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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Designs Designs Designs

It's so good to have my machines back! Tuesday & Wednesday I did about 17 shirts for someone and here is 1 of them. This is a J.Khaki pretty blue polo type shirt from Belk with an initial in between 2 golf greens ( I thought this turned out cute!
And... I bought several designs last year from and here is 1 of them (a turtle). Somehow, some way, Stitch On Time has about 12,000 designs. A lot of them seem like they'd be copyrighted? Lots of Disney and what I would think of as "licensed" designs. They are in another country so prices are in GP I think, but you can click a button somewhere to convert to US Dollars (or Paypal will do it for you) and most designs are b/w $2-3. You may also notice that this turtle was in Kelly's Kids spring lineup last year!? Again, not sure how they do it, but if you can sort through the thousands of designs, there are some really cute ones! This one had A LOT of steps! The inside pieces were all done individually which goes against my simple motto, but it's cute! They also do a tackdown stitch and then a weird separate tackdown stitch, so 4 steps per fabric!
I've just added 5 new designs to and we decided yesterday (after leaving the sale up past January 31) that we would extend the sale through Valentine's Day! Here are the new designs...
We had a couple of requests for the shamrock and the infamous tow truck with a shamrock! For the individual shamrock I used a piece of white flannel underneath my polka dot fabric. Cross patch (very simple), umbrellas and then my FAVORITE... the pirate ship!! As you can see on my other photo I put G's initials on the sail (?) in blue with Mono Wizard Plus Tipsy font! 1 shirt down for his spring wardrobe!! I get lots of e-mails asking about my other pirate ship from, so a pirate ship design has been on my TO-DO list for quite some time!

I did the umbrella shirt to match some Garanimals lime green knit "bootcut" pants for Mallory to wear to school! I like to put "Sissy" on stuff! Anyway, these pants are like a few bucks, and I found some long sleeve tees at one of our Walmarts marked down to $2.00 so I got a couple. They are the boy style, but who cares!! I can't tell you how much of her stuff I've thrown in the trash! It gets so stained so quickly!!!! I'm trying to make due til Spring and Summer!

1 comment:

Alison said...

Soooo CUTE! I love the shamrock truck...that will have to be on my little red-headed irish boy this St. Patty's Day! Also the umbrellas...I can see those with an initial on each for a monogram set. Very cute! You keep putting out the best stuff!