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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

It IS my birthday today! I won't say how young I am but I do share a birthday with a good friend and a friend's daughter. I was also at Browder's Back to School Bash last night and another guy we know shares the same birthday. I AM working a little bit sewing some pumpkins on some tees. Here are some other cute shirts I did this week and wanted to share. This is the AC helicopter on a square patch. I love anything on a patch! This was a navy Garanimals t-shirt.
 AC balloons and I thought it was cute with a name... This shirt was to match some cute red & white polka dot pantaloons. I like red and turquoise!
 AND... This is Applique Momma's Anna Kate font. Applique names are A LOT of work, but they are so cute! I love the zig zag trim too!
Tonight Jeff & I are going out to eat sans kids! Tomorrow night I'm helping with the overstock sale and my mom & nephews are coming to visit this weekend to help me with the kids during the yard sale. Throw in a few soccer games as well. Busy rest of the week and weekend!

I sold 3 of the sample tees ~ the santa 24M navy tee is left and the 3T giraffe tee. I also have a couple of girl shirts in Mallory's closet - basically the Christmas stockings sample and the first dragonfly we did not too long ago. They are both on Rabbit Skins tees and I'm not sure what size - 4T I THINK? I may post a picture of them or I may just let Mallory wear them!

Even though I'm not taking orders right now, they seem to keep finding their way in to my house! I did move my shelf and crates and t-shirts to-do in to my closet. When we list the house more of this stuff will have to go somewhere, if not my closet. If anyone is in a hurry, then I suggest trying one of the other embroidery blogs on my blog list. There are some very talented people WANTING more work! As for the stuff I have, I'm doing  (and will do) the best I can! E-mail me with any questions!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day!