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Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday sneak peeks...

Here is a sneak peek of a few of EB's new designs! As you can see from above, the list is long! The creative juices are flowing at Rachel's house! Someone e-mailed me suggesting the whale, which is just precious with blue seersucker (which I haven't used much - seersucker is such a great summer fabric).

And this cute simple pig. I LOVE SIMPLE! Applique is very tedious so when I see 4 steps, I jump for joy. These simple appliques are wonderful b/c you can be very creative with fabric and use fabrics you might not normally use (like the diamond fabric for a giraffe).
And the giraffe... I think this giraffe might go wonderfully with some baby items found at Target, so check it out!
And lastly... we've been talking up potty training and underwear to G, and he has pooped in the potty a hand full of times. Yesterday I decided since we were home I'd try out the Diego undies. He was very excited as you can see, for about 20 minutes. I set the kitchen timer for 20 min and was taking him to pee every 20 min. After about 5 times and after he refused to put them back on, I let him run around naked. I knew he had to go and I KNEW he was smart enough to know he was supposed to go in the toilet. He stood right beside me and pee-d on the dining room rug. So back on with the diaper! Garrison is a very smart 2 1/2 yr old. He knows what CD's are and last night asked me for my cell phone so he could call granmommy. He learns everything from Browder and I know this child could be potty trained if he wanted to (and if I had the patience). So we'll keep working on it! I'm in no rush but would like it done by spring. We'll keep playing up Diego undies and try them again on a lazy day around the house! He is so cute...

I'm addicted to Beyonce's new CD (disk 1). It's only about 6 songs but I love them all! Disk 2 is her Sasha Fierce side and it's good too, but for some reason I'm enjoying the slower songs. I DID NOT have a Starbucks this morning, but somehow I've folded and put up 2 loads of clothes, unloaded the dishwasher, vacuumed the den, swept the kitchen, made the bed and cleaned up G's room (Browder's is too messy!), made a few dozen cookies and am now eating a grilled cheese I made. Multitasking! I've also appliqued 2 towels. All this in 2 1/2 hrs?
This afternoon I'm headed to a women's retreat at RTJ Opelika. I'll be back tomorrow after lunch!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday night!

Here's little Mallory in her bunny faux fur coat.
I guess this is little orange riding hoods?
And most importantly, should a 5 1/2 yr old have this many clothes??????? NO!! He also has 2 tubs full in his closet and a drawer full in his dresser. Browder has more clothes than I do. I guess he takes after his dad who has about 28 pairs of khaki pants. Mommy, on the other hand, wears the same pair of jeans until they stand up alone against the wall.

Today was a yucky cold windy good nap day, so that's what I did! I had my SB this morning, which did not pick-me-up. Did a little work and picked up the kids and then I crawled in the bed for well over 2 hours. Could be due to my late nights lately sewing (or watching The Bach)? Last night I looked down at 11:00 PM and still had my shoes on - yes the ones I had put on that morning at 8:00. Exhaustion set in today I guess. But, I had a good nap and we went to Wynlakes for mexican buffet (a few glasses of sweet tea), I read the boys the rest of B's library book and I'm up late again sewing. It's a vicious cycle...
P.S. Taking suggestions for spring/summer designs! E-mail me please! I had a request for a flat bottom whale and am sampling one as we speak from EB (thanks Rachel)! Lt blue seersucker - you're gonna love it!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Quick post...

Just doing a big huge brown party time (aka curlz) W on something and it's about 20,000 stitches. I think I just went through a whole bobbin. Jeff & I popped 2 bags of popcorn earlier and bagged it up for Browder's snack tomorrow at school. We like to call that "recession snack". Browder loves popcorn so it seemed like a good (cheap) idea. Jeff got home yesterday afternoon and we immediately headed to Tips to eat dinner. I'm still exhausted (mentally) from 5 days with 3 kids and no husband! Trying to 'work' as much as I can. I have a pile of about 12 things I'm trying to do on top of 15 more shirts/hoodies for the dance studio in TX. I've been looking around and thinking about new spring/summer designs. E-mail me if you have anything in mind that you'd like to see! If you have seen the Michael Miller guitar fabric, I have my eye on a matching guitar applique. I've done the simple electric guitar quite a bit so I think this other guitar would be a great addition. I also saw a cute popsicle on another site - the double kind w/ 2 sticks. I'm sure Rachel at EB will be coming out with some super cute new designs as well! I already have people thinking about what they are going to put the new snail on!

