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Monday, June 30, 2008

Takesies Backsies

I take it back... it is hot as he$$ in here! The afternoon sun is in full effect. Poor G is baking in his crib - 3 windows in his room, front of the house where the sun is beaming!! Thermostat just says HOT. I've got my shirt tied up like Daisy Duke!! It was all good this morning but hopefully the a/c guy will be here asap....

Going Green?

I probably shouldn't let Jeff hear me say this but it has not been bad w/ no a/c!! Granted it's a cooler day than usual and we've been camped out in front of the fridge and we all have tank tops on and popsicles in our pants, but the sun is shining plenty and it hasn't been too bad. I feel a teeny bit green for not having a/c on. I have to say we just haven't joined that "green" movement yet. We don't recycle anything, have regular old school light bulbs, and drive a gas guzzling suburban. Of course there's not much else a family of 5 can fit in. Anyway, maybe I will look in to some "green" things we could easily do!


Well, no painter!! He called and said part of his fence blew down in the storm yest and he's got dogs running everywhere. I got up early to shower for nothing! My kids haven't surfaced yet and it's after 8:00... just my luck! Our air conditioning is on the fritz so PRAY for a cool day today (and that it's nothing major) - we've got someone coming this afternoon. Ahhhh it is so nice to have a clean house! I get in an absolute funk when my house gets really dirty. Doesn't seem to bother anyone else. I hear a baby girl...

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Are you sitting?

We went to church this a.m. and after we got the kids down for nap, JEFF HELPED ME CLEAN THE HOUSE!!!! I don't think he's done that, well, EVER!? He'll mop every now & then when the boys pour juice on it, but his main game is the yard. I usually keep the inside tidy but w/ 3 kids and sewing it gets out of hand quickly. He vacuumed the house, mopped all the floors and cleaned up the kitchen (or should I say windexed the counters around all the stuff on them). Our cleaning lady hasn't come since May so it was filthy!! I usually call her when I can't stand it anymore and have extra cash around to pay her. Well, I couldn't stand it anymore but am trying to save money to get a new toilet seat and to get the kids pictures taken in a couple of weeks. We're doing a mini session with Grace Photography (! I'm so excited!! My plan is to consign this fall w/ CCE and have a yard sale and maybe sell Jeff in order to pay for all the pictures b/c I know they'll be wonderful! As far as the toilet seat... it has had one too many boys using it and will not come clean! When I mentioned it to J he told me that was not a priority on his "list"!? Alrighty then... I'll put that one on my LIST!! I am so excited - we have a handyman coming tomorrow to do some fixing & painting - our outside doors & doorframes (which are chewed up from Bear who has been deceased for a long time). He was supposed to come last Mon so we'll see if he shows.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

But MOM, I DID brush my hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is Browder's "clubhouse" in G's room!? The other is B's idea of fixing his own snack - chips on the counter....


I was cleaning out today so I decided to add a list of the "stuff" I've accumulated. Some things I'll always keep in stock like burp cloths, but would like to get rid of some of the other. They already have Christmas on the shelves at Hobby Lobby so I guess it's time for Fall clothes!? Jeff took the boys to the pool this morning and I met him there w/ M after running errands. It felt like 105 degrees so we ate lunch, G pooped (in his diaper standing BESIDE the pool thank goodness), and came home. How Jeff plays golf in this for 5 hours I'll never know!! It's 4:45 and the boys asked to take a shower!? Anything to help G stop whining about his papi!! Who knew a bath could be an activity!? Hmmm... Browder just opened the door and yelled "MOM, G's done". Wonder what that means?

(sidenote: does golf really take 5 hours?? why do they have to get there 45 minutes before their tee time? when was the last time I got to leave the kids w/ Jeff and go somewhere for 5 hours? where can I sign up for such? why is it that it can be thundering and lightening and pouring down rain at my house and not raining at Wynlakes? ....)

