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Friday, May 30, 2008


Some people were raving about Facebook last night so I had to get on it (I'm such a follower). I signed up and so far have 3 whole friends!! It was kinda fun trying to find people I knew from High School or College. Other than that I'm not real sure what you do w/ it. One more thing for me to keep up with!! B's party is over! We had a great time and I think he had fun. G ate like a whole bag of chex mix and has pooped 3 times since last night. I took him for his first "official" haircut this morning. My Sport Clips lady never called me so we went back to Head Start. Gave him a sucker and he did fine! B got a whacking too. Bangs are a tad uneven but she did OK!

Garrison is now climbing out of his crib (THANKS BROWDER). You put him in and he lays down so you can cover him up all nice & snug. You walk out the door and turn around and he's sitting on the train table. Put him back in, cover him up all snug, walk out and turn around and he's standing on the floor!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cable Guy

My internet has been down (AGAIN) since yesterday! I had to resort to calling Jeff at work and getting him to check my e-mail for me! Cable guy spent about 2 hrs here today. His brother's dad owns Chris' Hotdogs... Finally he got it running again. Poor thing had to go up in the attic a bunch of times! I'm sure it's 180 degrees up there. Browder turned 5 Sun. and in lieu of spending the $ and showing up at Pump it Up for a party, we decided to just have a few friends/families over to eat dinner and play. Shockingly enough, we have nothing planned - just free play! Next year remind me to pay the $ to show up at PIU!! It's a lot of work just having dinner at your house. The meal, cookie cake, pinata, balloons, decorations, planting stuff in the backyard so it looks decent, etc etc etc adds up. I pulled weeds for an hour yesterday!! I also drug G & M around for 4 hours yesterday in the 90 degree weather getting groceries, searching for spanish moss, etc. Poor G's clothes were soaking b/c I didn't change his diaper for 4 hrs! Anyway it'll be fun but it's been a bit of work.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

diaper covers

They have a Starbucks INSIDE Target in Prattville!! We went to "Mass" Pro Shops. Believe me, they don't make it easy. We drove forever just trying to get to the parking lot. Browder said "this is where they kill all those animals". G went crazy over the "gish" (fish).

I ordered some diaper covers today, 1 each sizes 1-6. I think I have a few size 1's already and 1 size 3. They make great baby gifts! One of my favorite things about having a girl is the bloomers!!

Oh, I forgot about the gummy vites

I forgot about the gummy vites... yesterday when I got up I noticed the lid to the gummy vites was broken and I found a huge cake knife (not sharp, but a knife nonetheless) on the floor in Garrison's room. Browder, very matter-of-factly, tells me that they had their vitamins and that Garrison actually had about 5 of them and he only had 1 (yeah right). Luckily I don't think you can OD on gummy vitamins!! He used the knife to pry the lid off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Browder STILL sleeps on Garrison's floor - it's been a month now at least. How old do you need to be to go to a chiropractor?? I don't know if we should move the crib into Browder's room so he'll at least have a bed to sleep on, or just wait it out until G gets a bed in his room and they can sleep together?!

School is DEFINITELY out

I'm not crazy, yet! Give me a day or two!! The day started when I opened G's door to find him NOT in his crib. Browder catapulted him out from what I can gather!! I knew it was coming b/c yest. I could hear Browder coaching him. Later Garrison threw a few coat hangers on poor Mallory - she's got a little mark under her eye. THEN I took them all to Walmart to return something and Mallory coughed and puked up her entire bottle. I wiped her down and we headed to Kohls to return something else. Garrison escaped the stroller and I had Browder chasing him, finally tackling him to the ground until I could get there w/ our limousine sized stroller. We passed on going to Target and picked up daddy for pizza. Now they are SUPPOSED to be taking a nap. This afternoon we're having a family outing to Prattville to get my oil changed and go to Mass Pro Shops as Browder calls it.

I'm so sad - the lady who can actually cut Browder's hair w/out chopping it up has left Sport Clips! I called to see if they'd tell me where she went... no dice. They took my # and said they would try to get her to call me. Hopefully she will!! The boys are in desperate need of a trim. Garrison hasn't actually gotten a haircut by anyone but me, but I'm ready to introduce him to a real haircut - not me cutting here & there in the back yard when I can get him to be still!! Last time I gave him the dumb & dumber cut (short bangs).

