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Monday, December 27, 2010

Local Artists!

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!! What did we do before Hobby Lobby? Here is a picture of our modestly small (our house is for sale) Christmas tree with our wrapped gifts underneath. I got the paper, tulle and gift tags all from Hobby Lobby (at 50% off no doubt). Every year I say "I'm going to use up all the random paper, and NEXT year I'll do matching wrapping paper". I didn't use up all the random paper but I did wrap my presents to all match! It's almost like fabric!! I love the red polka dot and swirly paper!
Here are a couple of Christmas gifts I got this year! The first is an Ex Voto necklace made by a friend of a couple of friends here in Montgomery. She travels all over to find pieces to make her jewelry and I was SURPRISED when I opened a piece from Jeff (thanks to KV for the suggestion and to my SIL for her help too)! Here is her blog ~ and she is also on Facebook. The other side of the charm has initials engraved on it which aren't mine, but that's what makes it so interesting!
 I also got this beautiful painting by Donnie Sasser. He is also a local artist and I couldn't find any blog or website but there is info out there if you google him. His paintings are very popular here in Montgomery! I have another one that hangs by my door.
 Lastly, the boys did an art camp last week with Abrakadoodle. In the summer they do art camps with the lady who runs the program here in town. They each painted these cute Christmas trees (with a little help I'm sure) and also some candy cane ornaments that were precious! I LOVE the artwork they do! In our next house there will be a wall of it somewhere! I have tons of paintings from the past 3 or 4 summers of art camps!
Lastly, I gave Jeff a painting of our house. A) because this will always be "our first house". Meaning this is the house all 3 of our kids came home to and were partially raised in. B) because hopefully in the near future this house will sell and we'll have the painting as a sweet memory! I meant to take a photo of it but haven't yet, but you can see it at AMR Art. It's the middle house with the wrought iron benches on the front porch. Amanda is also local and I have another painting she did in Mallory's room I may have posted a couple of years ago, and I also have another plaque which hangs in my kitchen I got at a Holiday Open House. I also have one of her Cathedral Angel paintings which is also in Mallory's room. I love her work and would love to have more of it (next house!!). (p.s.AMR Art is on my blog list below and she is also on Facebook ~ Amanda Roberson Art)

I took a picture of the painting (below) but Amanda's picture is better than mine! Check out her blog!

I'm busy re-sampling some of our Applique Cafe designs and we also listed 4 new ones this morning. Sometimes a design looks one way and with a change of fabric looks totally different. Since I'm "off" this week, I'm taking some time to re-do some of our older ones that I think might be cuter with different fabric. We have several Valentine designs listed as well as Mardi Gras, which are both coming up soon. We'll be working on new Easter designs as well! The NEW designs are featured on the home page!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the local links! Hope you had a very merry Christmas!

AmyB said...

Love Love Love the painting of your house. I have a pencil sketch of my house but may have to comission a painting from her. Looks like you had a great Christmas.

Amanda said...

thanks for the link. glad you like it. thanks again for thinking of me. smiles! Amanda