off coupon and luckily they had several bottles in stock! I like to buy it at 50% off at Hancocks but they never have it in stock! I actually bought a bottle online from Joann's, but who knows when it'll get here. They say don't use it, but I can't live without it! I use Sulky brand and it's very light and doesn't seem to gunk up my machine! I have a cardboard box I put whatever I'm spraying in, and spray it in there so the excess gunk doesn't end up on my floor!! Works for me! Anyway... they had several cute new fabrics (at 30% off) at Hobby Lobby so I couldn't resist. I'm a fabric addict! These 4 all sort of coordinate, so I HAD to get them! If nothing else they would be cute to use on burp cloths!
These 2 were just bright and cute so I couldn't resist them either! And... 1/4 yard is only $1.05!!
Lastly, I have some other fabric like this in different colors and thought it might be used for something! Again, fabric addict!!
The UPS man just hoisted this box on to my front porch. Seriously, I had the blinds open and he got close enough and then just threw it! Didn't even ring the doorbell to let me know I had a package!! I was expecting this box, but didn't realize it would be this big! I've been buying 3 yards of Floriani Dreamweave forever for like $30+ and found it online at - 25 yards for $89.99!!!!!! Free shipping! Dreamweave is the stuff that Carter's uses on the underside of their clothes when there is embroidery or applique. Go look at your child's Carter's PJ's - you'll probably find some. I use it on the underside of my stuff as well! It does seem to eventually peel off in the wash (even on my Carter's things), but it's nice to have and covers the threads and is smooth to the skin, so I buy it!
This bolt ought to last me for the next year!
Off to work! My organizational skills were great last week but I'm still way behind! As of now I'm trying to hold all Christmas stuff til later on, so keep that in mind! I still have Halloween shirts to do and Wed is October 1!! I've even told several people who have e-mailed me that they might want to check back with me in a few weeks, or just know it may be a while! Unfortunately I am a one man show with 3 kids and a husband. Flattered by all the business but just wish I could sub some of this out!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Much Better...

OK so this is not that exciting, but looks much better! I may get 2 more bins for the bottom shelf and find somewhere else to store my excess machines! It's a little better organized in to what I need to be doing this week and next week and the bottom is usually for stuff I'm holding but don't have instructions for yet!
And, it is no secret that I'm in love with EB's raggy designs! I have them all and they are my FAVORITES! If you don't have them, get them!! I have an order for the angel so I'll be posting a pic of it soon. We decided to give it a try with this simple ornament. I stocked up on ribbon from Hobby Lobby last week so I think it looks cute with the bow added. This design just added to Applique Cafe! We have a few more (regular satin stitch) designs we're working on and plan to spend some time next week working on instant download for the website. This week got away from us and we never sat down to buy it! We're not sure whether or not we'll be able to set it up ourselves, or enlist the help of our computer friends in Opelika! To be determined next week...

Getting Organized

Here is what I'm lookin' at folks! It drives me crazy!! So... today I am getting organized! I will post an "AFTER" photo hopefully shortly! I bought some decent looking khaki plastic bins today at Walmart for $3.50 each (they also had dark green and orange - very pretty colors!). I bought 7, and am going to try to at least make this look more organized so I don't freak out every time I walk by!! While I am terribly sick of this hot weather, I find relief in that most of this "work" is long sleeves and no one can wear it anyway, so hopefully no one is freaking out because it is taking me so long to get their stuff done!! (??) Stay tuned for the "after"...
Yesterday I became an actual Embroidery Boutique customer! I registered and everything and got this cute Pumpkin Head design for like $2.39! I did the name in black underneath and the shirts are really cute!
I also did this turkey this week and I thought it was so cute! This is an old Nobbie Neez turkey I got probably 2 years ago, but there are just SO MANY WAYS to do a turkey! The possibilities and color options are endless! (oops... just realized I already posted this... oh well!!)
I worked the overstock sale last night (6-9:45) and got Mallory some CUTE things for fall/winter! 2 smocked dresses, 2 smocked trapeze top/pants outfits, another dress she can wear now and a pair of pink ruffle cord pants! Great prices and it was a lot of fun! Of course I had at least 5 people tell me they had a "pile" to bring me, so I'm a little freaked out about that! HA!
If you ever pay attention to the comments people leave following my posts, you'll see that Sarah Phillips of InTown Quilters actually came to my blog and left a comment thanking me for blogging about my trip to her store! HOW EXCITING!! Evidently someone went in and told her I had blogged about it, which is neat in and of itself! I definitely plan to visit again when I make it back up to ATL!
Lastly, Jeff & I just rearranged our whole weekend and I'm so relieved! We had plans to cook out tonight w/ some friends, 8:00 soccer game in the a.m. and then we were going to shuffle Mallory up to the lake and take the boys to the Auburn game, get home late (after we got Mallory BACK from the lake), I have to teach Sunday school on Sunday, church and a birthday party that afternoon. I was exhausted thinking about it! In a matter of minutes we decided to ditch the AU game (War Eagle, but 80% chance of rain, hot and humid) and cook out tomorrow night instead and watch the game here! Stress gone!! Now I have time to do some work too and we'll catch a game later when it cools off!
Off to organize and I will post a pic shortly... I also have an ornament to sew for Applique Cafe, which by the way is having a 25% off sale til Tuesday with code SEPT29.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday part 2

