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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Girls weekend

I got all caught up this week except for a few towels! I had to order more ORANGE & NAVY thread (war eagle towels). I have been in full force clean out mode. I don't know where all the junk comes from! My project for next week is the kids clothes. I have about 6 tubs of clothes & shoes (piled in the dining room) to sort in to Garrison fall, Garrison next year, Browder fall, B next year, Consign Now, Consign Spring, Throw Away, Salvation Army... More clothes than they could wear in a year I think. I can finally get rid of some of it since we won't be having any more baby boys!

Poor Mallory has her first little cold! She has had a sniffle here & there, but now has the gunky eye and you can just tell she didn't feel well today! Luckily I have drops for her eye and have given her a little tylenol. I'm hoping she'll be better tomorrow. I'm headed out at 1:00 for my girls weekend. YEAH!! Jeff has been out of town this week (something involving a lot of golf for work??) and will get home sometime after I leave tomorrow afternoon. Other than the toilet overflowing from Garrison stuffing it w/ TP the other night, our only other incident was B getting a spanking tonight for hitting G in the head w/ a Wiggles VCR tape case. He thought it was "funny". The spanking... not so funny! After a heart to heart, apologies and a prayer to Jesus he is asleep in my bed. So glad I moved his bed into Garrison's room...

Last day of art camp tomorrow for Browder. He has painted the most precious ice cream cones, a robot and a car. Oh, and a bug!! Today was G's last day of school. I've got a few weeks w/ all 3 til school starts. I'll be sure to meditate about it by the pool all day Saturday!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Need a haircut?

I just found this in G's room. This is "Tripp" (named after the triplets), Browder's Build-a-Bear dog. Guess he needed a trim!? Those are some of Garrison's jammies on him. Guess he was cold too. He had a "water bath" earlier this week. Such a high maintenance little pup!!

Today B & I had a discussion about talking. Evidently Browder thinks G talks too much. OK, Jeff's boss calls Browder "motor mouth" (to his face). He never stops! Now that G has learned to communicate it is double trouble for me. Now I hear MOM, mom, MOm, mOm from both of them... all day long.

Another sewing day...

Still trying to catch up! Business is good. Today was a busy day of errands. B started art camp #3 today and painted a precious picture of 3 ice cream cones. I need a wall for all of his art! Not much to report. I did get a cute new fabric today. Every now & then I find cute fat quarter singles at Hancocks. Here are a couple of them (above)

Monday, July 28, 2008


I got repremanded for putting the pic of Jeff on the blog so I deleted it (Facebook too - shh). I thought it was cute. He did not. I've been a sewing freak today! Last week I was sluggish so I'm trying to get completely caught up so I can tend to my filthy house and projects!! Since B has been sleeping on G's floor the entire summer, and since we won't be buying another bed anytime soon (due to my photo order), I've decided to put B's bed in G's room and make B's room a playroom. Of course when I informed him of my idea, he asked if I was doing this TODAY!! Eventually we'll get another bed just to have an extra in case someone gets sick, etc. But until then, this will save me some painting and redecorating for a while. Plus I have like 15 paintings by Browder and now I can just put them in the playroom!

I did a new train today! Very cute!! I have a lot of designs (lots of boy stuff) I haven't sewn. I also did bedding and towels today for a girl going away to Auburn... kinda made me wish I was setting up in a dorm room! I never even lived in a dorm but the college part sounded like fun!

I'm SO looking forward to a girls weekend coming up. My bunko group usually goes to the beach each August, but this year that kinda fell thru so we're headed to Biloxi! No, not on a drinking gambling partying binge... one of the girls (who happens to be pregnant) is from there so we're going to go lay by the pool and relax and eat some good food!! YEAH!! There are 6 of us going and I can barely wait!!

I know some of you have been wondering... Garrison has not pooped in the potty again! :( He's tried a couple of times but I guess that was a big fat fluke!! I'm sure B was this way, but this little 2 year old is HILARIOUS!! We're working on "please", but he has "thank you" and "welcome" down pat and can (almost audibly) sing his ABC's. He can repeat anything and yesterday on the way home from church B yelled out "HEY G!" and he said "NO TALKING!!".

