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Thursday, April 17, 2008

What's new?

Kristy Lee Cook finally got the boot! As did Robin & Marshana!! I love Shayne!! I keep asking myself - Is she for real? I've never seen anyone lay down as much as she does when she's talking to Matt? (I'm a Bachelor addict. I've never missed a season.)

I've been sewing a lot w/ the new fonts and LOVE them! The Kim fonts are so cute and Tipsy is my new favorite!

I've also been sewing a lot for out of towners! I'm happy to do this and mail your stuff to you!!

Turn around time is about a week these days. Sometimes I can be pretty quick but w/ a newborn I'm not as fast as I used to be. My sewing time is now sew a little, fix a bottle, feed, sew, change a diaper, sew, throw a load of clothes in, sew... I've been asked how I sew w/ 3 kids and my answer lately is - STARBUCKS!! Amie introduced me to a cool drink loaded w/ caffeine I presume. Anyway it gives me lots of energy!

I'll try to add a couple of new pictures today.

p.s. Mallory is 2 months old tomorrow!

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