I did this shirt to match some funky Christmas pants - circle patch with the EB snowflake merged inside!! I don't know how I would survive without the ability to MERGE!! Again, Sew What Pro!!
And since Kay put a fire under my butt, here is the "petal patch" just listed on Applique Cafe! This would be great with initials, an applique letter inside, etc. - lots of options! This is shown in zig zag with a MWP Sydney M inside. Comes with satin stitching option as well in 3 sizes each.

Wednesday the 23rd

Here is a cute turkey I did today! This is a Nobbie Neez Kids turkey.

I can't believe it's almost October!! It is still hot and muggy (no rain today, but extremely hot and muggy) here in central AL! I've just listed this cross design - very simple. I have another patch to list as soon as I get a chance to sew it out. Jeff named it a "petal patch" so there is your hint! We have SO MANY designs lined up to do (Christmas and other), but with soccer games, etc. etc. we're just trying to find the time to do them! Plus my "production schedule" is 8 things a day (yikes!!) so we're covered up in embroidery!! It's hard to believe a few years ago I was sitting behind a desk probably surfing the web, taking 2 hour lunches, earning a real salary, working 4 days a week 8:30/9 - 4:30ish while my kids were at school. I thought that was so hard!! HA!
M went back to school today after a battle with a cold. G didn't go to school today - he had fever by the time we got home from dinner last night. Fine today and no other symptoms. Hopefully they will all go Friday! I'm hanging in there with just a sniffle or two due to the ragweed Jeff says. Every time I walk outside my nose goes crazy!
I will hopefully post the other design later today!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Atlanta and New Fabrics!!

My new favorite someone told me about - Riley Blake fabric!! Google it! CUTE snowman and Christmas tree fabric that I should have bought, but I couldn't figure out how to use those specific prints in applique. Dots and stripes are always great!
We're back from our 24 hour Atlanta trip! We went over yest. by way of Opelika - we met w/ a computer guy about instant download for Applique Cafe (yeah!!). I even did a little shopping in Opelika and got a pair of jeans at a pretty cool vintage-ish consignment/2nd hand store! Anyway... after our "meeting" we headed to ATL and went out to eat at Stoney River Steakhouse (Y-U-M!) with some friends, then headed up to Buford, GA where we were staying at the Hampton Inn. This morning Jeff played in a golf tournament (in the rain) while I spent the day shopping (in the rain). Thank goodness for GPS! I made my way down/over/up/across?? to Decatur, GA to a store someone told me about called InTown Quilters. It was a 30+ minute drive (in the pouring down rain) but well worth my trip!! Of course when I pulled up there were no cars in the parking lot and my heart sank, but I quickly realized that there was just no one there (yet) and they WERE indeed open. As soon as I walked in the door the drooling began! OH - MY - GOODNESS!! They had every fabric I've ever dreamed of and I could have done some serious serious damage, but I was good!! Here are the fabrics I got (3 above and pics below) and I only got 1/4 yards of each which was probably a mistake, but this place wasn't cheap! If I find one running out at least I will know the name now to find it online... Love the fun zebra prints, hot pink pima dot and Michael Miller pink & white polka dot which I already had (but got some more). Lime zebra Christmas tree??
Here are a few I think will be GREAT for Christmas designs. I love pink & green for Christmas and there is traditional red & green...

More Christmas options and the lime zebra again...

