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Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Schedule and Turnaround Time

The new schedule was going great until this week... I "received" 78 ITEMS for applique and/or monogram JUST THIS WEEK! Today is only Thursday, so really SINCE MONDAY!! So... Jeff & I just sorted through it all and I worked out my tentative schedule for the upcoming few weeks! Here's how it goes, and I'm really only supposed to work 3 days a week (HA):

Tomorrow/this weekend - 9 items + 1 AC sample
5/10-14 - 24 items*
5/17-21 - 24 items
5/24-28 - 21 items
I also have 7 other various items that aren't needed until sometime in June, I'm awaiting instructions and also a few things for a friend! I also have 14 blankets to do for graduation and am going to try to do 1 a day and then do the balance sometime at the end of the month!

*This is our crazy nutso week!! Jeff's b-day is the 8th, Mother's Day is the 9th (dinner at our house w/ the family), our triplet neices & nephew's b-day is the 10th, G's is the 11th (b-day party that morning and dinner w/ family that night), our anniversary is the 12th. If I get 24 things done it may be a miracle! Likewise the following week is the last week of preschool with G's program on the 21st and Browder graduates Kind. on the 24th and has his end-of-the-year party on the 25th, which is also his 7th b-day! My head is spinning!! Our VBS is the first of June as well, so I may be pretty much booked until mid-June!?

E-mail me with any questions!

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