Friday, June 27, 2008


OK, so I spent like $10 on my SB yest. and got to sewing... then ran out of adhesive spray so it was pretty much a waste!! I also looked at the clock last night at 11:55 - damn venti!! It was too big and too strong, melted too fast and I think I was peeing coffee all afternoon. And this morning I feel dizzy. One more day of VBS! I'm keeping up w/ this blog and am now trying to keep up with Facebook too. It sucks me in every time (kinda like The Bachelor). I just noticed we have a beautiful lego display on our bookcase in our room!! Oh, it is "decoration" and I'm supposed to tell Daddy not to touch it. Someone told me the other day that we graduated from HS almost 20 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (really 18) Regardless I'm old!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Crab

I posted a pic of the Happy Crab - I did it on a towel w/ no fabric, just thread. This can be done w/ any applique design! On some things, like a towel, thread alone works well! I also have some old t-shirts from an old clothing show where they do applique designs all in one fabric. I like this look too but haven't really done it myself. I'll try to do one for Browder and post a picture sometime.

Almost Friday

Whoooo... VBS is killing me! It is so much fun and the 3 hrs fly by, but getting up at 6:45, getting all the kids fed & dressed (not to mention myself) and to the church by 9 is wearing me out! One more day. I really have loved it. I just got a VENTI mocha rappacino (as Browder calls it) w/ an extra shot of espresso. I have sewing to do so hopefully I can get er done! Yesterday I crashed for 2 hours! Mallory has finally gotten to the age where she'll nap for a long time in the afternoon (YEAH). I spent at least an hour last night on Facebook!! It has a way of sucking you in and next thing you know an hour has passed. I think I'm up to 29 friends. I halfway watched baby borrowers - pretty interesting concept! The reason I halfway watched is because B & G had a party in B's pile of 63 t-shirts so I spent 30 minutes folding & sorting!! It's so hard to part w/ that stained Wiggles shirt we got at the concert when Browder was 2. He used to LIVE in that shirt!! Better get to sewing...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


One minute G is throwing cars at Browder's head, Browder is crying, they're pinching each other and yelling and tattle tailing and we have to send them to their corners. The next minute Browder has G's stool pulled up so close to his to eat dinner that they might as well share a chair! Brotherly love I guess? I just counted 63 t-shirts in B's drawer. I knew they were crammed in there but I had no idea my 5 yr old had more clothes than me!! Granted most of them are hand me downs, stained or not allowed in public! I haven't sewn in a couple of weeks and have work to do - it's hard to get motivated after a week at the beach! I watched Bach. last night and it was certainly a tearjerker!! What a twist at the end!! Chris could have certainly called it the most dramatic episode yet, and he would have FINALLY been right!! M had her 4 mo checkup yesterday. 3 shots! :( If I can get around to giving her cereal consistently I can start BABY FOOD!!!! Already??? She is back in the bassinet in our room. I got used to her being by me at the beach and it's much easier to pop that paci in. G's doing so-so w/ the bedtime papi rule. Although he spent most of the morning and before nap in his crib screaming. He can be a moody little thing!! Middle child I guess. Got to watch Baby Borrowers tonight!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Beach Pics

Do you know how hard it is to get 3 kids to LOOK and SMILE at the same time??? Close to impossible!!


VBS was fun today! We're at a new church so I don't really know a lot of people but it was fun. I assisted in crafts for 1-5 grade. I just watched today's TYR and I am so behind. My TIVO only has today & Fri on it so I'm a week off. My TIVO also deleted last week's Bach already so I may go online and try to watch it again. I halfway watched it at the beach over chatter & kids!! My 3 are asleep so I better finish laundry and work on pics from the beach, which I have yet to put on the blog....

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bye Bye Beach

I tried to blog from the beach but our internet was shotty so I barely checked e-mail!! I came home a little down in my back. I'm not sure if it was my attempt at skim boarding or the canonballs I did in the pool? A 35 year old mother of three has no business doing either. We had a wonderful time! We left in the rain today so it was good to get home to our 80 degree house and lunch at Tips! We turned the a/c on at noon and we're down to 78. I'll post some pics later - other than candid beach shots we had a photog shoot yesterday evening in our white & denim.

