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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Christmas in June??

We have been busy working on Christmas designs! Yes, Christmas!!! It is 100 degrees PLUS where I live, but we must think ahead! Not to mention Fall and Back to School designs which need to be coming out SOON! These 5 are being converted to ART and will be listed at soon!

SANTA DOG (great for older boys):

GIFT TRUCK (for birthdays too):
PUMPKIN TRUCK (I LOVE these colors for FALL):
TREE TRUCK (shown with buttons):
This has been a great truck! If you'll remember we did it for Valentine's & St. Patty's Day and also Easter I think? Simple and cute for the boys! I have enjoyed breaking out the corduroy too - I LOVE appliqueing with cord!!

Last night I took a Digital SLR class to learn how to use my camera (that I've had forever). I took 4 pages of notes and HOPEFULLY it will all make sense when I try to take some pictures! We learned about Aperture and all kinds of technical stuff! It started at 6 and we left at like 9:30, but it was entertaining and fun!

Monday night our "family night by the pool" turned in to a nightmare! Somehow B caught his little toe on the bottom of the lifeguard stand, then we got stuck under the patio trying to eat with 50 other people as a huge thunderstorm rolled in out of nowhere! Said storm ripped some awning off of a restaurant probably a mile or two away! We made it home to change clothes so I could take B to Primed to see about his foot. He got a couple of stitches and they bandaged up his foot for a couple of days and stitches come out Monday (no pool this week!). While I was doing the Primed nurse mommy thing, Jeff was home bathing the kids when Mallory decided to poop in the tub not once, but twice!! Garrison was exhausted from swimming and swimming lessons so he freaked out! It was a CRAZY night!! Hopefully we won't repeat that one anytime soon! Our first stitches - B did GREAT!! No more will be fine with me!

Off to find something to do with the kids... this summer vacation is great, but it's kind of a drag not being able to take them all swimming!! It's too hot to do anything else!!


Anonymous said...

It's NEVER too early for Christmas! This weekend Hancock Fabrics has Christmas fabric $1.99 a yard! Reg. price 5.99-6.99. Some of it is appropriate for applique. Got a few really cute pieces.

Anonymous said...

And you handle it all like a pro!! So sorry for your little one, hope he does not suffer any more pain and hope Mallory is not getting sick! You are doing a great job. When the girls get together at the sewing store and want to know about applique designs and your name always comes up and now, not just from me!
gail cofer