My W is done so I'm off to sleep... wake up tomorrow and do it all over (only hopefully add Starbucks and add church tomorrow night)... Which reminds me - I made my peanut butter pie and I only got to taste the filling, but it was GOOD (and hopefully salmonella (mispelled?) free). Cool whip, cream cheese, peanut butter and chopped mini Reeses cups. I'll post the recipe if you're not afraid!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

One more day...

Jeff has been skiing in Deer Valley with the guys since Wednesday (or he left this house Wed). He'll be back tomorrow afternoon, when I will try not to just hand over 3 kids to him! I've had a break or two, but overall am so tired of diaper duty and playing mediator b/w the boys!! What do you do when brothers fight? Do you let them duke it out? It's mostly pretty innocent pushing and hitting and 5 minutes later they might be chasing each other around the house laughing. That and tattling - ARGHHHHH!!!

I'm finally almost done with my CCE job! I just have to print my tags, cut them and pin them on everything. I spent the day ironing and scavenging closets to see what I could get rid of! I'm about ready to build a bonfire in the back yard and have a puzzle roast! Every time I turn around there are a million puzzle pieces all over the floor! A few of them have one piece missing which drives me crazy!!

The Long Thread came out with a super cute sheep which I purchased last night. If you look at her Etsy store and it's not there, check back. I think she can only sell so many at a time and when I got mine, it said it was the last one. I love her simple designs - (elephant & sheep).

I've been so busy with kids the past several days I've done little "work"! If I can get done w/ CCE tonight I may do a shirt or two and try to catch up tomorrow and Tuesday. I went to Walmart Friday and they do have short sleeve t's in in a variety of colors for boys and girls (toddler section).

Tomorrow I register B for school at Eastwood! After that we'll do the parents interview and he will do their version of testing and he will hopefully be accepted. It was a little sad to skip the Trinity Open House the other night, but we're so happy with our decision and I can't wait for him to go to such a sweet school! I'm also making a peanut butter pie tomorrow for a men's presbytery lunch at church on Tuesday. I'll post the recipe if it's any good! I really don't make pies too often so this will be a test!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gotta love it...

You gotta love a 2 yr old! Yest. morning I awoke to G munchin on some Pringles for breakfast - sour cream and onion. He can scale the pantry shelves like nobody's business. 15 minutes later I'm in the shower and can see his naked silhouette coming towards the shower door and he's holding his diaper filled with poop! We REALLY need to work on potty training. He calls his brother "Bower" - hopefully that won't stick!?

You also gotta love a 5 yr old! Last night I took B to soccer practice, then by Target. We're in line to check out and behind us a big guy wheels up in a wheelchair with only 1 leg. I could just see B's little brain working and out came the questions! Luckily the guy was so sweet about it and B didn't ask anything too inappropriate!! They chatted it up for at least 10 minutes.

Not too much going on in the world of embroidery! I've been pretty busy this week ~ and my "work" computer has been even busier doing I don't know what? I think it's the wireless internet? It takes 10 minutes just to open a program, so I'm back in our room for blogging and facebook and e-mail! If you have been anxiously awaiting the new EB designs, be patient!! They are coming! The snail is worth the wait, I promise!

I watched The Bachelor Monday night via headphones and TIVO at 9:00. Still voting for Jillian! The child aspect of this season is a little creepy (or should I say maybe not so healthy??), but I still enjoy the entertainment value of this show even tho no one ever makes it. I think Chris H. forgot to say that the rose ceremony was the most dramatic/shocking/etc. ever?? It was definitely on up there! Catfight before the roses are given out? Good move?