And my 3 fall purchases - orange cord, orange pima dot and the brown swirl fabric which I also got in red & green that's super duper cute.
My pics are out of order and I don't know how to fix them, so here is a pic of the little jewel of a store - InTown Quilters. If you're in the Atlanta area look them up! They had the cutest fabric I've ever seen all in one place.
Here is my BFF the GPS - GPS woman got me to the store and back with no problem!! As you can see it was raining and ugly and I was driving around Atlanta on the hunt for fabric!!
After ITQ I spent the rest of my time at the Mall of Georgia, which is supposedly like #2 or #3 sizewise for malls in the US (or something impressive like that). It was HUGE and I barely covered the bottom floor. I found some cute stuff for this in-between summer & winter time that I hate so much!! We got back around 6:30, got the kiddies from my SIL and now Jeff is camped out in front of the Auburn game. Church tomorrow and LOTS OF WORK this week!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just a few things...

I redid my square patch pic today for the website in vintage. Here is a pic!
And... a picture of Garrison's diamond patch shirt (and K, yes I got the shirt a while back at Chantilly Walmart - you might try Atl Hwy WM or Old Navy has great tees - not sure if they have royal blue though). Anyway, I thought this was cute. Am I allowed to say it looks a bit like Superman?? The Cheri applique alphabet is from and is a $3 alphabet - can't beat that.
This is my work shelf which is OOC! I've got to get together some sort of system, calendar, production schedule or SOMETHING! If not I may go crazy by Christmas! I appreciate all of the business, but just need to get ORGANIZED!! I quit work so I didn't have to be on a strict schedule and so I could enjoy my kids. I think that's why I am leary of a strict work schedule for monogramming, but there is a happy medium somewhere - I just have to find it!
And..... the raggy pumpkin from EB! I LOVE THIS!! I am in love with raggy!! I also have an order for the raggy angel so I will get to do it and post a pic soon! This pumpkin is for my good friend who is matching a Boden orange cord skirt. I think it'll be cute!!
Tomorrow Jeff & I are headed to ATL for a very quick trip. I have the name of one fabric store I'm going to try to hit (InTown Quilters??) and other than that I'm going to shop wherever I end up. We are seriously persuing instant download for Applique Cafe at the moment and we are trying to figure out what the best software is and what it will take to get it up and running. I'm computer literate enough to do this blog and keep up with the website, but when it comes to programming you've lost me! HOPEFULLY we will get it up and running very soon. That will take the responsibility off of me of e-mailing designs out all day!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I do not heart computers!!

A few new designs being listed tonight ~ square patch to go along with the circle and rectangle (comes in satin, vintage and zig zag). This was part of the custom work we did for a new clothing line out of Louisiana and since this is a generic design, we are able to go ahead and sell it! Patches are fabulous for COVERING UP monograms, etc. If you have Sew What Pro (or another merge program) you can also merge in other applique designs in to the patch!
And since I am a golf widow every Friday afternoon, a golf green in 6 easy steps!
Finally, a diamond shaped patch shown below shown with just initials and also with the Cheri applique G just to give you an idea of how this patch could be used. I did the G/diamond patch on a blue Garanimals tee from Walmart for Garrison to match some red gingham pants!

I have been having computer issues lately and it's driving me crazy! Today I deleted Internet Explorer 8 and my Google toolbar and replaced it with IE 7 and Yahoo search. It's doing a little better. I've heard of other people having issues too, so I'm not sure what is going on!? I "googled" the error message I kept getting and saw that there may be issues with Google Chrome (?) and Jeff's work computer guys said there are some issues with IE8. I feel like I spend WAY TOO MUCH TIME in front of a computer and when I get error messages or it takes forever it makes me crazy!!
I have sooooooooooooooooo much work to do. It has all hit at once! My current turnaround time is a week to 2 weeks and I expect it to stay this way (or get worse) til Christmas. If I have stuff of yours and you're thinking I've forgotten you, just shoot me an e-mail and I can tell you where I am!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Another new design...

