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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Valentine Designs and more FABRIC!

This week I have still been working on setting up my *new* computer. It took me until yesterday evening to get it right! I THINK everything is now on it and it's functioning with my embroidery machine and software like it should. In case you didn't know, Windows 7 is so cool, but a little bit of a headache for the older programs and software! I've been doing a few shirts here & there and have like 5 to finish up today. After those are done it's CCE time. I haven't gotten the first thing out for consigning. I have until Monday to get it all together. Plenty of time!

Here's a cute Valentine shirt I did with the AC OWL. The customer wanted "owl be yours" or "hoo loves you" below the design. CUTE!

I also did this shirt yesterday on one of the Just Blanks shirts for one of my carpool peeps' little sister. I have done this design twice this week and it's from Embroidery-Boutique

 This is a great Valentine's Day design! Who doesn't love pink & purple!

Lastly, I got a goodie box this last week from TJs Fabric. What day is it today? I've blogged about TJ's before and it's a Pharmacy/gift/FABRIC store located in OPP, AL! It's right off Hwy 311, so I always say if you are heading to Destin, FL or any beach near there and you travel 331, FIND THIS PLACE! GPS was invented for this reason! This past summer we stopped on our way to the beach and I only had about 30 minutes to shop (as Jeff and the kids were left in the car). Every now & then I get a surprise package from them and it's like CHRISTMAS! I hope to make another trip down there with my camera. The good news is.... they are now selling a lot of their great fabric online! I believe their goal is to offer every fabric they sell online, but as you can imagine it's quite a task to get it all listed. CLICK HERE to view the online store! Thanks to Teresa for the surprise and I hope you got my e-mails!! :)

You can imagine my squeals when I opened the box and found this!!!!

These are from the Riley Blake Quite Contrary group and it is even more precious in person!! My grandmother always loved strawberries so this reminds me of her! LOVE LOVE LOVE the bottom 2 on the right side too!

 More cute fabric. This grouping is Riley Blake LOVE BIRDS. So pretty!!

 The dots below are Oval Elements by Art Gallery and the chunky looking ginghams are Michael Miller. The top right circle fabric is from Riley Blake. All cute and I can't wait to use them!

By the way, what a great website ~ ~ I'm always trying to figure out the name of Riley Blake fabrics so this is a great site to keep in mind. It's so *pretty* too! There is a RB Blog too! How awesome! Why have I not found this before??

Today is a yucky rainy nasty day where I live and a good day to do nothing! But, I must sew (or applique)!!

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Lydia said...

LOVE those fabrics! Just perfect for applique! I bet that does feel like Christmas to get that kind of goodie box in the mail! ;-)