I haven't gotten in to AI yet. If you've seen one first-few-weeks, you've seen them all. I can't get involved until they go to Hollywood. It's bad enough that AI is such a committment (months it seems)... I can't watch all the idiots.

I've started getting ready for CCE ( Receiving starts Saturday. I have LOTS to do! So much work, but so worth the check in the end!

Friday, January 16, 2009

School School School

I swear 2 weeks ago it was 70 degrees! I'm pretty sure Browder wore shorts & a t-shirt to school LAST WEEK! It was a frigid night last night and this morning. Jeff let 2 of the outside faucets drip last night, but both were frozen this morning. We're not used to this in lower Alabama!!

I live in the lovely city of Montgomery! I do love it here, but HATE that they have horrible school options! Private is the norm, so we're making that decision this month. Open Houses, registrations, testing and all that fun stuff! Over 2 years ago I was at a baby shower for my sister in law and got to talking to a friend who has 3 kids. She told me about Eastwood School and I had never heard of it, but I was interested. We always thought Browder would go to Trinity! At the time I was working and Jeff graduated from there and it seemed to be the thing to do. Since I first heard the word "Eastwood" that night, our church split (which was very traumatic) and we left and where did we end up? Eastwood Presbyterian Church, which is the "mother" of Eastwood School! Oh yeah, I also quit work and Mallory came in to the picture!! Last year we were teetering on the school issue and had Browder tested and went through the process. He has a late May b-day so we decided to wait. Now we're back in the process as he is getting ready to REALLY go to Kind. this Fall! We went to Open House at Eastwood yesterday and Lord willing, that's where he will go! It is a precious little Christian school and with 3 kids and a RECESSION, perfect for our little family!! We're all signed up for all of the Trinity stuff too, but I'm thinking if we're set on Eastwood we may skip it! I am an easy person to confuse and have been a wreck this week just deciding on preschool for the little ones next year. I'm not good at decisions!! Jeff & I have to play games just to decide where to go eat. He names 5, I pick 3, then we pick 1. So, after all this I feel the Lord planted that little seed at that baby shower that night and He brought us to where we are now and we're making the right decisions for Browder! As I often say... we shall see!!

I've got my Playlist going and am doing some work this morning while the kids are all at school. My house is a WRECK but Jeff said we'd try to do a little cleaning tonight! I wish I had one of those Roomba (msp) things that vacuumed the floors for me. It would be nice if they came out with a mop version too (and a duster, glass cleaner, etc.)

I've done some cute new apps for Embroidery Boutique so they should be up on her site very soon! Some Easter designs, a super duper cute snail, octopus, and of course the sailboat patch and the other one I put on my last post which I can't remember...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A few new fabrics...

Here is a sneak peak at a couple of new EB designs! Yeah - boy stuff!! I've also sampled a few more (Easter egg, the cutest snail I've ever seen, etc.... so there is MORE.... I have an alligator I've done a few times, but this guy is a little fatter and very cute!

Love Love Love this sailboat patch!
Here are a few new fabrics I got yesterday - these condensed dots looked appealing - since most appliques deal with little spaces ~ these both have lots of color.
Here are a few GREAT boy fabrics, which I was needing very much. These are (possibly old) Michael Miller patterns and the one with the dots is the 3 Marthas train fabric which I spotted at Market and instantly recognized. I've used that one three times already (see sailboat above) and I just bought this fabric yesterday evening. If you live around Montgomery, Kudzu Quilt on Burbank (near San Marcos) has great fabric. A little pricier than Hobby Lobby and Hancocks but a ton of vintage looking fabric. I got these on clearance with a yard minimum, so 3 yards for the price of a yard basically. I get a lot of red shirts for boys, so I'll hopefully use these a lot!

Today is a better day - all of the kids went to school and I got my 2 hour Starbucks. My house is still a wreck - Browder decided the foyer would make a great place for every puzzle we own. Oh well!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Market and everything else...

