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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Welcome Back Machines!!

Here is a pic of Sis blowin' a little harmonica! She has on her AC Heart Patch shirt (which is covered in dirt and what appears to be chocolate drool!?). She will be 2 on the 18th!!
My blog friend and AC customer "Mimi" sent me this picture today of the 13 party favors she did for her grandaughter's 3rd birthday party! What a dedicated Mimi!!! That's a lot of teapots!! Super cute idea!
And, for some reason I had these thread charts out this weekend so I thought I'd take a picture. I have people ask me ALL THE TIME where I buy most of my thread. I get it at It's Poly-X thread and if you call them, they do sell this real thread chart for maybe $10? I think I paid $9.99 for it and I'm not sure if it's online. This was a couple of years ago so I'm not sure how much they are now? Much better than a photo color chart! I bought both of my machines from Ken's and I think my first one came with like 25 spools of thread. Then I found out they sell it for $2.50 a spool (1000 or 1100 yards). That is cheap! You do have to pay shipping, but they have coupons of like $5 off all the time which offsets the shipping and if you buy enough thread, you certainly come out ahead (versus paying $5+ a spool). When I'm in a bind I do buy it from Hancocks, but I try to keep my favorite colors in stock so I don't have to make those emergency thread runs!!
And here is a closeup! As you can see I underline the colors I have so it's easy to reorder!
So I took both of my machines to (AKA Southeast Sewing) in West Point, GA on THURSDAY, which means they went to Atlanta Thursday evening maybe (they actually service them at their Atlanta store). They were fixed and back in West Point YESTERDAY (Monday)!! Can you say FAST?? This morning I took Mal over to play with her cousin and Browder also went to play with a friend, and G & I took a road trip over to West Point to pick my machines up. It's kind of a fun little drive and I packed the DS for G, so he was an easy passenger! We loaded my machines up, I bought some stabilizer (a pack of the precut 250 piece 7.5 x 8" medium cutaway for $16.95! I got the 2.5 oz (versus 2.2 oz) so it was a little more than my previous post.) I also got a cute brown quilted duffle bag with a periwinkle blue trim and a lime green quilted bag! I pondered over the cute bags for quite a while and decided on these for possible baby gifts! I'm so glad to have my machines back and am very thankful for the speedy service!! Thank you Lori & Steve!! On our way home we stopped in Opelika at TigerTown and had some lunch before heading back to Montgomery!

Back to work!! It's been nice to have a few days off, but I have work to do! We're also having website issues so I'm trying to get that resolved! For some reason some people aren't getting their download e-mails (and some are??). If you've ordered designs yesterday or today and haven't gotten them, please contact me and I will send them again! Thanks!

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