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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sew What Pro

First and foremost... I just appliqued my first CHRISTMAS tee today! This customer is thinking ahead, which is a great thing!! It's also nice to think about SNOWMEN when it's 100 degrees outside! BTW, this shirt  brand is Girlfriends by Anitag!? Very cute and looks like Monag! I'm not sure where she got it but will ask - she also sent a pink one. OK... looks like it is Anita G??
It's no secret I LOVE Sew What Pro (and that they SHOULD be paying me a commission)! I thought I'd take a shot of "what it looks like" on my computer screen for those of you who have never seen or heard of it! is where you get it ~ download the 30 day trial and if you decide to purchase, it's $65! I use it EVERY SINGLE TIME I do ANYTHING! Even when I do Applique Cafe samples, I pull the design up first in SWP. Maybe it's habit? I just like to see it nice and big on my computer screen! Anyway... You OPEN the first design, and as you can see I MERGE-d in a name (which I did with Monogram Wizard Plus first and saved it on my computer). You can also buy the embroidery fonts off the internet and merge the letters together with SWP. On the right you see the thread chart and # of steps in this particular design. I ignore the thread colors and use what I want, but it's nice to see 12 steps (or however many your design is). 
Here is a shot of what you see when you click on the thread chart on the right. It shows you what THAT step is! You can also edit designs this way - just click on the scarf and delete it, for example!

Hope that helps a little! In my years of doing this, SWP is the cheapest program I've heard of that will do what it does! There are fancy designer programs out there and I'm sure they are fabulous, but this is what I use and recommend (especially for the price)!

*Regarding the comment, yes you can adjust the size of the design and add the name or whatever - it is all done on your computer before you finalize and send to your machine! I don't like to adjust the size too much, but you can! It will not only increase or decrease proportionately, you can also click on the 4 corners and 4 middle dots and drag the box to increase and decrease (see the snowman's scarf) or make the object wider or skinnier. Hope that makes sense! I've heard from one or two other people that the MWP extended features weren't that great, but I don't know anything about it!


Lora Turner said...

I really appreciate your blog on how you do the applique's. That helped me so much. I just read this blog regarding the Sew What Pro. I also use the Monogram Wizard program and bought their upgrade Monogram Wizard with extended options but haven't been completely satisfied with that. I do alot of appliques and I resize them once I transfer them to my machine and then add a name, etc. which makes multiple steps for me. I would like software than enables me to resize the design and add the monogram before saving and sending to my machine. Is this an option with this program? Thanks again for your advice.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear more about the tee. It is SUCH a cute blank!!

Sally Jennings said...

When I purchased my machine, I have PE-Design and (have not idea how to use it) besides appliques and adding fonts. My trouble is the fonts don't stitch out too well. Is that because I have not purchased separate fonts? Or, does this program allow me to use my true type fonts from other design items?

If I need to purchase fonts, that's okay; I am just figuring it all out.

Thanks so much for your knowledge sharing!

Any help is appreciated!

Em and her BOYS!! said...

I just wanted to let you know how fabulous your blog is!! For some reason, I haven't visited it until today...I have, however, purchased several designs from Applique Cafe. Your designs are precious...I love their simplicity. It makes them SO cute!! Thanks so much for all of your tidbits of info...I am looking into SWP as well.
Emily Porter

Heather said...

Thanks so much for this post. I have been looking into getting SWP and am glad to see the work that can be done with the program. I want to be able to add names to the designs as well but don't want to spend much on a separate program. What do you suggest? Thanks again for this post. It really helped!!

Nicole said...

Hi Rosemary! I love your blog and read it daily! If I purchase SWP, will I also need to purchase the Monogram Wizard in order to mesh online bought fonts to the appliqué designs?
Thanks in advance,
Nicole :)

Anonymous said...

The shirts can be found are available from
The website does not show the tee, but call the 800 number to get the info. Comes in many colors, $20.