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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My vacation message...

Hopefully you've seen my obnoxious VACATION sign up top! I'm going to really try hard to stick with this! I have already had 2 people ask/mention today that they wanted me to do stuff and while I'd love to, I'm REALLY going to try to abstain and honor my plan! As of today I have about 62-65 items to do and am working every day to try to get it all done ASAP. I think most of it was brought to me on May 5 and 6!! Yesterday I was able to do about 10 shirts; however today I've only done 3 so far and we have church at 5:30.
Which brings me to the following pictures!!! Yesterday I let Mallory have a little free reign while I tried to work, and this is where it got me:

Today it is not much better, and the kids were even in school this morning:
As I wrote on Facebook, I think I pick up couch cushions, legos and crayons/paper 38 times a day! My friends will tell you that years ago I was a clean fanatic!! My inlaws would joke with me when we'd have them over for dinner that I would have the windows cleaned by the time they got out of my driveway!! Not so much these days with 3 kids!! As I type this Garrison is laid up in my bed watching cartoons with a ziploc of jellybeans and crackers!? Jeff took B to the doctor - he went to school today but has been puny since Sunday complaining of his stomach hurting!? He hasn't thrown up or anything so hopefully it's nothing! Mallory is asleep!

We've done 1 new AC sample and I have one more that needs to be tweaked! We're closing out the school year this week through Tuesday so we've had little time to work on anything. But... our list is long and we have a lot of cute pictures just waiting to be digitized! Here is the 1 new design not listed yet:

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Kate Phillips said...

I'm so glad to know that my kids aren't the only ones who are OBSESSED with rearranging my couch cushions!!! I too am a clean fanatic but I guess it's just one of things you have to let go of when you have three small children at home and you're working! We are definitely out numbered!!!