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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

Here are a couple of shirts I did yesterday. The AC OWL which is one of my favorite designs. The font is Grins & Giggles which is also another favorite of mine (from Applique Frenzy).
 I also did the Celtic Cross (Embroidery Boutique) with the vintage stitching. This picture doesn't show how cute this fabric is! I take my pictures in my dining room sometimes and this is one of them ~ no matter how I edit it doesn't do it justice! Again, the Grins & Giggles font from AF.
I cut off orders a couple of weeks ago and these were the last of what I had agreed to do before Christmas! I am now technically done, although I have 2 Applique Cafe samples to do today. I have not wrapped the first present, and yet I find myself cleaning out drawers, throwing stuff away, doing laundry. Can you say procrastination???

Projects for after Christmas: organizing my fabric (it is a MESS) and organizing and getting rid of some blanks! I have a couple of quilted bags (lime green and brown w/ blue trim) that have been in my drawer for who knows how long, as well as some short sleeve tees I bought last year. I have a baggie of crochet appliques from ~ not sure if I will use them? Tons of shirts in general that I've "collected" and never used! I buy stuff thinking I'll use it and never do!

It's seriously time to eat lunch and then WRAP WRAP WRAP!! I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas if I don't post again until after Saturday! Turn off the embroidery machine and enjoy time with your family!!


The Carters said...

I might be interested in some of your blanks? Let me know if you decide to sell any to help clean it all out.

Shyloh said...

Those are adorable and fabulously creative machine embroidery designs! How can I get my hands on some?