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Rainy Saturday

We're going to a wedding (reception) tonight - I hope the rain stops!! My crazy husband is playing golf in the rain!? I just called to make sure he was playing and not sitting under a tree (while I'm at home w/ all the kids) I bet he'll smell good when he gets home. I ordered my photos today and am so excited! Of course I ordered more than I should. I think I'm in the wrong business!! Got a new iron today at Target. Seeing as though my other one had "R. Wise" written on it w/ a sharpie, I think it was time! My next upgrade is going to be a toaster oven. The one I have my grandmother bought me when I lived on my own as a single gal. She passed away before I got married! I'm sure it's a fire hazard. Other than Target, and getting a little hair cut, I've gotten nothing accomplished today!! Guess I'll sew tomorrow after church. I have A LOT to do.

By the way, I stopped by a gas station today and there was a girl there making pizza. Lots of gas stations advertise & sell pizza (and other food). I didn't think anything about it until she walked over and checked me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is she making pizza AND handling a cash register and everyone's money?? I didn't notice any gloves (Jeff's first question). She was making pizza, then took 3 steps and rang me up. I'm sure that's the case at lots of gas stations regarding food, but it kinda grossed me out! Hopefully there are gloves, or hand sanitizer, or soap & water involved.

Here are a couple of pics from this morning. Browder took some of them!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


I took these in between cat fights between G & B!! I've been refereeing all day long with these 2. I think Browder thinks he is 7 from hanging w/ his cousins for so long, and G enjoyed being a loner the 3 days his big bro was at the beach w/out him. Hopefully they'll get back in sync this weekend. I've been analyzing pictures all day from our photo session. Thanks to my friends for helping me out!! I have til 5:00 Sat. to decide and am going to have to do A LOT OF MONOGRAMMING to pay the bill. But, so worth it to have great pics of these 3.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Care for some soap?

Note to self: don't leave them alone in the tub for a second! I could smell soap from in the kitchen!! I got Browder back and he's already destroyed the den by building a "ship". Ship, house, fort... they all involve dragging every blanket in the house out and putting them on the floor like a rug. Pillows, chairs, toys strung everywhere. I drove through what seemed like Hurricane Dolly and met at the Flomatin exit to get Browder back. Good thing I got a venti mocha frap before leaving town. Nothing like doing 40 in the interstate w/ my hazards on!! On the way back we stopped at Mickey D's in Evergreen to feed Mallory and pick up a snack, and an annoying spy toy that came w/ the happy meal. It sounds like an alarm going off... all the way home. So I put my old school Jewel CD in and pretended to be her, singing all the way home. Speaking of Jewel, and Nashville Star, can't Miley Cyrus' dad afford a HAIR STYLIST?? I thought my hair was bad til I saw his do. Well, 2 of out 3 are crying so bye bye...

quick blog

Garrison just pooped in the potty!!!!!!!!!!!! It was one little turd but nonetheless... he did it!! He hasn't done anything else in the potty but hopefully this is the start of something. He'll usually tell you AFTER he's pooped. I'm headed out soon to get Browder back! I can't wait to see him (and hear him tell about his time at the beach w/out us)!! Our photos are up on, click CLIENT, password is gpgulledge. I can easily eliminate some which is a good thing!! I have til Sat. to decide! UGH! Better go eat and get ready to go!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

one more thing....

One of the brands I order is Bella (layette gowns). I've always disliked them because they are super stretchy and twist easily and are hard to monogram. Rabbit Skins gowns are a little thicker and MUCH easier to monogram (but only come in a newborn size). Well, I had a mess-up Bella gown in Mallory's closet and Jeff put it on her the other day and I now LOVE THIS GOWN!!!!!!!!! It is the softest little gown I've ever felt!! I have one pink one left in "inventory" and am tempted to keep it for Mallory! It is SO SOFT!! I'll definitely order some more and might push the crochet appliques for Bella! They come in sizes 3-6 and 6-12 mo. I still like the Rabbit Skins gowns, but had no idea how comfy the Bella ones were. Thanks Jeff!

