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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I'm so excited ~ I made Mallory a pair of pantaloons!!! It took me 2 days and I haven't tried them on her yet (so who knows if they even fit; I'm not really sure which is the front and which is the back, or if it matters?), but I made them! I bought the pattern a while ago and haven't had time to attempt it. I also haven't sewn much of anything in a LONG LONG time, so I didn't get the right size elastic or the bias tape, and then didn't have another size elastic needed for the legs. It took a trip to Hancocks yesterday and I found the other elastic at Walmart today. Other than that it was a snap. Next I will attempt to make them in minky dot!!

Here's B & G this a.m. in their matching Costco Carter's jackets (see previous post). Who doesn't love Costco? We went by after school and had pizza and all kinds of snacks (samples) and I got a fountain coke for 65 cents. Where can you get a coke for 65c? I went through DQ the other day and a small blizzard cost me like $3.85!! That's about as much as a Starbucks. Had there been a SB in Troy I would have gotten that instead.

Speaking of cheap, the fam had dinner last night at Taco Bell. There is some world series homerun thing where they do free tacos on Tuesday from 4-6, so our whole family ate there for $4.82, plus another buck for an extra taco and another buck for an order of cinnamon twists. Nonetheless it was cheap and no one ended up on the toilet.

Still without my machine! He said they'd call me yesterday or today and no word, so I will call in the morning and check on her. I hadn't realized how much time I spent using it until I haven't had it. I've had much more time for laundry, closet organization (see Mon. post), sewing pantaloons, and a big nap yesterday afternoon with Garrison.

When little M gets up I'll have her model the pants and post another pic. We're also going to Wynlakes tonight and the boys are dressing up, so I'll post a pic of that too. With the economy like it is, Browder is going to be Spiderman again (last year) and G will either be an AU football player or a borrowed Pottery Barn puppy dog. I don't think he's going to be too thrilled about either (dressing up), but kids in costume eat free at Wynlakes tonight so he's wearin something. As they used to say when I worked at Frazer Lanier, "if it's free, it's me"!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Closet Transformation!!

This is my mess of a closet before. I got to where I was just throwing stuff in the doorway. Notice my bag of wrapping paper I bought Thurs night just leaning there in the doorway. (p.s. Merry Christmas there) The other morning a brand new bottle of kids shampoo went missing. After an hour of searching (obviously not in my messy closet), where did I find it? In my closet. I have no idea how Garrison got it in there since I haven't walked in there in weeks.

I emptied the closet completely! Dust...YUCK! Vacuumed really well - the floor and all of the baseboards! You're on the edge of your seat w/ this blog post I know...

Yes, this is everything from my closet piled in our room! How did it all fit? (side note: between CCE and the yard sales I've stripped my poor room down to the bare bones with hopes of redecorating, or decorating, sometime in the near future. There isn't a thing on any of the walls, no curtains, no bedskirt.

Shoes. Who needs this many bad smelly shoes? I've had those yellow box shoes for a few years now. I actually bought my first pair before they were cool. Are they even cool now?

I don't have anything to wear whaaa whaaaaa... I filled up 3 trash bags for Goodwill!! There are shirts in there I've had since Jeff & I were DATING!!

Below is the "AFTER". I have my giftwrap corner, jeans to the left and tops on top! I didn't take a pic inside my closet but have another tall rack of dresses, long pants, coats, scarves, etc plus all the junk I couldn't get rid of is piled way up high on the shelf as well. But, it's clean and ORGANIZED!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!! Now I just need to go shopping...

Market Totes

I've had several e-mails about the market totes I embroidered from a previous post - I believe the brand is Reisenthel and those were their XS market totes - they actually have a drawstring closure! Not sure where you get them, but that's the brand if you want to google it!

I got a little catalog today from and they have some cute things! Right now 40% off and free shipping (still a small handling charge). I was needing some gift labels (80) for G & B, so I got those and went ahead and ordered some Christmas return labels (120). So 200 labels for about $20! Oh, enter "wish" at checkout for the discount.