I've just added this new Christmas tree! In hindsight I should have done this one in "boy" colors since I did the other one in pink. Use your imagination!! This is a great tree for boys or girls! Simple like we like it - this one is 10 steps/stops!
Not much to report from our trip to Auburn. I saw the Rheumatologist (and it took forever) and basically all she did was examine me, ask me questions and then they took 7 tubes of blood!! You know you're in trouble with the Labcorp girl's eyes get real big as she is reading all the tests the Dr. ordered! Hopefully by the end of the week I'll hear from them! Afterwards we ate at Amsterdam, where I got on Jeff's Iphone to try to track down a fabric store in Auburn. We found one and drove there after lunch, only to find it was closed on Mondays!! :( Friday Jeff & I are going to Atlanta (Buford is where we're staying). I'm wondering what fabric stores I could hit over there?? We'll also be in Mableton Fri afternoon, then I'll be in Buford Sat. I've gotten tons of comments on Joanns and overall I'm excited! I've gotten mixed reviews, but I'm holding out hope that since it'll be a brand new store, it'll be GOOD!
I just heard Patrick Swayze passed away! So sad!! On a brighter note I'm excited to watch Jay Leno tonight!! We should have a couple more new designs to test later this week!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I heart Publix!

Here's a pic of M this morning before church in my flip flops!! They match her dress... sort of!? I think I reported already that she does have all her teeth! Her front one is a little crooked but that 2nd one that was missing IS THERE!!
I mentioned in a previous post about the swing tops from Walmart - I did this one to match some brown leggings - EB raggy flower - which is one of my favorite designs of all times! Since these shirts are gathered up top you either have to put a miniature something on the top part, or doing the applique on the bottom corner is an option. Last year's shirts had a little gathering, but not the separate top panel like this year. OK that may or may not have made sense...
And the newest Applique Cafe design just posted. I have another tree to do maybe tomorrow. This is another easy one - 8 steps. I almost took a pic minus the star with a bow on top, but I'm low on ribbon and didn't have anything that matched! I did some trees last year with a bow on top and they were cute and very popular, so I'll have to stock up on ribbon this week!
Jeff has been doing the grocery shopping lately so I have not even stepped foot in one in a long long time! Tonight I had the honor of going to Publix all by myself! We've been trying and Jeff is better at it than I am and can really save some cash! (CVS is my game) But, I was amazed at what you can get at Publix this week for only ONE DOLLAR (or less)!! Here is my short list of the things we eat and I bought:
Kraft macaroni & cheese - 69 cents!! for a box
Whitehouse apple juice - $1.40
GOLDFISH - $1.00!!!!!!!!!!! (any flavor)
Motts apple sauce $1.00 - the decent sized jar
Lender's blueberry bagels - $1.05
Hunts snak paks (pudding, jello - 4 pack) - $1.00
Philadelphia cream cheese (the tub - I buy strawberry to go w/ my bagels) - $1.00
Red grapes - $1.29/lb
Martha White blueberry muffin mix (just add milk people!!) - 80 cents
They had more stuff but I was only given $30 and actually spent $40. Great sales this week!
Tomorrow morning we're getting up at the crack of dawn to get everyone ready for school. We're taking B to school, the little ones to Gigi's for her to take/pick up from school while we venture over to Auburn to see the Rheumatologist my Dr. recommended months ago when I was sick. We're preparing for a 3 hour visit, will hopefully have time to catch lunch and head back for our flu shots, get the kids, etc. I'll report tomorrow if there is anything to report! I have felt fine since then, so I'm praying it is nothing!!
The sale technically ends tonight, but depending on how much time I have in the morning to "take it down", you might be able to take advantage tomorrow as well if I don't have time to end it before we leave!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

New store?

I saw a sign in Montgomery today (in front of the old Circuit City in Eastchase) where JoAnns is coming Winter 2010!!! I've heard of it before and am guessing it's like Hancocks or Hobby Lobby?? Anyone have any knowledge of it? Should I be excited??
Jeff took B to the Auburn game and the little bits are napping, so I am working hard trying to play catch up! If anyone has any know-how about JoAnns (like how to spell it correctly?) leave us a comment!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

What a difference a week makes!