Good Day

I had a sit down at Starbucks today w/ Amie & Mallory and then had lunch at Tomatinos (YUM). Good day today! My house is super quiet w/out Browder, who is still at the beach enjoying his cousins and art camp. We'll get him back tomorrow. It's amazing how taking one kid out of the equation makes things so different at home. G has been quietly playing with cars the past 2 days. He turned 2 in May and can say "lightening mcqueen" and was talking about chick hicks in the car on the way home from school. My little genius can count to 10 and sings the ABC song (not perfectly, but still...) I hope to get it on my camera and try to post it b/c it is too cute. Not much going on. I'm about to monogram a few things while the kids are napping. I'm so mad at myself about some fabric. When I left the fabric store in E'prise the other day there was an outfit hanging up by the door in some cute floral fabric (which I didn't see on a bolt). G was dragging on the floor crying so I just left with my burgundy & tan ginghams. Now I'm seeing that fabric everywhere!! It's called Carnival Bloom. I found it online or will send my mom to get me some. Better go sew...

Monday, July 21, 2008

I am alive!!

I'm home from the beach and from getting M in Enterprise! I was unable to blog from the beach, or Enterprise, because I've been recovering from more tube-riding. You'd think I would have learned my lesson by now. Sat. we rode a 3-man tube behind a Seadoo in the Bay (near Perdido/Ono Island - not sure what the proper term is for that body of water). Anywho, my brother in law drove the Seadoo (my first warning sign - he doesn't do anything that's not wide open) and Jeff, my nephew & I rode in the tube. If you can imagine us going about 50+ MPH around in circles in choppy, gulf, salt water. I almost lost my bowels twice and could only pray I made it through alive to see my 3 kids again. By Sat night my stomach hurt so bad I had to lay down in the bed. I contemplated a trip to the ER but a few Advils did the trick. Yesterday I could barely walk and it hurt to cough or sneeze or laugh. Evidently I pulled something in my stomach. I feel much better today. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to walk today - you know sometimes those injuries catch up w/ you a couple of days later. It was fun, but I keep having to remind myself that I am 35, not 18!! B stayed at the beach for art camp - will get him back on Wed. After getting home from the beach yest. I drove to E'prise and spent the night, coming back today. I went by the sewing store but didn't find much - got a burgundy & white gingham (I've done w/out Alabama colors this long but decided to give in...) and a tan & white gingham - those were about the only 2 ginghams I didn't have. Didn't see much as far as fall fabric. Will keep checking!

The beach was fun - we ate on the way down in Bon Secour at a place called The Tin Top - it was off the beaten path but DELICIOUS!! It is somewhere near Foley. Saturday we rode the boat and ate at Pirate's Cove. Other than the mammoth dogs wandering about it was pretty good. A step up from The Boathouse in Destin (where the waitresses may or may not wear shoes).

Not much else going on! I've been e-mailing/talking to a couple of people who found the blog and also sew. It's great to meet people and exchange info/ideas!! I have a list of websites to check out from someone who called me Thurs. from Amelia Island - check out Twisted Sisters and Twisted Kids if you are in the area!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

It was a matter of time...

I knew they'd figure out sooner or later that the ledge on my tub makes an awesome ramp for cars to fly around. Only problem is they fly down the hall into my room! Hence all the little wet footprints on the floor. That's one way to MOP!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I found a football! I love the big fat brown gingham (see pic up top)!! The boys & I met my mom in T-roy today so she could take Mallory to Enterprise! We're headed to the beach tomorrow so she's spending some QT w/ granmommy. I'm sure boot camp will be in order when she returns. We ate at Monarcas (msp?) on our way back and it was GOOD! Cheese dip was a tad spicy but the salsa was excellent. We're eating at San Marcos tonight so I should wake up speaking spanish in the morning. I wonder if it is mexican restaurant 'code' to have a big bowl of peppermint patties (or thin mints) by the register? Or the little 4 pack of chiclet-looking gum - DON'T BUY THE PURPLE!! Crazy me thought it was GRAPE, then read that it is "violet" and believe me, it tastes like you're chewing on hair spray!! Thanks to the Moore's for the info on the bug truck!! I guess the City does care what bugs are in Sturbridge!! How nice of them. Speaking of, there is a meeting tonight in Sturbridge regarding the "operation" of the "mushroom-looking-thing" in the kiddie pool and "those interested" should attend. What does that mean? Why is a neighborhood meeting necessary to discuss it? Moore's, if you go please fill me in! Unless they plan to knock it down and step it up a notch like Deer Creek then I don't see why they need to meet about it.

