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Tuesday, October 12, 2010 and Camping (and fabric)

We had a GREAT weekend camping as well as my day trip Saturday to West Point, GA to! Here are a few pictures from Saturday. I tell you they had the WP store in tip top shape ~ it looked GREAT! Here are several brands of threads they offer ~ Floriani, Fufu and Isacord. They also sell the Isacord REAL thread chart for $10 ~ it has real thread samples which makes ordering easy! I only had the printed color chart so I was excited to come home with the real chart!
Thanks to everyone who came to the "event" on Saturday! It was fun getting to put faces with names and hopefully everyone learned something, if not from me than from the other people who came and/or the staff that was present! I don't have pictures, but we also learned about the CAD cutter which is similar to a Cricut (if you're familiar with that) and cuts vinyl, fabric and ink sheets for other craft projects ~ we've all seen vinyl lettering on acrylic gifts, monograms on cars, etc. I came home with one and can't wait to try it out! I didn't realize sold the blank acrylic gifts, embroidery paper and CAD cutting supplies!

Here I am giving my spill ~ I have no idea what all I said and just hope it made a little bit of sense! I was pretty nervous and am used to sharing behind a computer keyboard, not in front of a group!
 I'm a huge fan of Heat N Bond Lite, so here I am showing it to the group!
 We also got to see the new PR1000 10-needle by Brother. A girl can dream?? 4 more needles!!
Here is a picture of our TENT! Camping was SO MUCH FUN! I am a dirt-o-phobe at home, but there is something about camping that I love! Tromping through the woods to go to the bathroom is not so bad! The kids all had a BLAST! Camping is certainly something they will remember as a great childhood memory! It was quite interesting getting ready on Saturday go to over to West Point. As I stood in the bathroom in my dress blow drying my hair, a young girl stood there (waiting on her sister to finish showering) staring at me. I can only imagine that she thought I was CRAZY. Who wears a dress and makeup, and dries their hair when CAMPING??
 Here is a picture of Jeff monitoring Applique Cafe from our campsite! Yes, in the woods we had a laptop and internet service (via an internet card). 
When we got home Sunday Browder & I drove to Enterprise to pick up the little kids. I dropped by the Enterprise Sewing Center on our way out of town ~ "Singer" and got some new fabric (because I need MORE!!). Not a great idea to take 3 kids in to a fabric store, but they did pretty good!
 LOVE LOVE LOVE these 2. I don't usually buy big prints of anything but couldn't resist. The right one is corduroy too. If I could sew, I would have bought enough of these to actually sew something!
 Left AUBURN stripes, middle is a cute striped DENIM.
 I love anything green (left I thought might be cute with some sort of zig zag design).
 The middle & right fabrics are both corduroys!
I need more fabric like I need another job, but I couldn't resist! I love corduroys too and thought these were all cute fabrics! Now off to get some work done....

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The Ramey's said...

Can you order any of these fabrics online? Maybe they have a website?