It has been one of those mornings! You know the kind... you ask yourself 'is this what motherhood is all about? really????' It started at still-dark o'clock with one in the doorway saying he had an accident. It happens, so I think Jeff & I both said in unison - change clothes and go get in bed with G. Then you hear "hey dad". So I get my pillow and blanket and we all pile in G's bed hoping for another hour of sleep. That lasted 5 minutes and Garrison was back out playing and seeing Jeff off to work. Fine, as long as he is quiet!! I think B & I dozed off for 10 minutes and then Mallory is up, has thrown all of her pacis and stuff on the floor as usual. She's crying, G is now at the foot of the bed crying (rather screaming). We all get up and I have everyone eating so I can shower. I go back to the kitchen after my shower and there is pop tart from the kitchen table to the floor to the bar countertop and in both barstools (that's what I get for feeding them poptarts), not a cushion on either couch, lincoln logs all over the floor, table & chairs from the kids room and cushions everywhere. I have sheets to change and 3 kids to dress, a lunch to make (just 1 today). Is this the definition of the joys of motherhood??? I played the 'friend coming over today' card with Browder so he cleaned up the den before we left for school. I got myself a SB on the way home and am now doing a little work. Since G was up so early and will refuse to nap with a friend coming to play w/ Browder, I put him down for a morning nap along with Mallory! My sanity is regained!!! LOVE my kids, but there are times when I look around and think, REALLY????

Facebook - I'm a huge fan! I have recently reunited with one of my childhood friends and her sister! We lived down the street, and later a house or two down from one another growing up! 25-30 years later we reunite on FACEBOOK!!

The Bachelor - I'm thinking the girl from Canada? Jason is very cute, but he does have that Washington northern thing going on and she does too - so I could see them together and they seem to have fun. I wasn't too crazy about that vest he was sportin last night? Not too shabby in swim trunks. I've watched every season of TB and it never fails to entertain!! The 2 cats need to go. LOVED Stephanie last night. She has a different look to her I think (very poised and sweet too) and made me cry talking about her husband. Can't wait to see them next week! Loved that she took a jewelry store with her for the show!! (gotta pull for the AL girl who is also a friend of a friend)

Market - I went to the Americas Mart in Atlanta over the weekend and loved it! I have friends who go all the time and I've always wondered what it was like, what was there, etc etc etc so I was thrilled when I got the chance to go! I went with my good friend Amie and her hubbie, mom and Julie (hey Julie!!). They buy for a couple of stores in Montgomery so it was interesting to see them work. I don't know how they buy for 2 stores. I could barely decide on bibs for my little drawer!! The apparel building was pretty much how I imagined it - 13 or 14 floors, very open like a big mall. The other buildings (gifts, furnishings, merchandise, etc) were CRAZY!! 18 floors I think of nonstop showrooms, big and small! After a full day I finally got semi-familiar with how it was all laid out. It seemed like endless escalators, hallways, elevators, showrooms and they all had beautiful, cute stuff. How do you decide on anything?? It was also interesting to look at price tags in the showrooms. In the apparel building most of the showrooms we went in to had "samples" signs, which meant they had a rack or racks of sample clothes or whatever you could buy on the spot if you had some cash! One showroom we went in was full of blanks (white bibs) and Amie & I managed to round up $100 worth of goods (the minimum) so we were able to swipe the credit card and get some stuff for cheap. I could have gone crazy, but it was my first rodeo and after all, we're in a recession. Now I kinda know what's there and how it all works so if I ever get to go back I'll be more prepared!! There were millions of people there so good people watching too! I did see a few people I knew, which is kinda like seeing people you know in a football stadium - crazy! My only complaint is that I had to come home and realize how depressing my house is! HA!! You see all the beautiful things at all the showrooms and come home to stained carpets, no curtains and couches I've had since I was single living on LeBron!! Anyway, it was a fun weekend and Julie, thanks for letting me bunk with y'all and it was fun hanging out with you. Amie, thanks for inviting me!! I did get some great ideas and can't wait to see all the new stuff at the stores!