There's nothing like a week at the beach to fall in love w/ your children!! Not that I didn't love them before, but with no distractions it was amazing just to watch them and enjoy them. We had pappy boot camp w/ G - he was only allowed to have it in bed. He threw a couple of good fits but overall it was great! He's talking like crazy w/out it! Now it's time for M's won't-be-held-by-granmommy-all-day boot camp! We did "go out" Thurs night! The "big kids" ate at Busters and went to Baytowne to the Village Door (! We did some dancing & people watching and got home around 12:30. Other than that it was beach in the morning, pool/lunch/naps, back to the beach, more pool, dinner and bed. We did watch The Bucket List which was a great movie! And I halfway got to watch The Bachelorette Mon. night. No surprises.

I did locate all of the Starbucks in the area and had a few throughout the week. W/ tax being cheaper I saved a few pennies!! VBS at our church begins tomorrow! I'm also back at work so e-mail me if you need anything monogrammed! I got a Ragsland catalog in the mail and tore out some "ideas"!! Will post a few pics later...

Oh I almost forgot about all of our poop incidents! I won't elaborate too much but a couple involved a hose down in the pine straw by the side of the house!! The other was us waking up at 6 am to G yelling "granmommy" and me finding him w/ poop on his hands & all over the pack & play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I always thought that was an urban legend of kids getting in to their dirty diapers. Not so!! So far no one has come down w/ E-coli or Roto!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Our day at the lake

It just about rained us out at the lake yesterday, but I did take a few pics of the kiddies. We think Mallory is going to look just like G! Every now & then he wants to "hode Mawry". She has a look of "HELP" in the pic w/ all of them!

I'm supposed to be packing for the beach... where do I begin? I went thru SB for my lunch and instead of the grande I ordered, the girl gave me a venti. I think I could go run 4 miles right now. Venti must mean HUGE in another language.

Every year we have gone to the beach there has been some major news story which has kept us glued to Fox News. The first year it was Natalie Holloway. Last year it was the pregnant girlfriend of the cop who was missing (which later he was convicted of killing her). I suppose this year it will be the death of Tim Russert! I stayed up watching TV last night and all news channels were covering it! So sad!! I remember where I was when I heard David Bloom had died - getting ready to go to my baby shower when I was preg w/ Browder!! I'm not into politics but Tim Russert has often been on when we're getting ready for church! I feel for his family this Father's Day weekend!!

I hope everyone has a Happy Father's Day tomorrow! Jeff is getting a new hairbrush. Yes you read that right! Garrison recently threw his down and it broke in half. He has still been using it so Browder & I went to Dollar Tree the other day and bought a new one. Of course Browder told him yesterday, then tried to back out of it when he realized he wasn't supposed to tell. "Oh we just looked at them but couldn't decide". Which reminds me, as we were waiting in the ONE OPEN checkout line at Dollar Tree, I couldn't help but notice all the "last minute" items available by the register. You know... chapstick, gum, wipes, stickers, AND A PREGNANCY TEST!!!!!!!!!! A) Are you checking out and realize 'oh, I forgot to get a pregnancy test. Oh here's one!' and B) WHO WOULD BUY A PREGNANCY TEST AT A DOLLAR TREE?????????

M will be 4 mos on the 18th! That's 1/3 of a year old!!!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

One more day

I feel like it's Saturday? We rode to the lake for the day and it rained pretty much the whole time. 6 adults & 5 kids in a very small cabin!! One more day in M'gom and we're headed to FL. I've already done a Starbucks store locator search in case I go into withdrawals. Kids were up at 6:30 this morning. Needless to say I spent the rest of the morning vacuuming up cheerios and ants!? hmm... Nothing much going on. It's 8:34 and I'm the only one NOT in bed! Will post one more time before the beach! Jeff may take a laptop so I won't be totally out of the loop. I'll be sure to post a pic of the suburban after we pack!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

All Caught Up!!

