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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Yard Sales and Camping!

Operation Yard Sale was a success! I didn't make a ton of money, but I did clean out LOTS of stuff from my house (and haven't missed any of it yet!)! This is what my garage looked like Friday night ~ and please note this is 5 households worth of stuff (not all mine!). 
I got up at 5:15 AM Saturday morning and when I looked out the utility room window at about 5:30 (it was DARK), I saw car lights across the street ALREADY! So.... I opened the garage and I think the first items were purchased at about 5:45. If you've done a yard sale or two, you know there are professionals out there and that is what they do! I was surprised I didn't get the Thursday "can I look now?" knock on the door! Anyway, 3 of my friends came over and did the yard sale with me so we had a good time and all got to clean out while make a little extra cash!
 Now it's time to switch gears and I'm doing a little bit of work this week before our 2nd annual camping trip this weekend (and the EVENT at on Saturday). We're only taking Browder again this year, but we've upgraded our tent quite significantly! This is a pic of our tiny little tent we used in 2009. The 3 of us could barely fit inside to sleep ~ our luggage was all in the car!

 Cue the 'Movin' on Up' Jefferson's music and here is our 2010 Mac Daddy tent! Jeff put it up in the back yard last night so he'd know how to put it up Thursday. It doesn't look that big, but the thing is HUGE!
 This is all 3 kids tumbling and doing cartwheels inside this thing! It's BIG! 
From the campsite on Saturday I will get ready in the public campsite bathroom and head on over to West Point for the lunch. I spoke with Lori yesterday and we went over all the basics. This is my first rodeo and theirs too at this type thing, so hopefully it will all go smoothly and as planned! I'm very excited to meet everyone and nervous too at the thought of going from camping to speaking! I hope to get some pictures and will recap the event next week!

I have a couple of samples to sew today and we're going to try out a couple of different things! I can't say what, but will post pics soon! 

Operation 'get our house ready to sell' is now at the point of getting through this weekend and then we can focus on what needs to be done. The carpet guys came yesterday and stretched a few areas of carpet for us and we have at least a few minor repairs to do. Clean the carpet, get the house cleaned and organized, put stuff away (de-clutter) and get it ready to list! Luckily we are in no hurry but still need to get it all done! I'm still LIMITING ORDERS tremendously for this time of year. I've gotten a few calls and have had to turn people away! I hate to do it and know this is a busy time of year for this type business, but we gotta do what we gotta do (SELL THIS HOUSE!). When I have that sewing room I've always dreamed of it will all be worth it! Back to work....

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