No school this week and pictures this morning is wearing on me. I'm pretty sure DHR would find offense w/ a muzzle. B has not stopped talking or asking useless questions (AGAIN) since 7am when he showed up in my bed.

The Bug Man

I sewed late last night trying to finish up before we head to the beach tomorrow, and did some things around the house while everyone was asleep. I finally got into bed around 11 and was laying/lying (?) there trying to fall asleep when I heard THE BUG MAN!! Who IS the bug man? Or is it a woman? Why does he drive around so late? Are the chemicals he is spraying so potent that he has to spray at 11:00 at night? Who pays the bug man? Is it the City? Do they care what bugs are in Sturbridge? And why is his truck so darn loud? Is there more than one bug man for Montgomery or are there numerous bug men? Where is the "bug man office"? Has anyone ever MET a bug man? Has anyone ever seen a bug man truck on the interstate, or say cruising down Vaughn Road? Or in the Starbucks drive-thru perhaps??

All of these questions ran my head at 11:30...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cute do!

I saw this do on Oprah today. I actually don't even watch Oprah anymore - the TV was just on and I saw it in passing. Good ole TIVO - I paused it and took a pic of my TV. Jeff likes it - I'm 99.9% sure my hair would NOT look like this but it's cute...


I think I've recovered from the lake. We ventured out today and went to the Wynlakes pool. M went to sitter service, B is pretty much self sufficient now, so I just had to make sure G didn't drown!! I put the wrong swim trunks on them - they are super cute Bailey Boys gingham cotton matchy matchy, but didn't slide so well for Browder. It took him 10 minutes to get down the first time and the second time he got turned around and came down on his back, head first, which scared him in to not wanting to slide anymore!! Note to self: wear the Target swim trunks!!

I got an e-mail from Kelly's Kids today and need to go look again at their Fall stuff. The site was super slow so I gave up. I love looking at the clothes to get ideas and see how they use fabrics!! It's hard to think outside the box but I love seeing different colors than expected for animals! KK has some stuff w/ a green & blue giraffe on it (not yellow like you'd expect). Cute!! I think Ragsland has some elephants in pink or blue too. KK also has applique names, which I will be able to do when I get my fancy software hopefully for my b-day!

I set my TIVO to record Big Brother the other night, but I think I've decided to forego BB and not have a show right now! Keeping up with The Young & Restless is about all I can handle after The Bachelorette (which by the way they have their own website now!!!!!!!!!!!!! What kind of name is Csincsak?

We are doing a mini session w/ Grace Photography tomorrow. Be praying for us at 10:00. We have 20 minutes to get 3 kids to cooperate!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Birthday Shirt

This was a special request birthday t-shirt. Someone described it to me as seen on Jon & Kate Plus 8 (I don't watch that show). I had to work w/ the navy trim on the T and I think this turned out super cute!! It was cute with just the 3 also.

Monday post-tube riding

I think I was in a car accident this weekend? Oh, no, I remember .... I rode that #@*& tube again! It is so much fun, but I keep returning home needing to call 261-PAIN b/c I have whiplash and need a chiropractor. We had a great weekend on the lake! It was an annual Trinity reunion (for Jeff) of sorts w/ 5 couples, so 10 adults and 10 KIDS!! And a couple of kids were left at home!! We had a house and a boat FULL! I WISH I had a picture of us on the boat yesterday - in the middle of the lake in pouring down rain with 20 people trying to stand under the little canopy. Did I mention the boat capacity is 13? Anyway, good friends, good food, good times!

Today is that last day of my antibiotic, thank GOODNESS! The more I've taken it the more it makes my mouth taste like I haven't brushed my teeth in 3 weeks (which isn't the case!) I need to read the indications again and see if it states that a side effect is making your mouth taste like you've been eating cat food.