I have monogrammed 1 towel in the past week. It has been nice to take a break but I must get back to work! :)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day! We are back from Enterprise and the lake. Browder turned 5 yest. He & G got this tube for their b-day. We all rode it and it was fun! Not much going on today.

Friday, May 23, 2008

new fabrics

Here are some of my new fabrics! I also got a few new ginghams.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


I got some cute fabric in Enterprise: some new ginghams AND... a lime fabric w/ white polka dots, bright yellow w/ white polka dots, lt pink w/ brown polka dots (I had brown w/ pink dots), and 2 super cute paisleys - one is dark pink w/ white & lime paisley designs and the other is lime w/ hot pink & white paisley designs. A little orange in there too. I'll have to post a picture of them when I get back home.

DC won AI!! I slept w/ all 3 kids last night so I got about 5 minutes sleep....

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Big City

I'm blogging today from the big city of Enterprise! I haven't been here since Christmas - it's hard to travel w/ 3. The suburban was loaded down w/ baby gear. Enterprise has a GREAT sewing store which I plan to visit today or tomorrow. They have excellent fabric. I watched last night's performances of AI this morning via TIVO. Although the styles of the Davids are different, I agree w/ the judges on Archy taking the night. It'll be interesting to see who wins. He does give me chill bumps when he sings ballads. The cook will do good no matter what, and who knows he might win. I watched the bach-ette yest. via TIVO which reinforced the fact that there are some nutty people in this world. The guy who ripped his shirt off at the end - gross!

I've been meaning to mention we got the tile in our shower cleaned recently and it looks wonderful! Advanced Restoration did it - you might have seen their ads in M'gomery magazines. It was disgusting!! It's dark tile and dark grout and our shower is like a dark cave so we couldn't keep it clean. They did a great job and sealed the grout and it's done great! They also did a friend's floors and she was also pleased. I'd love for them to come back and do our floors and our kitchen countertops sometime.

My whole family is coming out tonight for a yummy steak dinner! My brother returned recently from Iraq and is here, plus my sisters & their kids will be out to eat. My parents live out in the country (on a fish pond w/ cows & horses, tractors, white fence and the whole 9 yards). The boys are in heaven!! We'll miss Jeff who is in M'gomery working, cleaning carpet tonight and mowing the grass I would imagine!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just Tuesday

Browder is on the pot right now singing The Pledge - gearing up for Memorial Day I guess. We've been up for an hour and he has not stopped talking yet, even from the comode! I just posted a pic of a cute drawstring bag. This was actually a freebie design I got on some website. The material used is from an extra skort to match a skort. Makes a cute outfit. I TIVO'ed the Bachelorette last night and haven't watched it yet. I hate to get sucked in to another season, but we all know I will. I bought some Minute Maid lemonade iced tea the other night at Publix (in the OJ aisle) and it is GOOD! Tastes kinda like a tea punch you might have at a party or wedding. I haven't had a Starbucks since Thursday. I had a headache last night and I think that is why. I was up to like 4 a week (budget buster) so I'm trying to do better. Plus the kids are out of school so I don't get that bi-weekly Starbucks social hour w/ Amie & Mallory. :( My plan is to get one tomorrow on my way to Enterprise.

Who decided to bring Donnie & Marie back?? They drive me crazy!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Gulledges

Here's the family! We joined Eastwood Pres. Church today so we finally got a family photo (even tho I look terrible)! Many of you know we were at Memorial Pres for years and it split, so we've moved on to Eastwood and are very excited!! Not much new going on this weekend! School is out so we'll be traveling this week to Enterprise to visit the fam, will come back and then head to the lake for Memorial weekend. Browder turns 5 Sunday!! This means the sewing machine will get to rest from Wed-Sun!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

G is 2

Something tells me we might have trouble getting G's papi's away...

summa time

Tomorrow is the last day of school and Browder gets his 'diploma' (tears)! The boys are going to summer school but not til June. 2 days a week for June & July plus VBS, art camp and the beach so the summer will zoom by! I did the mini purse and will post a pic of it today - cute! I LOVE the miniatures!! I also have some new designs and fonts and will post them as I do them! Yesterday I had a cleaning marathon and today I'm having a sewing marathon so I can be completely caught up. I have a pile of rompers & shirts for my kids that are collecting dust! Matt picked Shayne (and her bangs)!! I liked her and I'm SURE it will last!! And the Davids are the final 2 on AI! I think Cook will win. BachelorETTE will start next week - YEAH! At least I'll have 1 show this summer! Oh, I got a bike for my anniversary so I'll be gettin in shape this summer! I'm excited!! I can't wait for Mallory to get big enough for family bike rides - Jeff got a trailer to pull she & G!

