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Saturday, October 23, 2010


This week we had someone (actually 2 people) inquire about Applique Cafe gift certificates. We figured out how to make it work and I got my friend at AMR ART to design one for me to print for our customers. It turned out way cuter than I expected! I already sold and mailed one today! My printer is not that great so I may have to outsource some printing next week. Anyway, great idea for CHRISTMAS (stocking stuffers)!
Here are a few shirts I did this week. AC Three Fish - I was matching the striped material (pants).
 AC Tree Trio ~ I like the pinks & greens
 AC Owl and Present - LOVE this owl!
We are VERY close to listing our house. Instead of paying a bunch of people to clean and get it ready for us, we have been cleaning fools this week. I have scrubbed grout (with excellent results), baseboards, door frames and everything else that's cleanable! Today I cleaned all of the windows (inside) and rearranged furniture in our den. Yesterday I did touch up painting ALL DAY and Jeff cleaned carpet. We lack cleaning the windows from the outside, cleaning our bathroom grout, and a few other things. It has not been glamorous but I keep reminding myself how much moolah we are saving. Anyway, it is supposed to be videoed Monday or Tuesday and might possibly have a sign in the yard by the end of the month, maybe sooner! Very SCARY, but also very exciting!

I'm holding at 46 items. I do 6, then 5 more slide in. Out of the 46, 11 are Thanksgiving and Christmas, so technically 35 are for me to do last week! I'm doing OK on some orders and am way behind on a few too (meaning I've had them for a while). Luckily the weather has been warm so hopefully no one is ready to fire me yet! Once we actually list our house I think I can get a lot more done (I hope?). This week I've been cleaning like crazy and trying to sew too on top of kids and everything else. I had a mini breakdown Thursday night and am trying to not freak out with TO-DO overload!

War Eagle!! 

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Laura and Lee said...

Hi Rosemary! I am so inspired by you and your work! I am extremely new to applique and still learning, but cannot wait to start buying your designs and using them! Mary Martha McLemore turned me onto your site and blog. She sung your praises and now I know why! Keep up the awesome work! Sincerely, Laura