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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry week of Christmas!!

Here is my very small stack of "to-do" for this week. I'm down to 5 shirts! These were some I had agreed to do a week or two ago and am just now getting around to them. Hopefully I can finish these tomorrow and enjoy some time off to wrap presents (I haven't wrapped a single one yet) and do some other stuff around the house and with the kids! Jeff is off for a while over Christmas too so I'm sure we'll find something to do ~ probably do some new AC designs!?
 We all went to Target last night and I bought this cute little travel iron. I had a craft iron on my list but could never find one, so I saw this one in/on the luggage aisle and decided it would do - probably gets a little hotter too? My plan is to use it on my applique fabric AFTER the tackdown stitch and AFTER I've trimmed, but BEFORE the satin stitches. With my Heat N Bond Lite, I think it'll fuse the fabric better to my garment before the final satin stitch. Note: add a new ironing board to my list ~ this one looks horrible! Lots of HNBL residue built up on it.
This weekend we went to a (HILARIOUS) Christmas Vacation party. Jeff & I are not the dress up type (I think we've dressed up once since we've been together over the past 12 or so years). He went as Cousin Eddie (black dickie and all) and I went as Audrey. There were lots of Eddie's at the party, a couple of Clarks, an Ellen, several Catherines and even Aunt Bethany and Uncle Louis. Lots of fun!!
Here is a pic of Audrey from the movie. My hair wasn't as kinky but I had the pink headband!
Here is Cousin Eddie. I think his pants are green and of course, the black dickie. 
Jeff actually wore one of MY shirts!

Here is a family photo from the movie. I think everyone was just about covered! 
If you're friends with me on Facebook then you can look on there to see the rest!

I had a visit from my friend the other day, AGAIN! I don't know if he's coming in with the mail or what? He seems to like it amongst my sewing stuff!!

It's almost CHRISTMAS! While we've been done with shopping for a week, not a present has been wrapped yet! I guess we'll get it done! Applique Cafe ~ all "Christmas & Holiday Stuff" designs are 50% off, everything else is 25% off and you get $5 off your purchase of $20 or more through the end of this month! We've already put up 4 new Valentine designs for the upcoming year and also several Mardi Gras designs! We'll work on more over the next week or two including EASTER!

Have a great week!

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Linda said...

Did you try out your new travel iron yet? I would like to know how it works. Sounds good in theory!