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Friday, August 6, 2010

Getting Organized!

First of all, my oldest child who will enter 1st grade next week lost his very first tooth last night! We realized it was VERY loose yesterday while at the pool, and for the next 8 hours B worried and asked questions and wiggled and followed me around and we watched You Tube videos on pulling teeth and tried tying a string around it and he worried some more and .... 

finally at 8:00 last night I threw the kids in the car (Mallory literally had a diaper on and that was it) and we drove over to our good friend's house who happens to be our dentist! A few tugs and a good yank with the pliers it came out! The cutest part was Browder writing the tooth fairy a very nice note requesting $10 for his first tooth!
So glad that is over - thank you again Dr. Matt!! Hopefully the next one will be less traumatic!

A customer sent me this idea for football games and opposing teams:
I put it together with Sew What Pro (2 AC 4x4 football helmets shrunk down 10% each and a little rotating and flipping). This is the 5x7 hoop. We might offer this design!?

We did this twin baby carriage last week too, but simply ran out of time sampling and listing so we will offer it with our next batch which will be sometime next week!

I have loaded up my PR600 in my car and also my PE750D (which has been collecting dust since I got the 600). Mallory & I are heading over to West Point in the morning to trade in for a NEW MACHINE! I'm very excited! - my favorite sewing store!!! I posted a few pics last week on Facebook of a few of my fave things I've gotten from (thread, stabilizers, my machine, etc.) - on their fan page! Some of you might be asking why I am trading in (already) for a new machine? I have had several issues with the used one lately and they are graciously allowing me to trade in for a new one and pay the difference! I guess I should have done new in the first place as much as I use it!

I just got semi-organized and my current tally has quickly grown to 65 items! Most are long sleeves and/or fall, so I don't feel too panicked just yet! With all that being said, I have decided that I physically and mentally and emotionally cannot take every monogramming order that comes across my e-mail, telephone or face to face at Target! SOOOOO...... as I get e-mails from people about dropping off and ordering, etc., I am really going to have to take in to consideration if it is a friend, a past customer, an excellent customer or someone I just don't know! Depending on how busy I am, I am going to HAVE to turn people away! It's nothing personal ~ thanks for understanding! There are plenty of people on my blog list who are ready and willing to take your orders!! Specifically KK's Kreations and Get Personalized who have told me they are wanting more business!

It's 8:44 and I am going to bed! Browder & I spent the day at Surfside Water Park today - need I say more! POOPED!


Lydia said...

congrats to your little man on losing his first tooth! very cool!

i visited Steve in West Point yesterday and bought a PR! woo hoo! soo excited! did you feel your ears burning? they were talking about how great you are and all the business you are sending their way.

i'll be happy to help you out during order overflows if need be; i'm in columbus, so i could get things to local customers fairly easily for you. let me know how i can help!

have a great weekend!

Katearoos Kloset said...

I hate you've been having machine issues...there is nothing more frustrating! It sounds like you'll be up and running very soon though!

I am also happy to take on any overflow orders if needed!

TheBarefootBelle said...

Will be happy to take on new customers for monogramming and applique!