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Monday, August 23, 2010

Raggy Designs

I posted this on Facebook today - the new SCARECROW design has raggy hair. I trim around the "redwork" stitch (stitch used for these type designs) leaving about 1/8" - you can leave as little or as much as you'd like! I also used a layer of white flannel underneath the yellow gingham. You can use white, a color flannel, 2 layers of fabric or nothing at all!
As you can see here I cut in between each hair chunk and scraped the edges with my small embroidery scissors.
I use a lint brush to pick up all of the loose thread and here is the finished product!
I had this crochet applique from in my drawer and thought it was cute on the scarecrow!
I have been slaving away since early this morning. I've appliqued 10 shirts with 1 more to go before I call it a day! My back is killing me and my house is a WRECK, but I'm down to 43 items!!!!!!!!!! That really seems do-able (before Labor Day), although I'm going out of town this weekend and next and also need to spend 1/2 day on the consignment sale coming up. So, whether or not I complete all 43 items by Labor Day remains to be seen! 5 new designs will be listed later tonight ~!

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