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Monday, July 5, 2010

New Designs

Here is 1 new design coming to Applique Cafe this week. I have at least 4 more to sample (Halloween x 2, 1 back to school and 1 "other"). I used the cute striped fabric I got at Hancocks for the stockings!
Someone sent me her blog to post (and I've added it to my blog list below). She has some "team" Fabric Finders fabrics for sale if anyone is interested! Check her out: Contact her if interested!

So I took June off and it has been great! I had planned to come back to work in July, but didn't think ahead to July 4th weekend, plus a day trip to the lake today, plus a long weekend trip to the lake coming up, PLUS a week at the beach this month! Therefore, I'm doing A FEW things in July, but am honestly only home a total of about 8 days this whole month with all of the traveling, packing and unpacking! Hopefully I can get back on track in AUGUST!

I posted this on my Facebook page - Walmart long sleeve t-shirts are in SOME stores! I did not find the boys shirts in the Walmart I went to (we have 4), but they did have these girl tees. My question was: WHY??? Why did Garanimals feel the need to embellish a perfectly good PLAIN t-shirt with a glittery trim on the neck?? My Facebook fans were pretty fired up about it - I think I had 40+ comments under my picture! Target, we're all counting on you! Old Navy too!! I'm pretty sure the Walmart boy (toddler) tees are the same as last year (from what I've heard) in a variety of colors. Target boy toddler tees typically have pockets (which I was told are easy to remove with a seam ripper?). Old Navy's tees last year were my favorite (boys)!! Hopefully they will have the same this year! There are also online options, but it's nice to have a local option when you need that last minute tee! I will keep my eyes and ears open!

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