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Monday, February 22, 2010

Customer Photos!

Thanks to my customers who e-mailed me pictures this weekend! This is one customer's niece (and she said I could use the photo) with the bunny applique on this cute dress! It says "Hippity Hoppity" I think on the top - very cute font too!
And more teapot pictures!! This customer did t-shirt party favors like my previous post! What a cute idea and a GREAT party favor!! I'd say that goes above and beyond the average party favor!?
I just sent 5 new designs to be converted to ART, so once we get them back we will get the 5 new ones listed. 4 I posted this weekend, and here is the 5th one we squeezed in last night for Easter! Looks great w/ a bow! I like these colors together too. I don't know what the name of this striped fabric is, but it is just about my favorite! I bought it from a friend who sews a lot and only bought 1/4 yard of it. I asked her and she bought it off one of HER friends, so we don't know who makes it!? It's GREAT!

*Update - the striped fabric is from Jane Street - I found it on Etsy and Ebay for around $4.00-$4.25 for 1/2 yard.
Mallory is well and went to school today! She had fever Sat night after she threw up on me at Nancy's Italian Ice. Lovely - it was milk too! We came home and showered, she slept all night and took a LONG nap yesterday with no fever all day. We played outside yesterday afternoon and she was perfectly fine for dinner, last night and this morning! YEAH! Me, on the other hand, broke down and made a Dr appt for tomorrow and my sweet husband rearranged his schedule so that he can come home and keep the kids. Sat. night I didn't cough a bit all night, but coughed A LOT yesterday, and coughed quite a bit last night. I think it's just some CRUD, but hopefully I can get something to knock the crud out since this is going on 2 weeks!


Emilee said...

I love the Easter egg basket!

Nana Jan said...

Hope your doc can help you feel better! Glad your baby is well.
Your new designs are great! jan