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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fabric and Flowers!!

We got home from the beach today (picture me frowning) ~ we spend a week in Seagrove, FL each Summer with my family. We usually go in June but this year we went in July (= HOT). This is our 5th year I think? Browder had just turned 2 when we started the tradition!! For 4 years we stayed in the same house but this year upgraded to beach front. Good move!! We had a fabulous time, but it's good to be home and back to a routine! We did the Pirate Cruise in PCB (it was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo...... HOT) and went to Destin one day as well. Other than that it was a lot of beach, pool, R & R and yummy tomato/chix salad/pimento cheese/honey-baked-ham sandwiches for lunch. What makes food at the beach SO GOOD?? 

Here are a few pictures of some things I did before I left! These are the super cute onesies from (Apples & Oranges). They are sometimes out of stock so you have to try out all shipping options, and check back in a day or two if they are out of stock!
A couple of bibs ~ both Applique Cafe designs! Football Goal and Golf Ball both have the "raggy" looking grass. I use a layer of flannel underneath my fabric, trim as much or as little as you want and scrape the excess with your scissors. A lint brush comes in handy too!
A few burp cloths ~ the first is Mono Wiz Plus DECO "R" and tipsy "Robert". I get a lot of e-mails about Tipsy - it is a great font and I highly recommend you get the Alpha Pak if you have MWP (I think it's #12?). AC golf green of course, and AC doggy patch. 
En route to Seagrove, we made a pit stop in OPP, ALABAMA (not far off 331 if you travel to the coast that way)!! There is a GREAT little pharmacy/fabric store called T & C Pharmacy/TJ's Fabric. I could have spent daaaaayyyyyysssss (or maybe hours) in this store, BUT, the fam was waiting patiently in the car and I only had 30 minutes to shop before they closed for the day. MICHAEL MILLER fabric ta boot!! It was all $8.99 a yard too (that I saw/bought)! Most of what I got below was Michael Miller, with a little Riley Blake mixed in! I will be back!! They were so nice too (and knew who I was after we started chatting ~ from my blog!!)
AND..... we stopped at McDonald's going to and fro to get me a Mocha Frappe (I'm off Starbucks btw), and I took pictures of these lovely flowers to and fro. To, on Jeff's cell phone (for Facebook, of course). Fro, I got out of the car to take this lovely! Yes people, these are fake graveyard flowers!! I'm hoping this isn't an actual graveyard!!??

While I knock the Mickey D's flowers, they may have something? My sweet neighbor watered my front planters while we were away (I think), but I'm not sure if the upper-90's weather got the best of my poor flowers...
I gave them each a gallon of water when we got home, but it's not looking good friends... poor things...

On the way home today I made a short list of new designs for Applique Cafe, and Jeff has asked that I nail down 8 or so for him to work on ASAP. I also have some work to do this week, and have had lots of e-mails from people wanting to get on the ole schedule! I have thoroughly enjoyed my 2 months off of work, but it's time to get back to reality! HOWEVER, Jeff has already said that HE is in charge of my work and schedule (in hopes that we can cut back on the going-back-to-work-and-being-slammed stress). He rather enjoyed my time with no worries and being able to hang out with the family. SO.... we will work on my schedule tonight given what I have already and go from there! I will update where I stand asap!

We are headed to Tips and Nancy's for din din and dessert ~ our usuals ~ they have probably missed us this week!!


Lydia said...

Love all those projects, especially the little onesies. I'm a jiffy shirts fan too!

Sorry if this is an ignorant question but I'm guessing Jeff is your husband and he does your designs to be digitized? Your applique designs are my faves of all the websites and I'm always curious where you find the designs!!

Karen said...

You may want to plant some of those fake flowers in your planters until the 100+ degree weather subsides! Ha!