One fun thing about the weekend for me was seeing all the kids in t-shirts that I monogrammed or appliqued! I buy designs a lot from They have a new design set that is very cute - check it out: These are all thread, but cute cute animals. Looks like I need to find a megaphone and some cute applique letters. I'll try to "shop" this week. W/ Fall coming I'm sure everyone will be coming out w/ new designs.

Time to go wash the pile of clothes from the weekend and have Browder walk on my back!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wanna Kiss?

Yes, Garrison is dipping cheetos in cupcake icing!!


My e-mail is not working, but my internet is? How does that happen?? I'm finally eating lunch at 1:30. I usually go go go until I am literally having the shakes and about to pass out before I eat. I finished off B's grits this morning, had a SB and am now eating a ham & tomato sandwich (yum). G is down for a nap and I summoned B to his room. He has not stopped talking or asking me useless questions since he woke up this morning (at 7:00). He's kinda gotten out of the nap stage so now he has "room time" til I get him out. Sometimes he does fall asleep!

Out of business!?

I was riding down ATL Hwy this morning and noticed U Name It appeared to have a "for lease" sign in the window. I kept going and went to Hancocks to buy some duster, and decided to ride back by to see if I was looking at the wrong store. I poked my head in the store next door and asked if they were out of business and she said yes! I thought maybe they had just moved? I swear a friend of mine just got some pillows done there recently (too big for me to do). I liked the guy who worked there. It scared me a little the first time I went in there and he took me to the back of the store behind the curtain, but he was very nice about showing you fonts on the computer and even showed me his machines & hoops one time. After that first visit I just counted on spending 30 minutes there b/c he'd talk and talk and talk.... Anyway, not sure what happened? They were a little pricey ($12/monogram last time I was in there) but did good work and I always recommended them if someone brought me something I couldn't do!

I'm contemplating getting some fancy design software for my b-day coming up in Sept. Need to call and get the scoop and find out if it does what I think it does - MERGE!! If it does, I can buy diff fonts (not just ones for my current software) and merge designs. I think I could also digitize, meaning I could scan stuff in and digitize it so that my machine could sew it. (Logos, etc) We'll see!

My $60 antibiotic is working slowly!! I thought I'd be 100% by now but am not. Better go feed M and watch TYR!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Full Day

I'm such a homebody. I love to stay at home, especially when it's 118 degrees. Even my "remote control crank" of the car (before we get in) doesn't help much in this heat. G thinks my car is a movie theater and wants to "watch Cars" every single time we get in it. Plus everyone wants a wipe, crocs are flying through the air... Today I blew it out and we went OUT!! First I took (all 3 of) them to Looney's Skating Rink. On Wednesdays they have a free for all. Kids take riding toys w/ 3+ wheels and ride wild. After that we came home, ate a quick lunch and all 4 of us took a quick nap! At 2:30 we were off to Pump it Up to a b-day party. Again, B & G ran wild - even G went down the slide (or should I say B threw him down a couple of times)!! When we got home we really got a wild hair and went to Wynlakes to family night at the pool! Unfortunately there was a poo incident earlier in the day so the pool didn't open til 6:45. Thank goodness for slushies! B swam across the pool about 8 times, then moved on to the slide! I think he went down 15 times. His poor eyes are burning from the overhaul of chlorine but I'm thinking he might sleep til Friday!!

So far my "readers?" (all 6 of you) want a football & applique letters the most. I'll try to find some funky letters. I'm surprised no one has voted owl - they seem to be "in" right now!? Jeff & I have 2 computers. I have had designs on both b/c this one has internet access so when I buy them, they get downloaded here and I move them when I need them via a disk. Yesterday I burned some CD's and moved them all to my sewing computer and got semi-organized. I have more designs than I'll ever sew or ever be able to show on this blog! So, if you are looking for anything in particular, just ask!

I do have a football. I had a football w/ a goal last year but the last 2 times I did it the stitching messed up. But I do have just a plain football, and also have a miniature football for the babes!
I also have single letters w/ designs around them - one has polka dots and a turtle, one has tigers (pic on blog, but w/ name), one has a gymnastics girl & balance beam, and I also have a letter between 2 candy corns (halloween). I have just about all the "boy toys" (airplane, trucks, train, etc.). I have some pumpkins for Halloween, a couple of turkeys for T'giving and plenty of Christmas designs! I have the tiger paw for Auburn - need to get an elephant for AL I guess (shhh don't tell Jeff). Like I said, if you are looking for something, please e-mail me. I tried to add "other, e-mail me" to the poll but it wouldn't let me after someone voted.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It's finally over...