Other than a few t-shirts I may or may not do for Browder and a couple of b-day items I'm doing tonight for our neice's 1st b-day, I AM COMPLETELY CAUGHT UP!! My monogram make-shift shelf is EMPTY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yada Yada Yada

Browder got one of these for his b-day (thanks J & G):

He has had the BEST TIME w/ this thing!!

Cowboys & Cowgirls

Browder has been in art camp this week. How cute are these????? I LOVE the self portrait!! He loves art and I love the artwork so I'm loving this art camp stuff. Since we're going to the beach we have NO FOOD in our house! You've probably seen the chicken recipe in magazines coated in the French's Fried Onions?? It was super easy and it was pretty good. We had that last night, boiled fresh squash from Enterprise and Easy Mac!! To elaborate on our Ixtapa experience... they had no Sweet & Low (strike 1 for Jeff). He's all about some unsweet tea and S&L. Luckily I had a few packs in my purse. Why do you order cheese dip? Usually b/c the salsa is so hot you're kids can't eat it. Well, their cheese dip was so hot I couldn't eat it, much less the kids. My taco shells were soggy (grease) and the taco meat was just BLAH! They also don't have an ala carte menu. All that added up to us not really likin it and regretting we strayed away from Tips. Off to sew...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I am a HUGE Bachelor(ette) fan. I think I've watched every single season except for the very first one. These 2 hr episodes this season are the bomb!! I don't know how I immerse (msp?) myself in such drama for 2 hours, but I do. Last night was particularly difficult b/c I watched it on TIVO, which makes it faster b/c I can FF thru commercials. However... last night there were a few weather interruptions so I had to get the other remote three times and put the closed captioning on, RW and FF so I could follow every single word! Sad I know. I knew the chef was gone. I still say he is a little on the girly side. Twilly is next to go I think, then the taikwondo guy w/ the bad suit. I think it'll be Jeremy, Jason or Graham in the end. I don't see her w/ Jesse. Can't wait for her "tell all" next week. I'll be at the beach so I've triple checked my TIVO to make sure it gets it in case I'm unable to watch.

Better go - Jeff would kill me for blogging about the bachelorette instead of starting dinner!! P.S. We tried the new Ixtapa last night. Three strikes (in one meal) and they are OUT! We'll never betray Tipico de Mexico again.

Monday, June 9, 2008


Have you seen these two?

They are WANTED for the assault of my cheap, but more importantly, new sunglasses!!! I wore them for all of 3 days before I discovered them in my purse, battered & broken... They never had a chance w/ these two!

See the post I just posted...

They're baaaaaccccckkkkkkk

Doesn't Eminem sing a song about 'back to reality'!? I got the kiddies back yest. afternoon and we were so glad to see them! It's so good to hear Dora in the background as I blog today. Mallory had her first cereal yest (see pic). She didn't actually swallow any and wasn't too thrilled about it. She also slept in her room last night! Still in her bassinet, but in her room (baby steps). She has slept all night since she was 7 wks old - I made 2 early morning treks across the house to put her paci back in but other than that she did great all by her lonesome. B is at art camp. G starts school tomorrow. We decided to send him solo. Countdown to Marmalade House! This will be our 4th year at the Marmalade House in Seagrove (see Garrett Realty). Browder was G's age when we started this annual event w/ my family. We'll have to update our fam photo on the beach this year since we have 2 additions. If my mom ever e-mails it, I have a pic to post of the cutest little SB I've ever seen. The guy made me a mini-me mint mocha frap w/ choc whip yesterday so I could taste it. It was in the cutest little shot cup w/ a mini straw (not sure if he cut it or if they have straws that small??) Anyway it was good, but more like a dessert drink if any of you have seen it and wondered. I was in my mom's car and found her camera - she may think I'm crazy when she sees the pic that I ASKED her to upload & e-mail to me. I did end up vacuuming & mopping yest morning and sewed late into the night last night so this weekend wasn't a total loss.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Last day...

