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Friday, January 29, 2010

New Applique Cafe Designs

I've just uploaded 6 new designs to!
As you can tell I have a light yellow theme here!

1) Baby Rattle - shown with a bow (ribbon from Hobby Lobby) and Monogram Wizard Plus Sydney "M".

2) Cupcake shown with a Curlz or Party Time "2".
3) To follow the Heart Truck, an Easter Truck!
4) A simple flower
5) A simple bunny shown with a bow. I've also seen something like this with a white pom pom tail! I love this light yellow chenille!
6) A simple TULIP shown with Monogram Wizard Plus Curly Q "S".
I've had a couple of people ask about the sock monkey design on my blog and it is from They have several sock monkey designs - Sock Monkeys.
I also came across this fabric - Sock Monkey Fabric. I can't tell what type material it is or if it would be easy to work with? I usually use a brown microcheck gingham, but this would certainly be cute! One thing about the sock monkey to keep in mind - the tail sort of throws the design off center (or it makes it LOOK off center). When I sew this design, I center the design on my Sew What Pro grid so that the body of the monkey is centered (the center line cuts down the middle of his eyes & crotch!!). I did this sample a long time ago and as you can tell, the design is centered as is the name, but it appears that the name is off center. I think your EYE sees the body and not the tail, so it's best to center the body and name and ignore the tail!

I have no machines so I'm going to use the weekend to organize my fabric a little (it is OUT OF CONTROL the amount of fabric I have). I also like to wash my tablecloth and just clean up my sewing area. Jeff is taking the boys to the Auburn basketball game tomorrow, so I'm not sure what Mallory & I will do? What I SHOULD do is break out my regular sewing machine and attempt to sew something for her!?!?!? It's possible!! Stay tuned...

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