I went to the Dr today and got some meds ($70 worth) so hopefully it'll kick this crud in the fanny! I watched all 3 hours of TB last night, and I have to say I am emotionally drained... I can't believe she picked Jesse!!!! Then I had to remind myself, I am not DeAnna nor do I know DeAnna, so far be it for me to say who she should have picked. Just because Jesse is not my type and all the "rads" & "noggin" completely got all over my nerves doesn't mean Dee didn't really fall in love w/ him. Loved them bringing Jeremy back and thought Jason handled himself spectacularly. I wonder if Jeremy will end up a Bachelor somewhere down the road? Hopefully not too soon b/c I need a break from all the drama. BTW, a) Shayne's hair was rather poofy, don't you think? and b) they were a bit awkward I thought....

On another note, Target has kids tan camo shorts for $.98!! Got a couple of pairs for B. I also bought a 4 pack of SB mocha frappacinos in the bottle. I have them chillin in the fridge and hope they are good enough to satisfy my craving on the days I'm not leaving the house. B went to Gigi's this morning ang G went to school so I was able to have a SB meeting w/ Amie (and Mallory)! How wonderful it is to just sit and talk w/ the girls (and the creepy guy that got an ear full a few tables over!)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Sock Monkey

I love anything sock monkey! I posted a pic of a bib I just did w/ some sock monkey fabric I've been waiting to use!! This might be a good fall fabric - I also like red & brown together! The pic is kinda small so you may not be able to see it all that well. I'm movin' my inventory this week and have sold quite a few things off the list. All of the kiddies are asleep so it's sew-time. BYE


We had a great time at the Lake (Martin). Came home Sat w/ the crud (and a sore fanny from riding the tube)!! Anyway, I took some pics on the 4th at Chimney Rock. OH MY!! I have never seen so many boats, beer drinking & bikinis in my life, and we used to frequent CR in our single days. We saw some pole dancing, yes you read that right, pole dancing on a boat. Wouldn't their mommies be proud? I bet there were 75 boats tied together and 75 more scattered around. Of course we rode thru w/ 5 kids - not so cool! (This photo doesn't do it justice!)

I went to the Dollar Tree Thurs. morning and had 3 items. Of course there was ONE register open and a line 9 people deep. There was a lady 2nd in line w/a buggy full (overflowing, piled up, etc.). She had the nerve to tell me & #3 in line that she WOULD let us go in front of her, but she's in hurry and late!? You've spent no telling how long walking the aisles of the Dollar Tree filling your buggy, 93% of which you don't even need. You're just buying it b/c it's a dollar. and you can't let me go ahead and check out w/ my 3 items b/c you're in a HURRY?????? I did what my mom would do - I left my stuff on top of the stuff by the register and went to Walmart where they had TWO registers open. My mom is the person who will pick up a pair of shoes, talk herself out of them and stick them on the shelf w/ the bread.

I have lots of sewing to do this week! I also plan to organize my designs on the computer and try to get ready for fall! We're headed back to the lake on Friday!!

Last night B wanted G to sleep in his bed w/ him, giving him a rest from the floor! That lasted about 4 minutes. After getting down 5 times and me tripping over him once, G went back to the crib and B went back to the floor....

3 hours of Bachelorette tonight...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Part two

Here are my cookies! Also, B's fort/clubhouse/bedroom/mess. Princess Mallory (it's so hard to be her!). And... I got a call today asking if I could do hats, so I tried G's little visor & hat and it worked!! We just had to rescue Browder. Somehow, and for some reason, he was under G's crib and his leg got trapped!! We have a plastic tub jammed under there b/c the bedframe is sagging from them jumping in the bed (another photo for another day). The tub props up the frame/mattress. I think he must have gotten his leg between the tub and the frame and didn't count on G standing on that part of the mattress! Jeff & I could not help but laugh b/c G was just standing there clueless while B was screaming bloody murder. I don't think he'll be trying that again!!