This time last week I was knee deep in the flu and fevers and not much fun! Thankfully we are all well and back to what we call normal! Mallory's swollen gums have receded too and she does have all of her teeth! YEAH!! Hopefully last week was enough "trials" for our family for a while! Only by the grace of GOD did I not catch the flu, and Jeff & I are both getting flu shots on Monday (after my 3 hour Rheumatologist appt. in Auburn).
I got just a few new fabrics today. I was looking for Christmas but instead found these, which could technically be used for girls for Christmas depending on the design! I did pink & green trees last year and they were cute! These are from Kudzu for all of you M'gomery people. I was surprised the only Christmas they had was from last year and on the clearance rack? I had a red/mossy green/cream or white stripe in mind but didn't find it! :(
And... 2 new designs listed tonight on Applique Cafe! These are both super simple! Stocking is 8 stops and the Reindeer is 7. We like to cut it down to the least amount of steps as possible!! There is nothing like a 26 step design to make you go AGGGHHHH!!!! This stocking has plenty of room for an initial, all initials or a name! You could also add a bow to the corner by the hanging loop! AND... you could attach a REAL pom pom to the toe!!
This "flying" reindeer (dare I say Rudolph?) I did on a sz 4 white long sleeve tee, so it is for sale and is ready to add a RED name underneath!! P.S. Applique Cafe 25% off sale ends Sunday!!
There is a clothing line called Sweet Tea based in Montgomery (I think). They are having a sample sale at My Kids Attic til the 19th. Most fall items are 50% off and they also have some summer stuff for dirt cheap! I got a pair of lined gingham shorts for $5 and a PRECIOUS pair of cowboy pants with cord knee pads for $8!! I got green cord pants and green "alien/spaceship" pants for G for $15/each. SO CUTE!! Mallory got a few things too!
I doubled down on bible studies this week and my Friday study is kicking my booty!! It is SO GOOD and SO CONVICTING!!!!! Both times we've met I sit there and listen and think "GUILTY" "That's ME!"!! Today we were told of 6 nonverbal ways to show your husband that you admire him and that he is important to you. Since most (not all) embroidery people are moms/wives, I thought I would post these for us to ponder...
1. Be attentive to his concerns when he comes home after work.
2. Look as attractive as possible when he comes home. (Um... Tuesday I stayed in my t-shirt/shorts I slept in Monday night - no bra!! ALL DAY. No makeup and a horrible pony tail)
3. Prepare appetizing meals. (What? I'm supposed to THINK ABOUT dinner before 6:30?)
4. Show interest in his world outside of your home. (You mean he doesn't want to hear how bad the kids were the second he walks in the door?)
5. Listen attentively by focusing your eyes on him. (Does that mean I need to get my nose out of Facebook and e-mail when he comes in, sits down and talks to me?)
6. Learn to be sensible about your expectations of your husband. (Darn!! I guess I shouldn't expect him to paint the kitchen because I'm tired of yellow!!)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

T-shirt Info

Browder & I ran a few errands today so I thought I'd pass along what I've seen...

Old Navy - great plain long sleeve tees - very soft - boys toddler & youth sizes in various colors (sorry I did not check out the girls!)
Target - great plain long sleeve tees - youth sizes (XS is 4/5) in various colors. Also, if you can find them, CIRCO has navy & white plain long sleeve tees in toddler sizes. Regular toddler tees have pockets (which are cute w/ just a monogram on the pocket but applique does not work)
Walmart - Garanimals of course if you can find them in stock - girls are swing tops, but boys are the good ole plain long sleeve tees. For the swing tops think about doing an applique in the bottom corner.

*You might also check Kohls (Jumping Beans brand), Belk (J. Khaki), The Children's Place and Gap.

I have white Rabbit Skins long sleeve tees in sizes 3T-4T-5/6 also in my stash! Rabbit Skins tees do run small so go up a size. I also have 1 size 7 white sweatshirt.

I also have 1 mint green Rabbit Skins longall in size 18 mos from last year. Very comfy and cute!

Stephen Joseph backpacks left: Princess, Airplane and Train

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back to normal!

Browder got released from the "house" yesterday and we're all home and getting back to normal! Trying to keep the boys from chasing each other around the house to cut back on the coughing and breathing treatments!! Yesterday we stared at Sissy's face all day trying to figure out why it was swollen. I finally pryed her mouth open to find a pretty bad busted upper lip and a tooth that has disappeared and another one that is a tad loose and crooked! We still can't find the crime scene and can only conclude that she bumped her mouth REALLY BAD in her crib Sunday night! This is when it's good to have a friend who is a dentist! Dr. Matt made a house call last night and thinks the missing tooth may be back up in her gums. We're hoping it will come back down! Her face is still a little swollen today and she has a couple of tiny bruises under her nose! However she did it or whenever she did it, she didn't make much of a fuss!
Here are a couple of pics of B in the hospital! This was Sun. night - after 2 days he was bored to death!! You can only color so many pictures!! Thanks to the Bennetts for the "awesome guys" - they really helped pass some time!
This was Saturday with the oxygen tube and a pretty nice IV in his arm! 24 hours in the hospital with your child is more than I ever want to do again!! Luckily he is doing much better and he & G continue to take their meds at home! We're going to keep B out of school til Fri just to make sure he doesn't overdo it. G & Mallory may go back tomorrow depending on the rest of the day!
One more Halloween design... I will get it posted today! We hope to work on some Christmas designs ASAP!
As far as the yahoo group, someone e-mailed yesterday that the link wasn't working. I tried to get to it yesterday and it seems to be nonexistent! I can search appliquecafe in the groups, and I can see the group and the pic of the dino, but when I click on the group it sends me to an error page and looks like the group is no longer?? I haven't tried today! COMPUTERS!!
Obviously I haven't done any work in several days and am taking it easy and doing the best I can! 6 days of dealing with flu and sick kids and one in the hospital just about wore me out! I'm going to do the best I can to catch up and if you need something back in a hurry be sure to ask first! Thanks!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday Update!