I'm currently cleaning out my closet and will have pics to post later. OH MY!! Did I not just have 2 yard sales???? Piles of shoes & clothes and JUNK squeezed into my closet. I mean I cleared everything out except my wedding dress (which is in a box) and Jeff's hunting gun - which are both up on the very top shelf. My room is FULL of stuff. I should be slapped for ever saying "I have nothing to wear...". Back to work...

p.s. I spent a good hour last night "organizing" my pictures on the right hand side. What a job!! You have to move the pic up w/ the mouse, scroll up and down and move it some more. Not an easy task. It's a little more organized than before and hopefully will make looking easier. There are probably some things that could be deleted and I'll try to spend some more time on it tonight.

It has been very strange w/out my machine here. I keep wanting to do monogramming and I can't. I've been able to clean out closets (I did M's too) and do some much needed things around the house. Tonight we're finally hanging the kids pics over the sofa. Yes they were taken in JUNE. I finally got them framed a couple of weeks ago but they haven't made it to the wall yet. I'll post a pic of that too!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Fabric and Brittany

Here is the billboard in Troy that I mentioned in my weekend post. On the way home today I saw at least 3 of them so I had to pull over to take a pic! Clever ad I must say!!
I'm back from Enterprise and got a few new fabrics at their Singer store. It beats any store in Montgomery as far as fabric!! I got 1/2 yard of the lime minky dot for Christmas.

PURPLE gingham which I've never seen before (bright purple), a different pink gingham I didn't have and a red & green Christmas gingham. I still haven't found a lot of Christmas fabrics!?

A hot pink and a different mossy green fine cord. I have lime cord and have used it quite a bit already.

A couple of polka dots - the smaller one is primary colors.

More polka dots - hot pink, purple, navy & orange.
I only buy quarter yards most of the time so it's not too bad buying fabric all the time (plus they had 20% off at Singer). I have more than I will ever use, but I can't help it! I LOVE it! It was so weird coming home w/out my machine here. Kinda nice. I'll get a chance to wash my table cloth and clean up and get organized. My other task is to clean out my closet. As of now I can't even get in the door, so I just pile stuff IN the doorway and hope to clean it all out tomorrow.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Applique Ideas

We went to the (Jr. League) Holiday Market last night. I bought 3 rolls of wrapping paper and a roll of lime green tulle (is that what you call it?). That was it. I think I spent $15. The wrapping paper is cute - one like kraft paper but it's camo, one like kraft paper but w/ big red polka dots, and then plain shiny white. Wrapping supplies are so fun!! They actually have very cute, very cheap wrapping stuff at Hobby Lobby - cute tissue paper which I never seem to have. OH, they also have some Rabbit Skins baby stuff at Hobby Lobby right now which I thought was random - I saw some bibs & onesies & short sleeve t-shirts in baby sizes.

I saw lots of ideas for appliques at the HM - the spider on my blog done in normal colors (like green gingham trimmed in brown). Very cute and didn't look like Halloween. It's hard to think outside the box sometimes, so it was fun to see what other people were doing with applique. There was also a booth of very cute women's t-shirts. Most were screen printed with bible verses and neat designs or crosses ($25-28). They also had some T's with applique crosses on them. I actually have an applique cross or two, but never knew what to do with them. I think the key is a very fitted t-shirt and the right fabric. When I try it I'll post a picture! I have some pretty brown & pink fabric that I haven't posted yet - I did a Fleur de Lis(I know I botched that spelling up) on the Embroidery Boutique website. I think this would work on a women's T for a cross if I can find the right colored t-shirt. Stay tuned for that...

I finally took my machine in this morning to get serviced and should have it back Tues or Wed of next week. I've been in this sew & vac shop 3-4 times in the past week, and every time I go in there the guy asks me the same questions as if he's never seen me before.... a little odd. My mom & I spent the morning at Hobby Lobby, Target, got a SB and ate at Zoe's. I'm not sure what they are doing at Zoe's, but the past 2 times I've been in there it has been standing room only and everyone seems to know the owner or manager guy?! Hmmm.... They do have a yummy new pita pizza which is what I got. Very good!

