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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Customer Shirts and G's Pumpkin

Here are several shirts I did last week for one of G's buddies at school and his little brother. Mom wanted BOY stuff (planes, trains, automobiles) and all of the shirts are Garanimals from Walmart. They are also all dark colored tees which is a great idea for little boys! First, I did the AC Tractor minus the patch and the AC airplane (one of our first designs) on Embroidery-Boutique's rounded square patch.
 Next, the AC Zig Zag Dump Truck (which is one of my favorite boy designs) and the AC Bulldozer. Gray was a tricky color but I like the red and black on it.
 Next... love the Riley Blake fabric with all the transportation, so I put this on layered AC Rectangle Patches. This is the 4x4 layered on the 5x7. Also, AC Helicopter which is another one of my favorites for boys.
 Lastly, the AC Zig Zag Train and EB's Chunky Applique Alphabet ~ his initials in some cute road construction fabric that "Mimi" sent me in exchange for some patchwork fabric I sent her! Again, gray was a tricky color but the Road Closed signs had gray in them so I thought it was perfect! I also have this road construction fabric with a brown background.

After having to postpone last Wed., G's preschool (4 yr old classes) went to the Pumpkin Patch on Friday.  After Halloween, but it's still Fall and we were the only people there so it was great! Luckily I only have my zoom lens on my camera right now, so I was able to catch a couple of shots of him from far away picking out his pumpkin! He was determined to pick it up!
He got it off the ground, but didn't make it too far...
Love this picture! I also LOVE this t-shirt! It's a khaki Garanimals tee from Walmart and it is SO SOFT!! I went back to Walmart last week and got him a khaki turtleneck b/c I like this color so much. You can't see the pumpkin, but it is from Nobbie Neez kids and it's the first pumpkin applique I ever bought! I did it in orange cord for this shirt and it has a simple brown thread stem and green thread leaves. It's a great applique!
Yesterday the fam went to Auburn for Homecoming. It was F-R-E-E-Z-I-N-G, but we had a great time! When I say fam, I mean all 5 of us, Jeff's parents, his sister and her 4 kids. We made it til halftime and then came home! I went to Troy and Jeff went to Auburn. He is a HUGE Auburn fan. I have family that graduated from there too so I've grown up being an Auburn fan, BUT..... my boys are crazy Auburn fans! They are obsessed (like watch the game on TIVO 5 times the week after). It's fun and annoying at the same time!

Sat night we bought the boys a 3 foot blue and orange Christmas tree for their room along with orange & blue lights - it's plugged in and ready to be decorated for Christmas! Mallory has a cute pink tree that I can't wait to get out again this year, so why not a War Eagle Christmas tree (or right now, a War Eagle night light)?
Last but not least, we FINALLY showed our house today! It's been a week and 2 days of keeping it clean and "ready" every single day, so when the Realtor called this morning I got a little excited about our first customer!! The people who looked loved it, but they have to sell their lake house first. They do have someone interested it seems, so we'll see if anything happens and hopefully someone else will want to come see our CLEAN house sometime soon!! I'm pretty sure that the day I leave it a mess, someone will call to come see it.

We have 2 new AC designs for this week already, with 2-3 more to come! We've sold lots of gift certificates too and hopefully everyone will pass the word along and put them on their Christmas list! Hint Hint!!


Lydia said...

Those are adorable the colors combos!

You have a precious little family! War Eagle!

SSS Creations said...

Oh, wow, where did you get that orange and blue tree? My boys would love one. WAR EAGLE!!