BTW, if you love Tyler candles, they will soon be found at Capitol's Rosemont Gardens and Southern Homes & Gardens on Vaughn Rd! I've had them at my house here & there and they are THE BEST candles! I got a sample at Market and Jeff & I have been burning it every night in the kitchen. Also coming to SHG - some very neat rubber tubs. We all have the $10 plastic tubs from Target, which are full of toys and crack after a month or two. I can't remember the name of them (??), but the tubs they got are rubber and great for toys and such and come in great colors and several sizes. Be on the lookout for those at Southern Homes! They are very flexible and won't crack!! If I think of the name I'll post it... TUBTRUGS!! Google it!

I also remembered some cute bags they got - Murval is the brand - very cute and affordable!!

Mallory is up so....

Sunday, January 11, 2009

My First Trip to Market!!

I have so much to post....tomorrow! I went to Market in ATL yesterday/today (for my first time), had so much fun and got some GREAT bibs (3 Marthas and plain white). I have pics to post (of the cute bibs) and lots to share tomorrow so check back....

I also got 2 cute new designs for EB to test - an alligator and an octopus! I know everyone will be getting ready for Spring very soon, so I'm sure there will be lots of new designs to choose from!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Burp cloths

Aren't these cute?

I had someone ask - the elephant is from the ETSY shop - thelongthread. She also has a cool blog - and you can click on her Etsy store from there too. The fabric - Hobby Lobby! This friend of mine wanted the 2 burp cloths to coordinate so it worked out perfect w/ the dots & stripes that coordinated! It's so hard to find cute boy fabric.
Amber - you can get the circle patch on (shapes) and I just merged the monogram from monogram wizard plus using Sew What Pro.
Staci - the font is Tipsy, which is a monogram wizard plus extra alpha pak - I use it on EVERYTHING!!

Too Harsh??

Was my post last night too harsh? Maybe I should say that one reason stores are going out of business is because of what they are selling!? Is that too harsh? Probably!! I have no clue what affects business or what a recession is all about. But, I wish I had my camera so I could better explain what I've seen (and I'm talking clothes)! I've gotten a couple of suggestions and will check them out (except Fossil b/c we don't have one here I don't think?). I just can't tell you how many stores I've entered, checkbook (or should I say checkcard) in hand, and exited empty handed!! :( Oh well!!

Good news at the G household - Mallory is now drinking milk and solely out of a cup! NO MORE FORMULA OR BOTTLES... EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Diapers... yes. Sippy cups I can handle!

I'm cranking out burp cloths right now! A lot of babies being born I guess? I'm on my 2nd one and have 3 yet to do. The one I'm doing now is so cute and I will post a picture when I'm done!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

One reason we're in a recession...

I've been shopping around a little the past week or two ~ you know how it is... when you want something new for yourself (because it might make you feel cuter when it's 70 degrees outside in January and you're dripping sweat in your winter clothes), you have a little money in your checkbook, it never fails you cannot find ANYTHING. Granted, I like to shop cheap and try to find a good deal - especially so late in the season with SPRING clothes coming out and all. I just have to say, from what I've seen, I can see why we're in a recession! Excuse my language, but I've never seen such crappola in all my life! And half of it is marked "clearance" for $40. To me, $40 for an ugly shirt is not clearance!! It all looks oversized, frumpy, dumpy, tacky, gaudy, cheap, awful unflattering colors and I could go on and on! Don't get me started on shoes either. I have even seen tinted acid washed jeans in a couple of places ~ I mean like purple, yellow, pink from the 80's! Please tell me those are not coming back?? Skinny jeans and short boots ... OK, but no acid wash!! I've seen clothes you could not pay ME to wear. That bad!! Maybe everything is picked over, but it still seems like a whole lotta ugly stuff was left over. Or.... I am most likely browsing the wrong stores? Please tell me where to go and not spend a months salary??

The Bachelor debuted Monday night! That is my one guilty pleasure show. I honestly haven't watched anything in months, so I'm excited to have a little fun on Monday nights! Of course they made every girl look crazy and the previews were "the most dramatic" I've ever seen. Is Deanna really back to compete?? Jeff said American Idol starts next week too, which is always fun.