A.H. thanks for the pizza - that was my only real meal for the day! Also, anyone who has chocolate chip cake made EVERY time Jeff comes over is more Martha Stewart than I'll ever be!! I just had a sliver for my bedtime snack!

OHHHHHHHHHH... I forgot to mention that I made the chicken salad by boiling a WHOLE CHICKEN... never done that before!! I was a little gaggy when I was washing it and stuff was falling out of it. Right now at 10:00 I cannot think of anything much grosser and creepier than handling a cold, rubbery whole chicken. I did it and it was equally creepy to pick the meat off when it was done, but whole chickens are cheap. With the price of gas, milk, 2 in diapers and Nutramigen we gots to save every penny we can!

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July (almost)!! Today has been a doozy here at Casa de Gulledge! I was feelin a little Martha-ish today so I decided to make homemade chicken salad and chocolate chip cookies to take to the lake! I'm not talkin about break & bakes, I'm talkin flour & sugar & eggs from scratch! Both are hopefully edible. We've all sampled and no one has turned up sick yet. I did all this cooking while monogramming 20 blankets, juggling 3 kids and their bottles, cheetos and cartoons, watching The Young & The Restless, meeting w/ tile guy and a mono customer, visiting w/ my dad and overseeing painter. I haven't showered yet today and am questioning whether or not I ever brushed my teeth this morning... I put deoderant on before my client came over b/c I couldn't remember if I had applied that either! I've cleaned up a dead roach (discovered it under my china cabinet?), a frog corpse (in the garage corner) and puke (Browder gagged on his own poop smell this morning). Did I mention I've cleaned my Walmart feet twice and spaghettios off the kitchen floor? G has this habit of throwing his plate/bowl/cup down when he's done. There were spaghettios 6 tiles wide. While I was cleaning that up Mallory was crying. I thought she was just fussy til I looked and baby girl had shimmied out of the swing and her feet were still in it and the rest of her was on the floor!! Hmmm... what else?? I'll have to post a pic in a minute of B's "clubhouse". Then picture me curled up on the corner edge of his bed amidst all the pillows & toys. That's where I was at about 5:00 this morning. I finally wheeled M in there after going to reinstall her pacifier for the 4th time. I did manage a SB run during lunch. Thank goodness b/c that was my breakfast, lunch and snack for the day!

I'm pretty sure Martha Stewart didn't start out this way...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Triple J

First and foremost... Jeremy does have the muscles in his face to smile and/or laugh. I was a bit concerned. I watched TB last night in the dark on the couch w/ the headphones on from 9:30-11:00, hanging on to every word (so sad....)! I don't know what it is about this season?? One minute I'm crying, the next minute laughing?? I love Jason and Jesse is OK (a little too valley girl for me). I was a little shocked that she let the other J go! I felt SO bad for him and I thought he handled that walk of shame to the car spectacularly (hmmm haven't used that word...ever). The MTA was great. Again, I felt so bad for Jeremy (Graham too). I can't imagine sitting there listening to her say how she was engaged and so happy. Anyway, for some reason this season has been the b*e*s*t and I've seen them all. I wish they would have shown all the clips w/ her saying "my heart is breaking/broken right now". Must have been 48 times this season! After that I could not go to sleep! Finally at about midnight I went back to the couch to read my Paula Deen magazine. I finally fell asleep and then woke up again a couple of hours later and went back to our bed. I had to make a paci run at about 5:00 and was up at 7:15 so I'll be making a SB run at some point today. Our painter/workerman is here today! YEAH!!

On another note, a good friend of mine's husband had a Vas. His first "check" was not clear. His second "check" was clear. Thinking all was fine & dandy hunky dorey, he didn't go back for another check. Turns out, my friend got pregnant and has recently discovered it is TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!! Imagine her shock? Do they make prozac in IV form? You'd have to just hook me up if that happened to me. I guess it's OK to blog that my husband had the ole V back in March and so far 3 not clear checks!! We'll be getting 7 clear checks now. Mallory will be 3 and Jeff will still be taking that brown bag up to the Drs office.