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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Machine!!

Saturday I went back over to West Point ( and traded in the PR600 I got earlier this year and also my PE750D that I haven't used since I got the 6 needle. They graciously allowed me to trade them in even though I just got the used 600 not too long ago... for a BRAND NEW PR650! In hindsight I probably should have started out with this to begin with, but anyway it is FABULOUS! It's shiny and beautiful (I've said that 20 times now). The machine is pretty much the same as the 600 ~ the computer part is a little different and all touch screen. It sews like a dream! I had so many people on Facebook ask about the 650 ~ if you are ever so slightly interested call Steve and he can give you a price! I have to say it is worth every dime!
The touch screen - it even comes with a diamond font I'm anxious to try out.
This is a dream machine! I know most of us start out on a little one, but this is what it's all about! It is really worth it if embroidery is your passion like it is mine!
On to other things, we ARE going to offer the Football HelmetS design for those of you who don't have the capability to put 2 together! This is great for a divided house, or for that big game! I did this on a 4T Rabbit Skins long sleeve tee as a sample and plan to sell it! We are not a divided house! :)

Browder started 1st grade today so this week has been a little crazy trying to get everything ready! He was so excited this morning! I also sent the little ones to granmommies for the rest of the week so I could get some things done around the house, get A LOT of work done, and give them some time on the farm since they are out of school until after Labor Day! SOOOO... I have a Starbucks in hand right now and am sewing away until I have to pick up B at 12:30! I will be sewing all afternoon to try to put a dent in my 65++ items! We also have a few new AC designs coming out this week. It has been slow since the sale ended, which is a good thing. Back to work! Here is a peek at 2 of the new designs. I LOVE the snowman and can't wait to sample it today! The twins baby carriage is one we did before the sale and I will sample it today also!


Lydia said...

Congrats! I agree, it's a dream! So glad you told us about Steve and his team!

Lauren P said...

Do you have a machine recommendation for someone just getting into multiple needle embroidery? I have a single needle Janome right now but would love to move up to a more "commercial" machine!

karly said...

congrats on your new machine!!! ironically, i purchased the exact machine yesterday as a floor model from a store here in florida. embroidery is new to me, so i will be watching your blog for all sorts of tips and suggestions... :) i will also be making a "few" purchases from AC once i decide on which software to use.
looking forward to following you and your new machine, again, congrats!!

Melissa Thorpe said...

I have been following your blog for a while now and LOVE IT!!! I'm so inspired by your creativity and am so thankful for your willingness to share your embroideryknowledge!! I have had a small Bernina 440QE since April of 2009. Just last Wednesday, I purchased the Brother PR650 and I could not be happier!! Congratulations on your new machine!! Thanks again for what you do!!