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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fabric makes all the difference!

During my time off this week I had some fun redoing some of our AC samples! It's amazing what a change of fabric will do! Nothing changed about these designs ~ I was just unhappy with how the samples looked on the website. I have a few more I'd like to do maybe next week. I have at least 2 new Christmas designs to sample with 1 more soon. We're still waiting on our ART conversions to list the other ones I posted the other day.

TRIANGLE TREE ~ I used a layer of lime flannel underneath my polka dot fabric. I also put some buttons on it as a design idea.
Teddy Bear ~ LOVE this patchwork fabric! The heart is optional but I think it's cute. This would be a cute Build-A-Bear birthday party shirt!

Rocking Horse ~ my favorite Jane Street striped fabric!
Umbrellas ~
Browder is doing well! We took all the bandages off and now we're just keeping his toe "safe" and dry til Monday! I wish I would have taken a picture of the yummy dinner we just had ~ fried chicken from Publix, homemade mashed potatoes and lima beans (someone told me to put a chicken boullion cube in there and it worked! They tasted great - I always struggle with getting them salty enough). Oh and a slice of good tomato! Today for lunch I had a lettuce, ham & GOOD tomato sandwich! Last night we had yummy BLT's for dinner. I LOVE a good tomato! Summer in the south = good ole home grown tomatoes!!

Tomorrow I'm taking the kids to Enterprise to visit my parents for a night and can't wait to make a trip to their Singer Sewing Center! I need to take inventory of my ginghams and hopefully they'll have some cute fabric! We're leaving Jeff at home to work, play golf and work on his "to do" list Saturday before we get back. Have a great weekend! Will post new design pics when I get them done! 

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