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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Where did December come from?

First and foremost - isn't this the cutest tree you've ever seen? I borrowed this picture from which I have added to my blog list. I ordered some little gift tags from her earlier this year and had not thought twice about them (just when I use them) and someone sent me a link to her blog this week so I immediately added her to my list b/c everything is so cute! Take a look! She sells on ETSY of course, where everything is so stinkin' cute! My goal is to do a SEWING TREE!! Love the ribbon and ornaments and THE TREE!! I believe she sells these ornaments too, so pop on over to her blog and see. Cute Cute Cute!
I saw the above blog TODAY ~ YESTERDAY I bought THIS ORNAMENT from Joann...
Coincidence?? I already had a SEWING TREE on my mind?? I hung this cute thread guy on my kitchen cabinet and this, my friends, is the extent of Christmas decor in the Gulledge household other than an Auburn Christmas tree in G's room. My "FALL" market basket is still on my front door. No. Christmas. Anywhere. But, I have a thread guy ornament for my sewing tree! You may be wondering what a sewing tree has to do with the Preppy Paper Girl cute ribbon and ornament tree? Not much other than my sewing tree will have ribbon on it, and my thread guy.

I did this Swirly Tree today to match the below striped pants. The shadows are bad. I can't seem to take a picture these days. My broken LENS is finally back from being fixed and I pick it up tomorrow.
I also did this Rudolph with Lights this week. I like him!
And a new AC design is this cute TOPIARY which was listed today. I also have a pic in Christmas fabrics I need to edit and post. I did this on a tee for Mallory and I could totally see this design in her future bathroom ~ on a towel or something? You could also put an initial in the box!
I've been sewing like a crazy woman all week and am down to MY LAST 4, YES FOUR, QUATRO shirts!! I have agreed to do a few shirts next week for 2 people and that may be IT until 2011! We showed our house yesterday, which meant everything had to be taken down. The taking down and putting it all back out thing is getting really really really old. That, and the fact that Christmas is around the corner and I haven't decorated anything and have only bought about 3 presents, are reasons enough to call it quits for a few weeks. Email me with any questions!

All Christmas and Holiday designs are now 25% off at! Also, take $5 off your $20 or more purchase ~ sale prices/deals good through December 31, 2010! WAR EAGLE ~ we are going to the SEC Championship game this weekend! I hope the "All I do is win win win" song is still applicable Saturday night!

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Lydia said...

LOVE the thread guy...may need to go check out Joann tomorrow to see if they have one for my tree!

Have fun in the ATL!