I'm now in the big city of Enterprise for the weekend. I've got big plans to hit the Singer sewing store tomorrow! Might even go to JCPenney. On the way down here I saw the funniest billboard in Troy - it said "Bald is Scary" and had a huge scary picture of Brittany Spears on it after she shaved her head!! It was an ad for a tire store in Troy. Had it not been raining and had my mom not been following me, I would have stopped my car and taken a picture. I might even do so on the way home. Excellent advertisement!!

Jeff is in lower Alabama on a golf trip (Gulf Shores maybe?) probably drowning his sorrows over the AU game. Gotta go see Scooter the Cat playing w/ a frog... OH!!!!!!!!!! Garrison pooped in the potty for the 2nd time in his little life tonight! YEAH!!!!!!! I bought him some Diego underwear so maybe we'll try them out when I get home!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My mom came up to spend a couple of days, so Jeff & I ran (not literally) to the Red Lantern to eat supper. We pass by it going to Tipico (aka Tips) all the time so we decided to give her a try. Still angry w/ Tips over the whole coupon fiasco - BTW now they have the coupon I tried to use up by the register w/ a huge NOT VALID sign!! Anyway, the food was good (chinese). Unfortunately, when we got there we were the only customers in the whole entire restaurant!! Shortly thereafter another lone customer came in, then 1 more couple, so a total of 5 eaters the whole time we were there! It's a very nice restaurant and would be great for large parties or after church. Of course Jeff & I said we better take our large party there very soon before the Red Lantern says Lights Out.

I did not get a SB today (woo hoo). I was very good! I took all the kids to school and actually CAME HOME and did a little work while I folded clothes, unloaded the dishwasher and tidied up after the breakfast crowd - the boys helped themselves to some cheerios while I showered and cleanup involved a broom and dustbuster. Then I met my Frazer Lanier lunch group at La Jolla for a $95 lunch!! We go to lunch about every couple of months (4 of us) and usually partake in every course offered. Soup, meal, more desserts than people at our table... it was very good! I took a big fat nap this afternoon I was so full.

Tomorrow I'm going on B's field trip to the pumpkin patch, so I should have some cute pics to post. Tomorrow night I'm going to the Holiday Market (Jr League) which is at the new (renovated?) Convention Center (Renaissance Hotel) downtown! A bit fancier than the Colliseum where they hold the FAIR and monster truck shows. I can't wait to see it. Friday my mom & I will shop while the kids are at school, then we're headed to Enterprise for the weekend to celebrate my brother & dad's birthday! I will be sure to hit the Singer Sewing Center as well - they have great fabrics usually!

I tested a super duper cute Christmas tree for EB tonight - this one will be good for the boys (or girls). I will post my pic as soon as Rachel gets it on the web! I have a few more shirts to finish up tomorrow (because I chose to take a nap today), and am taking my Brother in to the shop. I would like to do those few shirts and squeeze in a few for my kids - G's scarecrow shirt is the only shirt I've done for any of them this "fall". I have a PILE!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The neverending pile!!

This isn't on the E-B website yet, but here is a sneak peak at a precious train I did on 2 shirts today!! I love this!! I've said it before - I LOVE simple!! The elephant has been very popular. Not so much as a request on people's stuff (yet), but other embroidery gals e-mailing to see where I got it. The same people that brought me the elephant have a very cute robot I'm going to do too. As far as E-B, Rachel is busy working on lots of new stuff (and waiting for me to sample it...). A cute Christmas tree more suitable for a boy (versus the bow & polka dot tree). BTW, I did the girl tree on a shirt to match some Target polka dot pants, so I did the dots in different colors. I've matched a lot of stuff to Target leggings!!
Here are some very cute market totes I did today also. I used to think I couldn't do these, but have since figured out how to do them. These were kinda small so at one point I was sweating (literally) trying to hold it in place, but nonetheless I did 3 of them and they turned out cute w/ this single letter! (side note: my machine puts off a lot of heat for real)

Here is the train again on navy.

