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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Countdown to CHRISTMAS!!

This Sock Monkey design is featured on the right hand of my blog. Like the Elizabeth's Embroideries Lamb #3 from my post a week or two ago, I get a lot of e-mails from people looking for it. It is from Applique For Kids and this is her photo as well. It also comes as just the Sock Monkey face which is cute! I believe MODA sells the sock monkey fabric too (seen on ETSY). I usually use brown gingham or the Fabric Finder's brown houndstooth fabric (small houndstooth) ~ need to order some of this fabric because it is pretty cute. Anyway, I thought I'd post where it came from since I get asked at least once a week! This is one of those designs too that may look off center with the tail - I did it on a tee yesterday and got it centered w/ the name! I did a post on centering off center designs a month or so ago as well and will try to post that link ~ HERE it is!!
 Here's a new AC design sampled by today. I love this design! This and the Topiary are my favorites for Spring! We're also working on several Valentine designs and Mardi Gras (a couple are not listed yet but preview pics are on Facebook).
Here is my train of work for this week. This was taken a couple of days ago so luckily I am down to 4 big towels and 7 hand towels (ALL MONOGRAMMING) and 1 bag of shirts. The towels are for Christmas so they will be done in the next day or two. This is IT for me! Jeff was so proud of me last night ~ someone called with some items to monogram and I referred them to a place in town that might do them. My usual answer is "oh sure (twist my arm, I hate to say NO to anyone) I can do them" and I have vowed that this is it for this week so I can enjoy a couple of weeks of Christmas (no school) and the New Year!
 JOANN!!!!!!! This weekend they had 50% off NOTIONS, so all of this was 1/2 off including the Gingher 4" curved scissors (mine were getting dull). BUT..... I also had a 20% off your total purchase coupon that started SUNDAY as this sale ended on SUNDAY! So I got all this at 50% off, then they took another 20% off. Needless to say that is why I bought so much. My drawers are overflowing with Heat N Bond Lite but I use it so much that I couldn't pass up this deal. Hopefully no one else in Montgomery wanted any b/c I cleared out the HNBL shelf!
 Here are a couple of shirts I did this past week - the AC Owl...
 The AC Tinsel Tree...
Lastly, the AC Zig Zag Christmas Tree done in the Michael Miller Play Dot fabric.
We are done with our shopping, I think! Jeff & I ran our last errands this morning and hopefully that's it! Our kids are getting way more than they need! What's new, huh? I have bags of toys crammed on my closet shelves (half hidden) and more up in the attic. I can't even remember what all I've bought! The little ones have their parties tomorrow, B on Friday and G has his program at school Friday. Then they are OUT OF SCHOOL for over 2 weeks! Pros and cons to that - hopefully they won't get bored and I can SLEEP IN! Back to monogramming...

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