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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This and That...

OK... On SUNDAY (night, I think), I got on Etsy and found and ordered these enclosure cards (or gift cards). I got them in the mail TODAY (TUESDAY) and they are precious!! One set is for my B of course and the other is for my cousin who got married earlier this spring (and I'm just now sending her gift).
The place to find these is:
I love a cute blog! She is in Atlanta and was super nice and FAST!!
I think anything personalized makes a great wedding or baby gift!

Here are a couple of beach pictures. This was not where we stayed (Seaspray in Perdido Key, FL) but down the road at Turquoise, which is in Orange Beach I think. Behind our condo you could only see boats on the horizon - lots of them! One was even suspended in air on 3 very large pilons which were somehow stuck in to the Gulf. We saw NO OIL where we were! We did see worker people walking the beach sweeping and picking up ??, but we never saw oil! I will say the first night we got there, I was convinced there was oil in the water and that I could smell it, but I think that was a result of TOO MUCH MEDIA/NEWS!! The boys got in the water Fri and Sat and the only thing that got IN their swimsuits was tiny shells (which we found at bathtime)! We did see lots of boats, and the "boom/boon" - whatever it is called. And where the Gulf goes in to the Bay at Perdido Pass, they had constructed a wall and are supposedly trying to get any oil to go through there and then they suck it out! Jeff videoed a lot of it and hopefully it's something we'll never see/experience again!

You may or may not recall that in NOVEMBER, I had pics taken of my kids from a college friend in Dothan, AL. She did a fabulous job, and I FINALLY framed them all over the past month or so, and FINALLY hung them on the wall! We had this big wall in our kitchen and the pictures are PERFECT! I don't know why it took me 6 months to figure that out! I got these frames at Michael's! My friend's site is: She did my sister and her boys too and did a great job (if you are in the Dothan area!!).

I am missing sewing but also enjoying some time off! I get on blogs and Facebook pages and see other people's work (embroidery) and wish I was being creative and working. On the other hand, Browder & I spent 2 hours at the pool this morning while the little kids were at school, and it's nice to not have "work" to worry about! I will most likely take some orders in July ~ I'm not sure how many but it will be a limited amount so we can enjoy our 4th of July weekend and also a family trip to the beach for a week. In reality there will only be about 2 weeks where I will be here and can work! I'll update on the blog when I'm back!!

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