I've slacked up a bit on Facebook, but had a request yesterday to befriend a certain unnamed Judge who is running in the current campaign. I don't know if he thought he knew me or if he is just requesting friends with whoever he thinks can vote? I do not know him, so I ignored him. I was thinking that I couldn't believe that someone would do such, but then remembered that I AM friends with Alexis & Jennifer from Sirius radio. Yes, Martha Stewart's daughter. When I drove the lexus and worked, I listened to them every day. I drive Jeff's car every chance I get b/w 4-6 just so I can listen. They happen to be on Facebook too, so I requested to be their friend and they accepted! I am not a freak. They have thousands of friends and I think they accept anyone who claims to be a listener.

Speaking of the election... is it over yet?

My SB birthday gift cards are dwindling down. I think I'm down to like $14. :( Once they are gone I've GOT to make a committment to treat myself only a few times a week. Jeff has this funny little joke that whenever we pass by SB, he starts driving all crazy acting like my car is trying to pull in. Pretty cute until we run in to a light pole I guess!

Looks like my machine will go in the shop Thursday unless I can swing it by tomorrow afternoon. I have a few more shirts to do and have lunch plans tomorrow with my Frazer Lanier friends (which is a 2 hour affair). Won't get anything done until after I get home w/ the kids. I'm afraid at what the service guy is going to tell me about my machine. He's already told me how bad spray adhesives are (which I use daily). I've got my stabilizing & hooping down to a science, but evidently it's gunking up my machine. We shall see!

Cutting it Close

Fellow sewers will appreciate this - doing a monogram and praying that you have enough thread to finish it (see the spool on top)!! That was all the white I had!!
Here are the boys fishing/feeding the ducks in the neighborhood this weekend.
Mallory while the boys are fishing!
G in his scarecrow shirt! Please say a prayer for us as we've taken G's paci away!! He is screaming in my bed right now b/c he doesn't want to nap!! Terrible 2's Fo Sho!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Garanimals (Walmart) has 2 new colors for girls - a lavendar and a light ocean blue (not sure what the correct color name is?). They also have great, *very soft*, Faded Glory long sleeve tees for boys in the youth sizes - they were mixed in with the short sleeve. I got Browder a pumpkin orange color. I STILL haven't seen plain long sleeve at Target for youth boys. Walmart wins as far as tees!!

Somehow this morning I wound up at Krispy Kreme. I guess that Hot Doughnuts Now sign called my name! Actually G, M & I took my yard sale leftovers to Goodwill and I was trying to kill some time, so we stopped at KK for a late breakfast. I figured G would get a kick out of it. I got us a chocolate milk and a dozen glazed and we sat at our little table and ate. They have 3 or 4 tables inside (I had no idea!). Garrison hunkered down on a doughnut as if he was in a no-hands eating contest. I took pics w/ my cell phone, however, I have no idea how to get them OFF my cell phone?? What's the use? I tried to "send" one to Jeff and he said he never got it either. Anyway, I think we have maybe 2 doughnuts left. Browder helped himself to 3 while I was "resting" this afternoon!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What I will do for a good Starbucks!!

So today I picked up the kiddies from school at 1:00 and headed through East Chase to get me a SB. I got tons of gift cards for my birthday (YEAH)!! I get my usual (grande mocha frappacino $4.40) and I usually just look at it for a minute or two after I drive off, anticipating that first delicious sip. I get all the way to the light on Taylor Road (you Montgomerians will understand) and take my first swig. Aaacckkkk. Awful. Pumpkin something. Spice something. I immediately do a U-turn (probably illegal) in my big ole Suburban and head back to the drive through. Wasn't sure whether or not to go in (but I had all 3 kids) or go back thru the drive thru. Went back thru the drive thru and explained that my mocha had some pumpkin spice in it. SB girl tells me to pull on around and she'll make another - that she's had another complaint earlier that morning. I pull around, wait in line, and when I get my Frap #2 and take a sip.... Aaackkkk. Awful again! OK, we went through this 4 times. Each time more pumpkin spice and each time a grande mocha frap goes in to the garbage can. She finally talks me in to a white mocha frap b/c it uses a different syrup (I guess). I take a sip of the VENTI (she's feeling sorry for me) and Aaackkkk. MORE PUMPKIN SPICE!!!!!!!! I'm thinking this taste is embedded in my tongue at this point. I finally tell her that I must just drive to the other SB by Publix (which I usually go to) and get a Frap that DOESN'T taste like pumpkins. She agrees and says she'll call them to tell them I'm coming since I've already paid her. So I drive over there, chewing a piece of gum on the way to rid my mouth of this taste ... good thing gas prices are falling.... Wasn't sure whether or not to go in (again) and head thru the drive thru. I order and try to explain why I'm there and she tells me to pull around. She has NO CLUE what I'm talking about, but proceeds with making my Mocha Frap. Another SB girl shows up and she confirms she received the all important call from the other SB and that my Frap is coming right up. I was afraid to take a sip, but did and it was YUMMY! 45 minutes later, Garrison is asleep in the back seat, an entire DVD of Letter Factory has BEEN over, and we head home! I am now very leary about that SB branch and will stick to my Publix spot from now on. I'm afraid that if I go there and get a perfectly good mocha frappacino, it will still taste like pumpkin spice. It was THAT traumatic to my mouth.