A lot has happened!! Fri night was a bad night! Yesterday morning we took both boys to the Dr. and were there for 3 hours doing breathing treatments. Browder was admitted to the hospital yesterday and will HOPEFULLY get out tomorrow (Monday!). He tested positive for Type A Flu and his main problem has been respiratory! They are still doing breathing treatments and they finally removed the little oxygen tube from his nose today! Garrison has been at home taking tamiflu and steroids and Mallory & I continue to hang in there without catching this FLU!! It has been a total nightmare!! Jeff is finally feeling better and is at the hospital right now so I could come home and shower, catch up on e-mails and maybe rest a little!
When you hear of everyone around you catching the flu and the importance of washing your hands... DO IT! We've been dealing with this since Wednesday and it has been AWFUL! Anway, just a quick update and obviously this puts me WAY behind on any work! Bear with me!! :) (And say a prayer that Browder gets to come home tomorrow and that we rid our house of this awful virus!!)

Friday, September 4, 2009

My wittle patient!!

Two seconds after I pressed "publish post" earlier today, G came in the room w/ fever! His fever is accompanied by swollen eyes and a swollen upper lip!? I called the Ped office again and one of the docs in the group called me back. We're to "watch" him tonight and bring him in in the morning! Browder also woke up not feeling well, but the motrin did the trick and he's been feeling better. As of now he's only coughing and wheezing! Mallory is in bed (she is OK knock on wood) and Jeff has been in bed all afternoon w/ a headache! Calgon take me away!!


Small improvements today! Jeff did take a shower, so we're headed in the right direction. He's back in the bed, but rest is good. Unfortunately I wasn't able to send G to school today - mostly coughing and sneezing and a lot of snot! No fever though as of yet! And then there is Browder... he's started a little runny nose last night after we played outside, but was OK this morning so he did go to school. By the time we picked Mallory up (who also went to school), he was complaining of a tummy ache. But, when we got home he did eat some lunch and has been lounging on the couch watching TV ever since. Again, no fever as of yet! I did call the PED office and they ARE open in the morning, so we may be there at some point tomorrow with one of these kids!!
Here is cute pic of G taken last night! Boys will go anywhere!!
And this was Mallory Wednesday - she was SUPPOSED to start school but I ended up keeping her with me due to a little cough. She was better today so I took her to school, but when she went down for nap one of her eyes was a little red and watery...
And here is Garrison Wednesday - his first day of REAL preschool! He's 3 now, so he really is learning stuff! Not that he didn't learn last year, but I think 3 is considered real preschool! You may be shocked to hear that as I rummaged through his drawers Wed morning to get him dressed, I realized 90% of his summer t-shirts were stained and not-for-public!! This is an old Ragsland smocked tee that Browder wore! A little big on G but it was the best I could come up with! I've got to make a trip to Kohls or somewhere and get him a few decent shirts to last him til it gets cool!!
And for embroidery news... I'm "working" today while everyone naps! It's like a ticking time bomb around here so I'm trying to get some work done while I'm able!! Who knows who will fall next, and when!! This is a cute patch I did for someone yesterday to match some shorts - sort of Auburn-ish! This is actually the patch from EB's sailboat patch (minus the sailboat) with EB's swirly applique font "M". I thought it was cute!! I can't tell you how many e-mails I get about patches!! Like the scallopped square patch is from Bunnycup minus a snowman, and the circle scallopped patch is also Bunnycup minus the button letter! SEW WHAT PRO people!!
And here is a shirt I did for a little guy who's stepdad is the coach at JD! A friend of mine had done the name curved around the side and I thought it was so cute!! Again, Sew What Pro!! I could not live without this program!!
Back to work! I hope everyone has a great long Labor Day weekend! The sale has been going great - lots of moms/grandmoms out there taking advantage of 25% off! I do have a girl ghost to test and will do so shortly and maybe have it listed later on. Jeff will have to send me all the sizes so it'll depend on his health!! Hopefully if we make it through the weekend we'll get back to work on some new stuff ASAP! HAPPY LABOR DAY!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

