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Friday, February 26, 2010

A Quick TGIF

I'm working this morning while the kids are at school and have just a few pics to share! I did the watering can with an initial in it this week. I added to my previous post that this is Jane Street striped fabric. I found some on E-bay and bought a yard. It's a great staple fabric!
I also did the EB flip flops! I'd really love to do an AC pair of flip flops, but I haven't figured out anything different to do!? How many ways can you do flip flops? Great summer design (!
Here is a new AC design coming soon and I did this on a onesie with "jack" underneath in the khaki thread. This is a great baby design!! I think doing this on a white layette gown would be so cute! I currently have 3 more AC designs to sample and will probably get 1 more so we'll have 5 to list next week.
You may have noticed that AC is now on Facebook! I got a wild hair the other night and decided it was a good idea! Hours later and hours spent yesterday morning, it's on there!! I did a group first, then realized a page would be better, so I had to redo EVERYTHING! I also had a time doing the link button for my website & blog. I'm a pretty computer literate person - I do run my own website. I think Facebook is just nuts! Every which way I tried to create a PAGE BADGE, it would NOT work (I even contacted Facebook)!! I was successful at the FAN BOX, so that's the way it'll be for now! I don't know that there is much difference really anyway!?

Lastly, I did these shirts by request but am not able to do anymore at this time! My friend from Ms Monogram Momma (on my blog list) so graciously did the names for me, meaning she digitized them herself! They are really cute, and also really time consuming!! It does each letter at a time so lots of trimming, taking the hoop on and off, etc. Very cute though! My customer wanted them just as MMM sampled it with a variety of ginghams! Jeff & I do not have the font engine to our software, so I can't digitize like this right now. Most fonts on the internet (or the ones shown on my blog) only come in big letters, so putting 6 together is way too big for my 5x7 hoop! We may purchase the font engine sometime soon because I think it would be a great thing to have!
Back to work!! I have 2 hours left with no kids...


Bella Bambino said...

You could do flip flops with a stitch that attaches ribbons instead of appliqued thongs and also a center stitch for korker bows or a folded bow...does this make sense??

Anonymous said...

What if you did a pair of flip flops with a flower on the thong where the toe top meets?
and yes do a font set. I have been wanting to do a name like the above shirts but I can't fit one into my hoop either.