I did see (on both trips thru that drive thru) that they are having "open mike" night on Saturday night. Yes, at Starbucks. Yes, in Montgomery, Alabama. Lovely poems and such. If Jeff would not kill me I would actually go and see what open mike night in Montgomery could actually look like.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I went to the infamous Beth's in Wetumpka on Friday. She had some precious fabric! However, I was good and only bought this cute periwinkle w/ tiny brown polka dots, a lime green fine wale cord (great for C'mas trees) and 2 of these great bibs. Have I said already that I LOVE this elephant? This is a great bib too! I need to go back and get some more. She had 3 and I bought 2 - should have bought the 3rd one too! I may see if they can order me a dozen or something.
Yes, this is Mallory standing up in her crib! I had to lower it all the way down yesterday b/c she is not even 8 mos yet, but has figured out how to pull up already. Both boys didn't stand up or walk til they were 14 or 15 mos, so I'm a little in shock. She is on the move crawling and getting in to everything already. Tore up 2 pottery barn magazines today!!
These are my sweet boys. Garrison often wants Browder to "Hold You". Another funny and strange thing - Garrison thinks he is either Browder's official spokesman, or he thinks that his name is "MeBrowder". Everything is "MeBrowder play with cars?" "MeBrowder go outside?". The only problem is that half the time Browder isn't even here!!
Here is G in the bike trailer w/ his Auburn pom pom and spiderman hat on. He's a little excited about this bike ride w/ Daddy.

I've been STILLLLLLLLLL catching up this week. I think I've just about done all the pumpkins I can do. Actually I have 2 more I think. I'm a little sick of pumpkins (however cute they are) so I did a scarecrow on a shirt for Garrison. I think I've appliqued 48 pumpkins in the past month. I had someone ask for something fishing, so I just did a cute stick fisher-boy on an army green shirt. The colors were tricky, but it turned out really cute and I want to do this for my boys. Will post in a minute.

Yard sale #2 was a success (Deer Creek). I saw a few of the same yard-salers there from the one at my house. I'm really curious about what they do w/ the stuff they buy. I've heard they re-sell it, or are they hoarders?, or do they decorate their house w/ it? I still have a couple of boxes in the garage and need to clean out my closet before I make a trip to Salvation Army. Too bad there isn't another sale this weekend. It was actually a lot of FUN!

Jeff is out of town til tomorrow so I'm probably staying up late to play catch-up. We had cheeseburger helper for din din and honeycrisp apples, which were YUMMY! I always struggle with picking out the right apple. Highly recommend these.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008

Yard Sale #2

My baby girl is growing entirely too fast! Most days when I walk in her room she's peaking over the railing on her knees. It's like she began to sit up, crawl and get on her knees all in the same week? Still no teeth! The bottom 1 or 2 are JUST ABOUT to pop up - I can barely feel 1 of them!! This particular picture she was sitting there w/ her foot peaking out!

It's 11:40 and I have yard sale #2 in the morning at Deer Creek - I'm taking my leftovers over there to try my luck again! I'm very anxious to see if any of the same folks show up, you know, the "professionals". Will report tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gotta love a stomach bug!!

