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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

JoAnn, singular

Our Montgomery JoAnn opened Friday morning, and surprise surprise, I was there by 10:00!! I didn't buy anything, but walked around so that I could "take it all in"! I expected the store to be a lot bigger than it was, but was pretty impressed with their fabric selections - both decorating and also "other" (quilting, etc). They didn't have a great variety of ginghams (or I didn't see them?), but on the other hand they had every size & shade of corduroy fabric and even some minky dots I'd never seen (a kelly green). I think my favorite section was the baby pastel fabrics - they had lots of soft polka dots and such which I will go back to get. I also overheard on the speaker that they appear to have a "take a number" system with fabric cutting, which is a good idea. There were also JoAnn people every 5 steps waiting to help, which I'm sure may change once they are open for a while and the newness wears off. GREAT supply of Sulky stabilizers and I also checked out the scissor aisle. Overall, I was impressed and plan to go back when I have more time and again, once the newness wears off! I still want to call it JoAnns. Why no "s"?

Speaking of stabilizer, I am LOVING my precut squares I bought from!!!!! I'm also still using my roll of iron-on Floriani (which I can't seem to get to iron on and stick, so I still use my spray adhesive - I use it for my 5x7 hooping).

I am not sure when my last post was, but had a busy weekend and no pictures to share today. Friday night I went on a women's retreat with 101 women from my church. It was FABULOUS!! I'm still reflecting on the testimonies and it made me love and cherish my church even more!!

Jeff worked on a few new designs while I was gone. We went over them tonight and after some minor adjustments, we'll hopefully get them tested this week. The $5 off $20 purchase sale continues til Sunday and we also marked 5 Valentine designs down to 3 bucks. Happy Valentine's Week!!

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chelle said...

Glad they finally open. The one in Birmingham has the pull a number thing too, but I will be honest with you the ladies that work at this store just don't seem to get in much of a hurry. I usually pull my number as soon as I walk in the store and still have to stand around for a few minutes waiting to be called. They just all seem like they are in slow motion. Maybe your store will be different, otherwise I like the fabric choices for this type of store and love the coupons for ME supplies.