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Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Number!

I worked most of the day yesterday and quite a bit this afternoon (after not working Friday) and my current count is 57 things "to-do"! I seemed to have hovered around 65 for a while there ~ I'd knock 2 things out and 2 more would come in. Today the # is 57 and my GOAL is to get everything done if at all possible in the next 2 weeks! We'll see if it happens. 

A few new AC designs coming in the next couple of days. We also did a dolphin and hope to do 1 or 2 more seasonal designs before we add these. I'm loving working with CORDS! Back to work for a bit to try to knock out a couple more shirts....

MONDAY UPDATE: I'm already down to 49!! 2 of my oldest orders will be shipped today to Atlanta and North Carolina. I have a hand full of short sleeve tees to do for people and plan to work on those NEXT! Realistically I don't know that I can get all 49 done before Labor Day but will do my best! Thanks!

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