Well, I picked Browder up from school today and by the time we got home he went from "No, I'm not tired" to "Mommy I may rest" to "I don't feel good". He & G were up BEFORE THE SUN this morning, so I thought he was indeed tired! It didn't take long before I sensed something was wrong this afternoon, opened the door and found him puking all over the bed!! It was one of those virus pukes you hear about that just about knocks you down onto the floor! I managed to get him undressed and in the tub, transport G to my bed and strip all the linens. This took many many trips of me running in the room holding my breath with my shirt over my nose (and lots of Lysol)!! This is what G.E. made HOT wash cycles for!! He slept on the couch after that, and since we had a birthday dinner tonight w/ Jeff's whole family at Pizza Perfect, we packed up and all went. Browder claimed to feel OK and we kept him in seclusion at the end of the table away from the other kids!! He wanted pizza, then only took a bite, then wanted some croutons & ranch and b-day cake which he ate a little bit. After stopping to fill up our tank w/ $3.27 gas (on Coliseum Blvd), he claimed to not feel well so we moved him to the middle row seat so he'd be by the door. I gave him a bag just in case... and he used it, only he didn't hold it right so it all ended up in his lap!! We stripped him down to his fanny in a gas station parking lot, cleaned up and headed home. Before we could get on Vaughn Road good Mallory started throwing up!!!!!!!!! Pulled over again... she's a spitter-upper, but this sounded like vomitting!? Needless to say we're hunkering down tomorrow awaiting Garrison's turn at this (or mine!). I got a little bit of sewing done today regardless! I'm trying to get all of the PUMPKIN shirts done!! I have piles & piles of work to do!! Jeff & I briefly discussed getting machine #2 after the new year, but we'll have to figure out if that will speed anything up. For the most part I think my lack of uninterrupted "work time" during the day makes it hard for me to get much done (hence me blogging at 11:38 PM).

I just posted a cute simple elephant I got from! (Kendra what do you think?) I just did a cute owl from there too! I'm also posting a couple of pictures - Garrison w/ the Cars racetrack around his neck!! Also my little Mallory is sitting up and has learned she can CRAWL!! She doesn't go very far very fast, but has figured out how to move her little hands & knees and get that toy!! She is the sweetest baby!!!!! Browder's black eye is improving. I'm getting M's baptism gown pics taken Friday so if he looks OK, I'm going to take him too to get a school pic! There is also a pic of Browder asleep in his "house". I can clean up every toy in his room and have everything neat and in place. I turn around and he's got a house built in the corner! Yesterday I couldn't find him during "rest time"....
A while ago I posted about my great haircut lady leaving Sport Clips and how I couldn't find her. Well... I found her! I was going to take G to HeadStart to get a trim this morning, but when I rode by they looked busy, so I lollygagged through Wynlakes heading home. For some reason my Suburban kept going past Sturbridge and I wound up at Starbucks!? After I busted Amie in the drive thru and got my frap and a milk box for G, I noticed a Hairmasters salon by Publix. Rode by and saw the haircut guy reading the paper, so we parked and went in. I got G's hair cut and as we were loading up in my car with the sucker and milk box and piece of candy I bribed him to be still with, a lady pulled up beside me that looked familiar. It was BREE!! I found her!! She is the only person that ever cut Browder's hair right and I am SO happy to have found her! I was very close to looking her up in the phone book and calling her at home before today. It was that or cold calling every walk-in salon in town. The fact that she parked beside me is a God thing, seeing as though I had no plans to get his hair cut at this place by Publix - I've NEVER been there before! I had planned on Headstart and had NOT planned on a Starbucks this morning either! YEAH!! Of course she may lock the door when I show up (the crazy girl w/ no makeup on who rolled down her window and yelled BREE!!!! You don't know me but....)

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Yard Sale!!

