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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fabric Addiction

So I already have 3 x 3 DRAWER CARTS full of fabric (plus a shopping bag full that someone gave me I have yet to sort). If you'll notice, the right cart is mostly polka dots in the bottom 2 drawers and tri-checks and plaids in the top. Mostly ginghams in the middle cart - top is my newest stuff - 
Fabric Finders ginghams, etc.
Left is seasonal (top drawer), boy fabric and mostly girly flowery stuff!

And yet today I went up to Beth's Heirloom in Wetumpka and bought MORE!!
These are Fabric Finders - WAR EAGLE!! The right is just a good pima cotton orange (I think it's called pima cotton? sounds good huh?).
Some Bammer stuff - again, Fabric Finders tri-check and houndstooth.
The left fat check/gingham was $5.00 a yard! Hot pink polka dot and I got some denim. I'm not sure where I've seen it, but I've seen some applique designs done with denim and I thought it was cute - Kelly's Kids maybe?? Anyway I thought for Fall it might be cute on some sort of applique with orange or something!
Lime houndstooth, lime stripe and a kelly green polka dot - I love me some green!
 I thought some of these might work for CHRISTMAS!
I got these also only to come home and find out I already had the ocean and lime! 
Oh well! I also bought yellow microcheck gingham and had plenty at home! I lose all brain function when I'm surrounded by cute fabric!

I will never ever use all of this fabric, but I LOVE buying it! I also had a July 15% off coupon and bought 1/4 yards of all of these, so it wasn't too bad! I saw lots and lots of other cute prints, but as I have told many people ~ I MOSTLY use polka dots, ginghams, checks, stripes, etc. 

I also went to the Walmart in Wetumpka and got 2 Garanimals BOYS tees - red and orange for Garrison. They didn't have much of a selection! Back to work - I have a few things to do today and tomorrow!


susan said...

I honestly don't see a problem much fabric, so little time! ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't applique but LOVE to look at your blog for designs for my friend to purchase for my son's shirts. I do, however, sew a lot, and just for future info, if the orange FF fabric is the same weight as the AU polka dots, it is twill. =) And I agree with the previous comment, you can never have too much fabric! I have more than that! I need a 12-step program!!! Thanks for your beautiful work!

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the lime zebra print fabric? I have been looking for some...thank you!!!