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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's so fun to open the mail and find new fabric you ordered!! I was low on my Michael Miller red Ta Dot and found this combo deal on Etsy ~ 1/2 yard of each! I got it at Sew Deerly Loved on Etsy. Middle is Ocean Ta Dot and the left is Quarter Dot (Ocean and Red?). Love them all.
Here is my collection of 5000M thread from! It's $6.99/spool, so when I find a color I like I get the big spool ~ it'll last forever! All by Isacord by the way! I still use the smaller spools but am trying to build up my collection of the big ones too. If you see a color you like, e-mail me and I can give you the # (
Here is where I PRAISE! I e-mailed Steve last week or so because I was having some uneven column stitches on my machine. He sent me a new bobbin case, but it wasn't the problem. We were going to the lake on Friday so we decided we'd take a detour and drop my machine off at their West Point, GA store. A truck was coming which would take it to their Atlanta store. I got a message on SATURDAY (like 24 hours later or less) that my machine was not only fixed, but it was back at the West Point store for me to pick up Monday on my way home from the lake! That, my friends, is SERVICE!! I have also been e-mailing with him about Fast Frames and we talked about HoopTech a little. He sent the Fast Frames for me to try! I hope to try something this week - I hear they are the best thing since sliced bread!?  I can't say enough about this store/website! I LOVE their commercial stabilizer - it is SO CHEAP! I like the 15" x 25 yard medium white cutaway 2.2 oz - $12.99. I also like the 8x8 precut squares - $16.95 - 2.5 oz and I think it's 250 pieces!! He also sent some sticky for me to use with the FF's so I'm anxious to try it all out!

I have 3 more designs to test for Applique Cafe and will post pictures soon!

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Sew Stinkin Cute Shop said...

How wonderful! You are super duper definitely going to love your Fast Frames!