G, Mal & I were grocery shopping at Walmart yesterday and I noticed spring tees - Garanimals short sleeve tees are out for the girls in a variety of colors. I didn't see anything plain at Target and didn't notice short sleeve for boys at WM. I didn't see anything comparable to the cute gingham shorts Walmart had last year either, or at least not yet. I went to Target tonight to buy diapers and looked around - swimsuits???? In January?? Yes I'm all white and pasty and a few lbs over from the Holidays... let's try on a swimsuit! That won't happen til at least May.

Heather - you asked about monogramming a swimsuit - I did one last year, but it was a cotton material (one of those clothes shows?) I'm not sure about one of the spandex-y ones? I did see the cutest little swimsuit at Target for Mallory - it is a simple light pink & white stripe and would be precious w/ a monogram if it would work? I might get it for $9.99 and just try!?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to Work!!

What is this?? When does school start back again???

I had a lovely vacation but am now back at it! Here are some shirts I did for a Dance Studio in Texas. Their colors this year are black & purple (and maybe silver?). It was fun to do them and they turned out cute! Love the long distance business too!

I just loaded up the kids and went to Starbucks at 3:30 in the afternoon. I've been so good over the break and have only gotten 2, maybe 3 a week (compared to my daily run when I was so busy!). Today has just been one of those days - G fell out of the bed before 6 AM so he got in bed with us. Jeff got up shortly thereafter to go back to work. Garrison is now trying to potty train a little bit and thinks he gets candy if he sits on the pot, so that can be a 30 minute affair when he sits there and nothing happens (and has had 2 dirty diapers so far today). Then he helps himself to a piece of chocolate out of the pantry (after scaling the shelves) and when I take it away, he goes crazy!! He & Mallory took about an hour nap maybe, the house is a WRECK and a mocha frap seemed to be my best option!! Kinda like CALGON!!

Here is a pic of G & M taking a bath last night. I think all the splashing covers everything up. I was soaking wet just sitting there trying to take their picture! Hopefully this means she'll love the pool this summer? She is a mess - she likes to imitate the smack sound of a kiss and says "uh oh" now. We think she's off the bottle and we're moving towards milk! YEAH!! I think we all can relate to that no-more-formula feeling!! (and no more bottles!!). She'll be 1 all too soon! 2 teeth still and not walking yet, but she can balance on her knees so it won't be long!

My monogramming shelf is very bare! I have maybe 4 things to do and that's it (which makes sense since I've been on "vacation"). Jeff & I are so thankful we settled for another Brother machine!! When we were considering the big $$ daddy I was monogramming about 8 hours a day! Things have slowed down so it's a relief to not have that financial investment!! I would imagine I'll be slow and steady until SPRING!! As you can see I've done a few samples for Valentine's Day for EB! I guess then there is St. Patrick's Day? Easter? SPRING??

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Jeff & I took a do-it-yourselfer pic last night before going out! We had a great fun time and stayed up til 1:20!! Of course we didn't get out of bed til 11 this morning (no kids here) so I guess it all evens out. Yesterday we painted Browder's room, which meant today I had to put it all back together. It looks so cute and more 5 1/2 year oldish!! The window is bare and no bedding yet, but at least it's not lime green anymore. He told his Gigi we were painting it purple (his favorite color-?), so we'll see what he thinks about Butterfield (a neutral yellowish TAN color).
I'm doing some late night sewing tonight ~ had a nap today so I'm trying to get everything done before the kids come back tomorrow. I'm technically "off" til Monday so what I'm doing is for my sis in law and a few things I had last week but didn't do. Also, some Valentine samples for EB!!
Jeff & I have had a fabulous no-kids few days, but I miss them, hate the quiet house and am ready to get them back! I don't know what people do before kids? I guess if you don't have them, you don't know what it's like to miss the noise, diapers, messes and all that (which I do miss!) We ate at Bonefish Grill Tues night and Moes tonight. We went out to eat tonight just for the heck of it b/c we didn't have the kids! I'm ready for the chaos to return!!