The yard sale was a success! The first picture is of Jeff amidst all of the STUFF at 5:30 a.m. when we opened the garage and "set up" shop! Shortly thereafter we saw headlights. Yes, our first customer rolled in at about 5:35 like it was completely normally to be up, dressed and SHOPPING at that hour! Surprisingly enough, I recognized this lady from my last yard sale - she had knocked on my door the THURSDAY before w/ a story about going out of town, wanting to "look". I love yard sales (having them, that is). It is such a HOOT to see the people and what they look at, how they haggle and what they buy!! We started closing down shop at about 11:30, had one last shopper buy a ceiling fan, then we closed the garage, grabbed a quick bite to eat at Chappy's and then went home and CRASHED! Jeff took the boys to watch the AU game Sat. afternoon and I was in "clean mode" so I cleaned the house. I mean moved furniture, vacuumed baseboards, etc. It feels good to be in a clean house that is EMPTY!! I really cleaned out. My favorite thing out of this whole yard sale was Jeff standing in the middle of the den Fri night looking rather startled as he says to me "uhhhh, I'm a little concerned that you are taking stuff off the walls to sell in this yard sale". I still laugh when I think about it!! Better get back to work - still SWAMPED!! I stayed up til 1 AM last night but just can't seem to get caught up!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Less Stress

I'm less stressed today! I feel a little more organized. I moved the pile of clothes from one corner to a neater pile in the foyer. I'm also about finished with one order I've had for a week! Here is a pic of B's eye today, my organized pile (HA) and our garage - yard sale anyone?? Where does all of the JUNK come from? This is the 3rd yard sale I've done since I moved in to this house, and I don't shop that much. I have no clue where it comes from or how it gets here. Of course 2 other people have brought stuff over so the stuff in this pic isn't ALL mine! Garrison also had to have his picture taken w/ his eyes closed (like Browder).


I've done some of the Embroidery-Boutique samples on white poly/cotton tie bibs I had in my drawer. They are awfully cute if anyone is interested? I'll sell these for $5 each. Right now I have the happy pumpkin, candy corn, santa, lollipop w/ a bow and a new flower that hasn't even been posted yet! The samples have to be done on a white background in order for Rachel to photoshop and add them to her website, so I found these in my drawer to use! Just e-mail me if you are interested -

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Getting organized

Tonight on our way to church I felt the pressure. I spent all morning running errands, went to lunch for my b-day w/ a few friends, picked up the kids whom I had farmed out so I wouldn't have to pay for late day, and headed home to the chaos that has become my house! Did I mention we're doing the neighborhood yard sale Sat. morning and this afternoon at about 3:00 I pulled out the first piece of junk to be sold!? I managed to monogram a couple of things WHILE I priced stuff (and folded a load of clothes). I need about 3 more hands and a few more hours in the day to get everything done. If I can just get through Saturday I might survive!!

Browder came home yesterday w/ a black eye! Evidently he got into a rumble with a swing on the playground at school but it didn't hurt, so he didn't tell his teacher. Imagine my shock when we get home from school and I notice a bubble of skin on his eye turning blue by the minute. No note from the school so I ended up calling his teacher, then talking to Browder again, then having to call his teacher back to get the story all straight of what happened! She didn't even know it happened! Did I mention it was picture day today?I'm attaching a pic from this morning. It has gotten worse so I'll have to take another pic in the morning!

I got a tip yesterday that Hobby Lobby had some cute new fabrics (in a box back near the buttons of all places). Gotta love some secret new fabric! My friend was correct and it was C-U-T-E! I picked out like 5 I liked, then another from another girl's buggy, then another on the counter someone else had gotten. The large dots I ended up getting the rest of the bolt it was so cute (which was about 1 1/4 yards). Seeing as though a standard applique takes about a 4x4 square of fabric at max I have enough fabric to last me the rest of my life! It's hard to see, but the diagonal looking stripe would be cute w/ the Christmas tree design I think!

I also braved the Southern Blvd Walmart this morning in search of some plain t-shirts. Garanimals has the BEST t-shirts but they are hard to find. No luck! They only had 1 red one and a few plum colored ones.

I'm attaching some photos. One is of my PILE of monogramming I have to do. I've just written everything down on my calendar according to who brought what when and I'm going to try to do as much as possible tomorrow & Friday in addition to getting ready for the yard sale. Hopefully everyone will bear with me! I don't want to stop taking orders, but might have to ask anyone else who calls to hold off until mid-week next week so I can survive without an anxiety attack or nervous breakdown. Having 30 t-shirts to do is way more stressful than my 10 years at Frazer Lanier!!