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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New AC Designs!

We have 4 new designs to be listed on later today! It's Cinco De Mayo, and miraculously it doesn't look like I'll be eating any mexican food today! :( If you know my family you know this is highly unusual, but we have church tonight and I'm working this morning, so no chips & dip for me! I will have to make up for it later this week fo sho! (This, coming from a person's who's 2 yr old calls our regular mexican restaurant "Tips", short for Tipico de Mexico of course. Tips has been in her vocabulary since she could talk.) Anyway... Fireworks for the 4th of July!?!? I will admit the 4th is a hard holiday for appliques! I've gotten several e-mails asking for 4th designs, and we did the star flip flops of course, and may do one or two more. For the most part, make anything with red, white & blue fabric and I think you've got yourself a 4th of July t-shirt!
Second... a cute anchor! Mallory has some bloomers out of this polka dot fabric and I had some of the fabric laying around, so matching little summer outfit for Sissy!
Third, by special request, a TRUCK! This is monogram wizard plus EASY font. You could also add buttons on the tires if you'd like!
Lastly, another special request, a grill! I thought this was a cute one for the boys! You go do it strictly red, white & blue also for the 4th! (Bottom fabric is Pom Pom Dot by Michael Miller)
If you'd like to request a design, send us a picture if at all possible and if we like it, we'll do it and send you yours for free! (and if we forget to send it to you, remind us! I'm famous for deleting e-mails)

I may have mentioned recently that I had a pastel done of Sissy. I got it on Friday and while I haven't hung it yet, I took a pic of it last night! I LOVE IT! It is by Arthur Smith and this was done through Charleston House Framing in Montgomery! The frame cost over twice as much as the pastel itself (which is priceless) but nonetheless it looks great and I'm so pleased!!
The other night I was in G's room as Jeff was saying prayers with the boys. Jeff requested a long one and boy did he get it! Garrison likes to open his eyes and thank God for anything and everything he can lay his eyes on, to include "shirts that Mommy makes"!!!!! It was really precious and hilarious!!! He's gotten a ton of shirts this season!! Back to work! Happy Cinco de Mayo and have a chip for me!!!!


Anonymous said...

Who did the pastel? I'd love to get a pastel done of my kids!


Anonymous said...

What is the fabric on the bottom of the grill? Very cute for boys!