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Friday, May 21, 2010

School's (almost) out for Summer!!

Today was G & M's last day of school (sob sob sob)!! Their preschool (ages 3-5) did the cutest program about bugs & animals! G was a little BEE! Not sure what he was doing in this picture? He really did a great job of singing and doing the hand motions! It beats their Christmas program where he sat there like a log with his hands in his mouth the whole time!!
Anyone know where I can find some of this fabric? I THINK it's Michael Miller? My customer tried the quilt store in town but no luck! I only need a scrap to do a tee to match! It's a really cute fabric! (UPDATE: I FOUND THIS FABRIC - IT'S GARDEN PARTY BY ANNA MARIA HORNER - ONE PLACE IT CAN BE FOUND IS WWW.ITSFORQUILTING.COM. Thanks to everyone who e-mailed me!)
This is the popsicle! This is one of my favorite designs, and this is LOVE font, which is also one of my alltime favorite fonts! It's from!
I ended up doing 14 shirts yesterday! So far today I've done 4. Slowly chipping away at my load!

I recently came across a page on Facebook and found these tees on Etsy. The link is and I think these are the cutest things in the world!! Best of all, they are $12!!!! She even does a special each month where certain designs are $10! I just think they are precious and I'm about to order a few! I never have enough t-shirts for my kids you know!!!


Keely Hollern said...

It's not MM, it's a free spirit fabric--garden party line by anna maria horner...and it's from Spring of '08 {I think}...I bought a couple yards on etsy last year and have had TONS of emails about it! And I have spent hours searching the internet for it, with NO LUCK--no trouble finding it, just can't find anyone who has it for sale IN STOCK!
I've had a lot of people email me who monogram/applique their own kids clothes and bought the shorts from BBTN this year and can't find the fabric to do a matching shirt! I have plenty {since I'm only using it for applique and now sewing} if you just need a scrap for a shirt!

Kate Phillips said...

I LOVE this fabric myself and they have it in stock here in Mobile,AL at a fabric shop called Nostalgic Needle! I have a good bit of it in my fabric "loot" and I'd be happy to mail you a scrap!

susanv said...

I think I have some scraps of this fabric from a baby quilt I made. I'll go look. Email me and I'll send it to you. How much do you think you need?