As Bon Jovi Would Say...

"Livin on a Prayer"!! If I said this before, I'll say it again... it will be a miracle if no one else in this house gets the flu!! Jeff didn't get out of bed much today and when he did, he traced his steps (and hand prints) with Lysol! But, I can't keep the kids from sharing cups, kleenex, Gatorade bottles, etc. with each other. Their germs are very well mingled after today! We did take a field trip to CVS (and I don't recommend trying to "CVS" with 3 kids), ate lunch at Tips, picked Jeff up some egg drop soup and rice from next door to Tips and this afternoon we took a trip up to the park and played outside til dinner! It has been one of those days juggling 3 kids! A minute ago Jeff asked me what I had for dinner and after a few minutes, I remembered I had about 3 spoonfuls of leftover Kraft shells and cheese! I'm about to shower and tonight I'm shacking in B's bed. He's in a pallet on his floor! My plan is to take everyone to school in the morning, assuming they are all well. Then my plan is to go to bible study (and pray for this house!), pick the kids up and then head to Enterprise and come back Sat. afternoon so I can teach 3 yr old Sun. school Sunday! My only fear is that I'll get to Enterprise, come down w/ the flu and not be able to get back home!?
This is not fun folks! Someone told me yesterday that this IS an EPIDEMIC!! I see it on Facebook every day and 2 of B's friends are home w/ it too! I'm just waiting on pins & needles for myself or one of the kids to lodge that first complaint of not feeling well!!
With all this being said, I will be getting "work" done as best I can until all this passes! I hope everyone has a fun (and healthy) Labor Day weekend!! War Eagle!!

The Big Bad FLU!!

Well, I knew it was a matter of time before ONE OF US got the flu! Luckily (if I can say that?) it is not one of the kids. Jeff started having the symptoms Tues night and went to the Dr. yesterday. He started Tamiflu yest. but it still laid up in the bed ~ he's got it pretty bad!! I've been trying to keep the kids away and slept w/ the boys last night in G's room (which was interesting and lovely!!). Just praying it doesn't make the rounds!! Mallory has had a little cough this week and I didn't send her to school yesterday, but no fever and appears to be a tiny cold. She & G were to start school yesterday but I only sent G. HOPEFULLY they will all go tomorrow! Needless to say I am behind on work! I have one more AC design to sample, tons of monogramming to do and I finally got my consignment clothes ready last night to turn in today for the Children's Clothing Exchange! Anyway.... doin the best I can and trying not to go crazy!! :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

2 New Fabrics

The kids & I went to Hobby Lobby today to kill some time and I picked up these 2 fabrics. I thought the spider web might be cute in the "boo" applique as one of the letters. Underneath it is a deep red polka dot which had Roll Tide written all over it! I thought it would make a cute megaphone! I love Hobby Lobby and they do have some cute fabric (most of which I already have), but I wish they would get more new stuff in more regularly! I need to make a trip to a decent fabric store soon!!
The armyworms are STILL here!! Jeff is getting more spray today to hopefully get rid of them! Some of them died but there are still some meandering around the grass and driveway! I'm beginning to wonder about this house...
The Tutu backpack is sold! That leaves the Princess, Airplane and Train! Please e-mail me if you're interested!
And... I pray the Labor Day sale is going smoothly! I got confused last night as to whether or not everyone could see the sale who visited the website. I sort of wanted to do a blog/yahoo group exclusive sale since it is our first, and I think I figured it out! If you go to the site through the link, the sale prices will show. If you happen to go to the site the next day and just enter the web address, the prices may not show and in that case, you'd enter the code: labor2009 where it says "voucher" I think in your shopping cart! Hopefully it is all set up correctly! No e-mails yet and we have sold some designs at 25% off and it all went smoothly! We are still learning!!