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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rain Rain Rain

I've been working like an ELF yesterday and today trying to finish all of the shirts I have. I'm down to my last 12, yes TWELVE!!!!!!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!! I WILL finish these by the end of this week! Here is one of my favorite designs for Christmas, especially for older kids (with an older looking font). I did a red turtleneck last year for Browder which G will probably wear this year!
 If you've followed my blog for a while, then this picture looks familiar! This is where I sometimes pile all of my "DONE" shirts ready for pickup! Most of these were done yesterday and today!
 Here is the weather photo for today ~ RAIN!!! It has rained all. day. long. I resisted a good afternoon nap and have slaved behind this machine most of the day.
How cute is this????
 This is a daughter of a customer and Mallory has one of these precious headbands. I want to take a picture of her with it on and will try to do so and post this week. These are by ZoeLynn & Co. and can be found HERE (Facebook) and HERE (Etsy). They are really cute and she has some great fabrics for Christmas too! Check her out and become a fan on Facebook!
So much for my WIWW (The Pleated Poppy)!! I failed miserably! I will try to take a pic every now & then and post, but as far as every day... I'm just not that stylish! HA! I still LOVE the blog and will keep up with what everyone else is wearing! I added her and another great blog to my blog list ~ both unrelated to applique but fun to read!

We have at least 7 new designs coming to Applique Cafe. There was also some confusion as to the Elizabeth's Embroideries Lamb design from my previous post. The website owner misunderstood my post and thought I was claiming it as my own! Most of you know a lot of the designs featured on my blog are from all different sites. I changed it so that you can see it's clearly from her site, and I may start adding captions underneath all of my right-hand-side pictures so you know where the design came from! She & I e-mailed this morning and it was a simple misunderstanding. I will add that info in my spare time....

As far as taking on more work! Maybe next week? We're heading to Atlanta for the SEC Championship Saturday so I'd like to finish my 12 and enjoy my weekend and then might take on a few orders before Christmas!

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