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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Infomercial!!

Most of you know we are getting our house ready to SELL! We spent most of the weekend organizing, putting stuff in the attic, cleaning, organizing some more, etc. I mentioned to Jeff that our kitchen tile MIGHT need cleaning. He didn't seem to agree ($$$$) until I got to work last night after someone told me about this AWESOME spray that I happened to have in my cleaning supplies. So while I cooked bacon (we had breakfast for dinner), I also CLEANED some tile. This is our kitchen tile BEFORE! This is years worth of DIRT in the grout! We did have it cleaned once professionally, but other than that it's the good ole mop every 2 weeks and sometime in between. Can you say FILTH!!!!!!!
Que the HALLELUJAH music because this stuff is miraculous! 
It comes from THE DOLLAR TREE folks! 
I'm on my way in a minute to get some more! 
Yes, instead of paying someone to clean our tile, I'm playing Cinderella and saving us some $$$$!
 I did 1/3 of our kitchen last night and will work on it some more probably today. Luckily the boys bathroom is small, so I'll hit it too as well as our bathroom. All I can say is WOW!!!!

Here is a mod flower I do from time to time and it's from SWAK! This is a cord skirt that came from Target! Every now & then people bring me pants or skirts to match and they just scream for this flower!
 I also did these kitchen towels from Embroider This. They are donations I did for a Missions art show that's tonight and all proceeds go to Mission to the World missionaries in Latvia (the Smiths). The towels come with the fabric band on the end!
Off to the Dollar Tree....

1 comment:

Jane G. said...

Thanks so much for your comment on the Awesome cleaner. I have purchased many other grout cleaners and none have worked so ran out to Dollar Tree and purchased 6 bottles after seeing before and after pictures. So glad to say my grout looks so much better now. Of course, I have just started and have a lot to go. Thanks so much for sharing!