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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Applique Cafe Designs...

We've had a couple of people ask about the caterpillar being offered in satin stitch, so we decided to offer it and it is now on the website (listed as "Satin Caterpillar") ~ It is offered totally separate than the original caterpillar with has the last 3 circles as "raggy". I did this on a shirt for Mallory to match the old Walmart shorts. We've gotten several pair as hand-me-downs!
We also finally finished an Octopus!! We've been working on this for like 3 months! I took pictures of it before I added the cheeks & bow (so plain) and also just with the cheeks! I think it turned out cute! This is one of those tough designs because there are so many out there already and it's hard to get the tentacles right! Please note: this is all 1 design - you can chose to leave stuff off if you'd like but they are all pics of the same design!
We are now working on FALL, BACK TO SCHOOL, HALLOWEEN, THANKSGIVING and CHRISTMAS designs! I can't even think that far ahead, but I know there are people out there who do clothing shows so they like to get their samples done early!

I'm actually still sewing! I came down with a bad sinus infection Friday and we went to the lake Sat-Mon (which I was sick the whole time) so I'm still wrapping up on work! I think I'm down to 13 or 14 shirts and will try to get them done this week! I started an antibiotic Monday but am still fighting the sinus bug!! :( Have a great week!

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