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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Blankets, CHECK!!

It has been a crazy week! We made it through everyone's birthday and anniversary, and had our last regular season soccer game yesterday. Tournament starts tomorrow at 5:15! Sunday school only today (Mallory is sick) followed by 2 birthday parties and I FINALLY finished monogramming these SEVENTEEN blankets for a customer for graduation gifts! The Applique Cafe sale ends tonight! I have 2 new designs I will hopefully sample in the next day or two and I'm sure we'll have a couple more for the week. Jeff & I were just going over my schedule for the week and hopefully I can get everything done! This is our last week of school so tomorrow G has his end of the year party, Mallory's is Wednesday with G's program on Friday! B graduates from Kind. next Monday with his end of the year party next Tuesday, which is also his 7th b-day!! I am exhausted!!

These blankets were relatively easy to do and I was able to "set it and forget it" for the most part! I did have some thread breakage several times and of course it's just finding the time to get it going. Most of them had a 15,000+ thread count so it took them a good 15+  minutes each even on the fast 6 needle machine! It's a relief to have them done! I got this "job" a couple of weeks ago, or specifically a couple of days before I got hit with like 80 things to monogram/applique! Most everything on my calendar came in May 5 or 6 and I'm trying as hard as I can to get everything done!

I'm considering taking a little time off when I do get everything done! A) I feel like I have not had a break since September or October of 2009!! B) I'd like to enjoy a little bit of my summer without feeling like I have work to do! C) I have a bin that is crammed full of summer clothes for my kids that I'd like to be able to work on before Fall!! I haven't decided for sure but am leaning towards working in a good break when (and IF) I can get everything I have now done!!

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