People have sent me some great new websites for blanks so let me know if you're looking for anything!! I'm loving meeting new people via the blog & e-mail!! :) Better go get Mallory's bottle ready for TYR!

Monday, May 12, 2008


My internet has been down since Fri morning! I was able to check e-mail (3 times) Fri. night at my sister in laws house but other than that I've been without and it has been ToRtUrE!!!!!!!!!! Not sure if it was due to the storm Thurs night which I got stuck in at Bed Bath & Beyond. The manager went BEYOND and ran out in the rain and got my car for me and pulled it right up to the front door - yes I mean on the sidewalk up to the front door. I had G and Mallory (who was crying and hungry) so I guess he felt sorry for me. The parking lot lights were out, trees were blowing sideways and I got home at 8:15 to no power. It's kinda interesting to bathe a 2 yr old by flashlight. Jeff & Browder were at the lake. Anyway the next morning no internet for me!

The bachelor finale is on - better go!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Jeff

Jeff is 34 today (I'm 35 1/2 shhhh)! Me likes a younger man!! My G will be 2 on Sun. Seems like yesterday he was just a baby. It's kinda like soap opera kids - you turn around and they are teenagers. Another addiction of mine is TYR - aka The Young and the Restless. I used to call my grandmother every day in 1st grade b/c I was "sick". She'd come get me and we'd go to her house and watch TYR and she'd fry up some chicken for lunch! Victor & Nikki haven't aged a bit and John Abbott & Katherine Chancellor are STILL ALIVE?! I've got Mallory on a schedule where she eats at 11am so we sit & watch it. We've got little Princess Mallory figured out. She only likes the liquid Nutramigen formula - no powder allowed! It is about the most expensive formula on the shelf but it works. If it works we'll pay it to keep my sanity (see cinco de mayo post). While discussing playing outside, Browder told his teachers this week that he sometimes has to play outside "so I don't drive my mommy crazy"! HAAAA! Crazy kids pick up on everything. Browder scored his first soccer goal Tues. night (first in 4 seasons) YEAH! It was so cute! He refused to play the entire first half and then I threatened to NOT let him sleep on Garrison's floor so he went in to play and ended up scoring. Better go - B has a soccer game tonight weather permitting. Have a great weekend!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Cinco de Mayo

Mallory is driving her mommy batty this afternoon!! She is one high maintenance little girl!! :) As much as I'd love to sit on the couch and hold her for 2 hours while watching soap operas it's just not possible. It's Cinco De Mayo which means tacos for dinner tonight and a margarita (or two or three...). Someone introduced us to a yummy margarita mix from Fresh Market - El Paso Chile Co. - says all natural so it IS good for us.

I'm addicted to applique designs and mocha frappacinos w/ whip cream from Starbucks. Regarding applique designs, I have way too many.... but, some of mine I bought when I first started sewing so it's good to replace them every now & then. I can't figure out what I like best - simple ones w/ maybe a single fabric (or two) or the more complex ones. If you have an opinion on this e-mail me at I found a new site that has some adorable simple designs. They are easier and faster and sometimes simple is better. But, some people like designs w/ lots of fabrics and colors. Some people like both! I've been surfing and other sites trying to get ideas on different things I can do. As far as Starbucks I tried the Sonic knockoff Mocha Java Chiller and it is NOT the same!! Cheaper, but not the same. Plus it's not too cool to meet at Sonic for a drink & conversation!!

Better get to work!! Bachelor Women Tell All is tonight!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

I've posted a pic of a new firetruck! My other firetruck had this cute little dog in the back but didn't stitch too well - it often made the t-shirt or whatever gather which drives me crazy!! I met w/ Melissa at Sarah Stone today and got some tips and some new tools (needles, bobbin thread & stabilizer that she swears by).

I think Bachelor Matt will chose Shayne and that David Cook will be the next American Idol! He's the only one I can see making it to radio. The others would do well on broadway - Jason maybe at some resort in Jamaica or on a cruise ship?

I've attached a pic of the boys. They are so cute together when they aren't fighting!! And... one of G w/ my shoes on. He likes shoes no matter who's they are.