Last day, or should I say morning, w/out kids... To heck w/ peace & quiet, I miss the door slamming & Diego & walking around w/ G hanging on to my leg. My dustbuster is well rested and ready to work again. I MISS MY KIDS! Last night, once again, we stayed until they cut the lights on. The band wasn't quite as good as last year's band but they were fun( (Amie we're sooooo glad y'all came) Member guest is our one time a year to act like we're 25! Jeff left early to play his last round. I know some of those guys are hatin life right about now. B starts art camp tomorrow. I'm debating on nixing school this summer. He's got art camp, the beach, another VBS, another art camp hopefully at the beach, the schools VBS week which they are off - so we'd be paying for him to go to school for like 2 weeks. It'd be cheaper to do another camp. Then that begs the question, do I send G? I've got to decide by Tuesday!! Better go call and check on the kids and see when we'll meet up.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Day Dos

The pool was fun today! However I'm lonely w/out the kids!! :( It's kinda boring w/out them around. Don't get me wrong - I LOVE the break, but will be ready to see their little faces and hear their little voices tomorrow. My sweet husband got me a SB this afternoon so I was able to sew SIX items!! I posted a pic of the red T I did for Garrison - the crochet apps are really cute and I saw them in a store around here on gingham patches. I have a bag full of crochet appliques. I don't make them - just buy them and sew them on stuff. Something different! Better go get ready for party #2.

Day Two

Just got up - it's 9:15. Last night was fun, with the exception of me almost fainting when we were leaving the party. It was about 110 degrees last night. Think I got too hot and we were standing by the pool talking for a while - I'm not a good "stander". Is that a condition?? I just can't stand for long periods of time. Tonight will be outside plus inside so hopefully no fainting spells. Can't decide what I'll do today. I was going to sew a little and then go back to the pool. Jeff is meeting me there after he plays this morning. I've given up on cleaning anything this weekend. I did water my plants yest and pull a few weeds in the yard. That's the most I've accomplished! It is soooooooooooooo quiet. It is so weird taking a shower without little hands beating on the shower door. I do miss the kiddies!! Part of me wants to do NOTHING today and sew in the morning til I have to get the kids. Hmm.....

Friday, June 6, 2008

Day One kidless

I met my mom in Troy yest. afternoon!! Last night Jeff & I were out LATE. We were at Target & Kohls at closing time (10:00)!! We didn't know there was such nightlife after dark? We ate at Street (YUM-ME) and shopped some. I have been USELESS today! I haven't cleaned or sewed a single thing. Clothes are still in the dryer from 2 days ago. I got a SB and headed to the pool at 10:15 and stayed til 2:00. It was fun watching other moms w/ their kids. Poor things could barely sit down. I came home, watched TYR on Tivo and took a nap on the couch til Jeff called not too long ago to say they started playing late (surprise...). Off to the shower to get ready for tonight. Party poolside at Wynlakes. I plan to be back poolside sometime tomorrow and maybe I'll do something worthwhile at home....

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

One last thing for the day...

I forgot to post what Browder said yesterday... On the way home from eating last night Garrison kicked his shoes off and was trying to put his big toe in his mouth (???). B screamed "MOMMY, GARRISON IS PUTTING HIS FEET IN HIS MOUTH AND THEY HAVE WALMART ALL OVER THEM".

(we use the term 'walmart feet' a lot)

G's pad

Here is G all snug in his bed for naptime. The "pile of blankets" on the floor is where Browder has slept for over a month now. Mallory - also snug in her bassinet for naptime. I think we'll move her to her room in a couple of weeks when we get home from the beach. She shimmies down to the end of the bass. at night and is in a wad by morning! Then there is me - Browder just took this picture. Momma needs a haircut!!

Plug for Palmer

In an earlier post I plugged Amanda Roberson for the amazing angel painting she did for Mallory's room! Here is her crib (bedding from Javis Davis) and the adorable custom monogrammed canvases were done by Palmer Coley! She also did letters for G's room and did a frog & turtle picture in the boys bathroom. Oh how I wish I could paint!! Both of these girls do great work - different styles. If you need anything done let me know and I'll hook you up w/ Palmer!

