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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Designs!!

I added 5 new designs yesterday afternoon to Applique Cafe (the 5 newest ones up top), and I already have 3 or 4 more to sample this week for next week! We'd like to add 4 or 5 per week if we can! I "counted" my stuff and have 74 items to do before Spring Break! That comes down to me doing 4 or 5 a day ~ weekends too! Again, if I get it all done it'll be a miracle! I'm stayin positive!! I have found that 4, maybe 5, a day is reasonable with 3 kids. But, it doesn't always happen! Yesterday I think I got 2 shirts done.

I did go to the Dr. yesterday and he hooked me up with 3 prescriptions. Unfortunately the antibiotic has a side effect - to say that it may cause "changes in taste" is an UNDERSTATEMENT!! I was up at 2:00 AM last night brushing my teeth! I had to call the Dr. back this morning and let him know that the antibiotic was NOT going to work for me!! They are supposed to be calling in another. Let's hope it won't have the same side effect!

Last night at 9:15 I was walking through the house and heard a wimper...the boys had popcorn and I smelled that (plus the awful taste in my mouth maybe) and I automatically thought someone had thrown up!! Much to my surprise as I checked in on Browder & G, I hear "I'm stuck" and find my crazy middle child STUCK in the headboard. After I laughed I had to ask him if Mommy could take his picture before I got him down. He obliged... 
Notice how Browder is a) completely sacked out and b) oblivious that his brother has tangled himself up in the headboard. I still don't know why or how he did this? I'm just thankful that I heard him and did NOT have the humidifier on last night! He may have slept this way b/c I would have never heard him!! CRAZY!!

Mallory is a messy eater so I thought we'd try something new to keep her hair from getting food in it. Pretty clever I would say, but she had it off in no time! This is actually nothing compared to spaghetti night!!

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Janay said...

HA! A few weeks back I actually posed the question on my facebook fan page -- do you think there's a market for monogrammed shower caps for babies?? When my 14 month old is done eating he starts rubbing his hair before I can get his hands wiped off. Always such a mess!