My workspace

Knology came (again) and changed a power cord so hopefully we're good to go! Browder had his 5 yr checkup this afternoon. 2 stickers, a football pencil and milkshake later he's recovered from the 2 shots!! I got my Starbucks (first since Sat) so I can stay awake for the movie tonight. I thought it might be fun to post pictures of my work space (aka my dining room), thread, fabric swatches, machine (small but mighty!). The one w/ the little table is what I can see when I'm working - a messy den covered in toys!!


I've been having an on again off again relationship with my INTERNET!! It works during the day and doesn't work at night... making me crazy. Knology has been here twice, were supposed to come yesterday and will come today! UGH!!! I'm up to 16 friends on FB - I feel so popular! Although some of my friends have like 80 friends so maybe not...

Yesterday was pee day - everyone, including M, woke up w/ wet clothes. This morning I was awakened by Browder telling me G said there was poo poo on the train table. It was either a tiny piece of poop or an old raisin... G had a poop diaper so I'm guessing it was poop but I can't figure out how it got there? Pray no one ends up w/ roto.

Tonight is girls night - mexican, margaritas and going to see XXX and the City!! I'm so excited! Tomorrow I'm meeting my mom in Troy to swap cars - mine will have kids in it! No kids this weekend and I'll be a golf widow too!! Jeff is playing in a big golf tourn. Last year we were the last people to leave Sat night's party so we'll see what this year holds. I was also preg and didn't know it! I plan to clean, maybe sew a little and lay by a pool (watching other moms chase their kids). No baby einstein, juice cups, dirty diapers or bottles for an entire weekend!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I think G forgot he could crawl out of the crib? Or he's too lazy this week. We did have an incident yesterday - he decided to cop a squat in Mallory's bouncey seat. Only problem is... SHE WAS IN IT!!! Scared me to death! I think Mallory is ready for cereal (already...). She has been gnawing on her fingers - teething already?? I'll have to check books and see when the boys got their first one. I know they can "teethe" for a while. Up to 11 pals on facebook and connected w/ an old friend from HS who lives in FL now. I guess that's what it's for!? Watched The Bachelorette last night. Love the 2 hrs. Couldn't believe she gave the chef a rose. I think he's in the closet. I liked the science teacher but the look on her face said it all. The guy w/ the northern accent won't last. Jeremy seems to be the front runner. I like Jason too but not sure about the child issue. I was glad she kept him!

I think God created VBS for a reason!! For my child to learn more about Him and to have fun - and to give me some peace & quiet!! It is SO quiet w/out Browder!! Jeff's boss doesn't call him motor mouth for nothin!! He LOVES VBS!! He got a CD of songs yesterday so he's got a whole area set up in his room to listen to it and dance!! Of course Garrison is not allowed!!

I will post a pic of another mini flower I did last night on a blanket (w/ a name). I love the miniatures!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

No go on the mocha frap

Looks like Starbucks will be taking my money after all!! The Bachelorette is on already...
I'm up to 9 friends on Facebook. Still trying to figure out what you do after you get your friends? Browder is going to VBS this week and all the kids are headed to Enterprise Thurs for the WHOLE WEEKEND!! What will I do w/ no kids???? Lounge by a pool? No "HODE YOU" 's for a whole weekend !!!!!! (Garrison). Speaking of G, I let mosquitos almost gnaw off his legs this weekend at the lake!! I feel TERRIBLE! I never thought to Off him! They didn't bother Browder? Or me? I googled recipes for Starbucks mocha frap and am going to try to make it at home today!! I made my coffee last night and just have to get some whip cream at the store. If it works I'm going to save myself lots of money!!

We took a family trip to the neighborhood pool yesterday and I rode my bike for the first time! We put Mallory (in her carseat) & G in the bike trailer behind Jeff's bike and Browder & I rode our bikes. It was so much fun!!